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Plan your wedding golden and become an aristocratic couple

Golden represents luxury forever. The bright banquet hall gives out golden shine. The aristocratic elegant qualities are showed out from every corner. At the most important moment in your life, please enjoy the luxurious experience you would never have again which is given by the golden wedding. Here are some tips for you while you are designing your own golden wedding.

golden-weddingElegant golden can make the whole wedding into a luxurious feast immediately. Exquisite hand-made inwrought table clothes, delicate silvery candlesticks, retro golden tableware and blooming aulic table flowers create the elegant and luxurious atmosphere which can really make you intoxicated in it. Handmade spun gold embroidery looks extremely expensive and high class. The exquisite materials and classical European patterns of the embroidery are very elegant and unique. When those shinning silvery pearl candies meet with the golden shine, they light up every corner of this beautiful wedding. The registering desk which is decorated elegant and generous leaves guests very elegant first impressions. The golden retro inwrought attendance book and the aulic gold stamping ceramic whiteware dishes which are full of candies look perfect together. The love-shaped symbol which is made by heart-shaped chocolates shows out the luxury and elegance of the golden wedding.golden-weddingElegant and generous golden satins, mellow red wine and crystal high heel win glasses make perfect matches for the perfect royal qualities and tastes. Every detail of this golden wedding is toasting for this new couple. Simple but elegant gold stamping seat cards are put on delicate golden dinner tables. These exquisite cards can be the most shinning decorations of this wedding. The round bridal bouquet which is made of charming mini yellow roses, rare yellow alocasia macrorrhizos and cute golden balls shows the colorful and retro aristocratic feelings. As the language of flowers is regretless true love, thick love spreads to everywhere together with the aroma of flowers. The golden ribbon tied to the bridal bouquet fits this luxurious golden wedding very well.

golden weddingHow can this huge wedding miss an elegant wedding cake? Three layers of tempting imported fresh cream makes up this gorgeous cake. The classic white beads chains decorations, the exquisite yellow and white rose decorations, some golden bowknots and warm candle light make this wedding cake touching and unique. It makes guests feel like dancing in a luxurious and dreamy palace. A champagne tower which represents the happy marriage is a necessary element for this luxurious wedding. When this crystal champagne tower is filled with delicious champagne, a climax will be brought to the happy mood and the atmosphere of this wedding.

A golden wedding represents the shinning love and marriage. As gold is a kind of hard metal, a golden marriage means the love between the new couple is indestructible. This golden wedding will be very unforgettable for everyone who attend it. I wish you can enjoy this exquisite and luxurious golden wedding, and have a happy marriage which is as bright as the gorgeous gold.golden wedding dresses

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Wedding Dresses for a pregnant woman

There is no woman does not want to have a wedding dress which fit her perfectly
in her big day. For a pregnant woman, she also wants to be the most beautiful bride so she may focus on the shape of her figure. The common and traditional wedding dresses usually fit one’s figure properly. In other words, it may not be suitable for a pregnant woman. Then the maternity wedding dresses will make you feel much better and beautiful as the other brides. You may have little knowledge of maternity wedding dresses, if you do as follows, you cannot be more pretty as a bride.

maternity wedding dresses
First and foremost, you would better to know what your win style is. Only having this awareness can you find the proper wedding dress. That is the golden key of the pregnant woman to choose your stylish wedding dress. If you are a gentlewoman, the maternity wedding dress should be elegant and elaborate making which makes you are gentle as you always be. If you are a boyish woman, you can still keep your own style. Wearing a half long wedding dress will makes you lovely as usual. The point is that keep yourself as you are. What is more, for a pregnant woman, you can choose some loose rather than close-fitting wedding dress. Because of the close-fitting wedding dress will make you gross and not flexible enough. While the loose one will cover your disadvantages and flexible enough. In a word, the loose wedding dress is the primary choice for the pregnant woman.

