The Top Three Wedding Themes for Summer In Australia

Dear bride-to-be, sumer is coming, but wedding can be wonderful at sumer in Australia.

If you are planning to have your big day during the hottest season of the year then you may be looking for some stunning wedding themes for Summer. When the months are hottest there is no reason not to have your wedding outside! There are plenty of ideas for that gorgeous Summer wedding, here are the top three to get those cogs whirring.

1) Wedding Themes for Summer: Forest Fairytale

Wedding hemes summer
One of the most adventurous wedding themes for Summer is the Forest Fairytale.

If you want to feel like a fairy princess on your wedding day then get married in a forest! It may seem like a bit of an odd idea, but done right it can be exciting and beautiful. Pick your location well and ensure that you are allowed to use the land for your wedding before sending out your invitations. If you are worried about the weather taking a turn for the worse then put up a gazebo to keep your guests sheltered.

2) Wedding Themes for Summer: Be Beach Beautiful

Wedding Themes for Summer 2
Definitely one of the most popular wedding themes for Summer is visiting the beach for your ceremony or reception.

If you are lucky enough to live near a sandy beach then this has to be the place for your wedding day! For those who are not as lucky, then why not think about having your big day abroad? Tropical beach locations are some of the most popular wedding destinations due to their year round sun. If not all of your friends and family can make it to the ceremony then have a beach themed reception when you get home.

3) Wedding Themes for Summer: A Wild Wedding

Wedding Themes for Summer 3
Unique wedding themes for summer include getting married at a zoo or farm!

If you, or your partner, loves animals why not have a wild summer themed wedding? Many zoos or farms will let you have your wedding day surrounded by your favourite animals! You can ask your guests to dress up in an animal theme (think leopard print, zebra print) and even have a wild reception with a hog roast or sheep shearing contest.

These are just three summer wedding themes, however there are hundreds more! Get your thinking cap on and come up with something truly unique and special to you and your partner.

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