Sleeveless_Empire_Wast_A-line_Beaded_White_Maternity_Bridal_Wedding_Dress_MN03 Then the color is of the same importance as the style. White is always the primary choice as wedding dresses. Although white is a symbol of purity, as a pregnant woman, I suggest that it would be better if you do not choose a light colored wedding dress. As it is may know to all that the light color may have the feeling of obesity. So for a pregnant woman, the dark red may be the best choice for you. The dark red not only is a color of happiness, but also can cover your plump belly. Anyhow it is just the suggestions and regular thought, you may have your own preference and appropriateness. Your thoughts must come first. Above all, for a pregnant woman, the dark colored wedding dress may be available. The dark color such as dark red and champagne are available.
Last but not the least, the material of the wedding dress is important for the pregnant woman. The material should be soft and flexible. The sense of comfort and the high quality material is good for the pregnant woman’s healthy.


In addition, keep in good mood and smile all the wedding round. It is said that a sweet smile can stand everything. If your wedding dress is not that good in your fattening body. It does not matter. You can be as pretty as usual if you face everyone with your most charming smile.
maternity wedding dresses
There are more notices for pregnant to choose the wedding dress, anyhow, happiness is the most important, so everything as you like.

How to Choose a Maternity Wedding Dress
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Couture Wedding Dresses -You Deserve It

Everyone is afraid of wearing the same types of cloths with others when you are hanging out. How about wearing a totally same wedding dress? It must be very embarrassing and makes you upset and regret for the rest life. In another case, if you are extremely fat or slim, how can you find a wedding dress that fits you well? Why not try the couture wedding dress? Only in this way can you find the best wedding dress.
couture-wedding-gownsIt may be known that the couture wedding dress is particular designed and made the high quality dresses for one. The wedding dress designer will take your figure, your color of skin, your height, your personality and your financial conditions into account, then design the wedding dress for you and only you. The course will takes a long time and great energy of the designer, so comparatively the fares will a little higher than regular wedding dress. However, if you can afford the expense, you really deserve a couture wedding dress.


If you want to be unique and standout among all the brides, the couture wedding dress can provide you this kind of honor. Even importantly, it is hard for a fat or slim person to find a extremely proper wedding dress. What is more, you may be not satisfied with the wedding dress selling in the market. If you go to couture, the wedding designer will help you to avoid from all these problems. The designer will measure your figure and cover your body weakness and she or he can meet all your expectation. In a word, you can get your dream wedding dress which perfectly fits you and beautifies you.


There are many designers, but the professional couture wedding dresses designer is relatively rare. Maybe you have no idea about finding a reliable couture wedding dresses designer. You can find a reliable one from the following several ways. The most direct and reliable way is to get the relevant information from your friends and relatives. Some of them may have the experience of customizing wedding dress. Introduced by the acquaintance is the most reliable way. And you know anything can be found on the internet. Finding a designer from the internet is the fastest way. Taking a step back, if they do not work, you can turn to a bridal magazine which can provide any information you need about a wedding. Anyway, you can never trust a designer at the first sight, you would better to take to her or him and testify if she or he is a reliable one. Because of it needs care for your wedding and your dream wedding dress.

The feeling of being one and only is perfect and you can enjoy this kind of feeling when you customize you own wedding dress. Wearing the couture wedding dresses, you are ensured to be extremely comfortable because the wedding dress is just made for you. As a woman, you really deserve couture wedding dresses, because you are the one and only.
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Trendy Theme Wedding

The beautiful bride with white gorgeous wedding dress and the handsome groom with the black tuxedo are the most typical images at the wedding in our mind. Most people choose the traditional ceremony to celebrate their start of new life. However, not everyone is satisfied with the simple way, they prefer to have theme wedding to make it more meaningful and special. So what’s the theme wedding, as the name implies, it’s one of the wedding ways with a certain theme which runs through all the wedding to make the process more meaningful and memorable. Here are three typical theme weddings, let’s have a look at which may inspire you on some new ideas for your own wedding.
Shrek theme wedding


A British couple dressed themselves up as the popular cartoon image of Shrek and the princess Fiona on their wedding. They put on fake ears and were painted into green color which spent three hours. And all guests invited were asked to dress up as the characters in the movie, including the donkey. The special idea came form their first date. They fall in love with each other after watching the movie Shrek on their fist date. Since then, they’ve become the huge fans for Shrek and determined to have a Shrek theme wedding finally. The wedding surprised their relative and friends, but everyone had a fun at the wedding at last.
Party wedding


For the young couple, traditional wedding obviously are out of step with their character. One hot wedding form has been popular among the young, that’s party wedding. One young couple from New York chose this way to hold their wedding ceremony. “It’s more casual than the traditional one, we love it” they said. The friends of the new couple don’t need to wear some formal dress. And the bride just dressed a concise deign wedding dress in view of the constantly walking at the party. What’s more, the guests have a buffet as the wedding dinner; they walk around and talk with each other optionally. For these young people, wedding is just like a party; they are singing, dancing and cheering for the new couple. Thus, the party wedding would be popular for a long time among the young.
Sheep theme wedding

Ruth, a shepherdess who loves her own sheep very much, decided to have a sheep theme wedding. On the wedding, she dressed up a wedding dress made of wool, and took the lamb-shape chocolate as a gift to the guests. According to Ruth, she thought it’s too wasteful to make the carpet with beautiful soft wool, so a flash of wit just happened in her mind. She decided to make her own special wool-made wedding dress. It is said that this wedding dress was made of the wool came form the precious varieties Olivia sheep, which spent 1500 pounds. For the Ruth, having the wool-made wedding dress is the best decision she’d made for her wedding.

The first decision for holding a good theme wedding is to have a good subject; it can be anything the couple likes. And then choose a suitable wedding dress and place. No matter what kind of theme you choose, the most important thing is to have a grateful heart to greet a new life. At last, we hope every couple could have a perfect wedding and a happy marriage.

Meanings of Colored Wedding Dresses

If wedding dresses that are in pure white can hardly attaint your heart, then colored wedding dresses can be the alternatives. In spite of the most chosen color, vibrant colors such as corn yellow, horizon blue, ice blue, pink, just to name a few which are worthwhile of your consideration. Otherwise, the darker color of the range of black may serve your purpose better.
Here we provide minute examination of wedding dresses in different colors, which is intended to help you to narrow down your choices and find the one that wins your heart and to spread the culture of wedding gowns.


According to the great philosopher Michel Foucault, darkness provides protection. The statement can be translated as another interpretation of the black power.
Black is laden with mystery. It fire human curiosity to uncover the secrets behind it, and, simultaneously, we are haunted by fear of what to be revealed. Due to the concerned efforts of such desire and fear, we feel more attracted to the black color. It is, in no small part, the origin of the charm of black wedding dresses.

The black dress denotes self-confidence, self-discipline and resilience; it also connotes elegance, strength, authority and sophistication. More importantly, a black dress can make you appear slimmer and thinner.


Due to brides’ dream of a sunny wedding, it is no wonder that the last few decades have witnessed a sudden rise of gold wedding dresses in popularity. What accounts for such a trend? And what makes gold so trendy?

The driving force lies in the symbolic meanings of the color—gold. You may hold that the fancy for gold is an anachronistic hangover from the old days, but you can not deny gold of its remaining one of the most vibrant color in fashion industry.

The sight of gold first reminds one of the shining sun and then the sparkling gold bars, so gold has the symbolic meanings of happiness, achievements, prosperity and true friendship. Talk has it that a friend tested is a friend indeed, for which the reason is that gold can stand timeless tests and remain the same. Such loyalty and persistence can beget due rewards for the one of similar personality. However, as for gold wedding dresses, they are chose essentially to disperse obstacles in life, because it illuminates everything by shedding rays of optimism. Thus, it indicates a smooth marriage.


Pink means universal care and love.

Pink is produced by the blend of white and red. How it looks and how much energy it breezes depends on how the two colors are combined. While white indicates latent fullness and red makes it possible to reach that potential, these two powers are combined into pink.

What the pink wedding dresses can bring to the brides are sweetness, romance, softness, innocence, youth, tenderness, and care. Such dresses will make ladies more impressive and charming.

As the color range can not be exhausted, what has been discussed above is only a fraction of the meanings of colored wedding dresses. If you are interested, please find more about color wedding dresses that entertain you.

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