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8 trendy color for bridesmaid dresses spring / summer 2021

According to Pantone, there are 7 colors that are going to be trendy in spring / summer 2021 : Party Pink, Blush Beauty, Winery, Pink Suede, Little Piglet, Pepper Stem and Meringue. Today I would like to find the exact bridesmaid dresses that match these 7 colors. In case you are preparing your bridesmaid gowns, you will love the content below 🙂

Party Pink Bridesmaid Dresses

Party Pink Bridesmaid Dress

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If you are fond of barbie pink, or a hue that is peachy and eye-catching, this tone can make a happy bridesmaids picture. I personally loves the draping details and the taffetas texture of this Party Pink bridesmaid gown. Now available at US$ 107.79 on (Ref. WPCD1734).

Bridesmaid dress in Blush Beauty

Long Chiffon Bridesmaid Dress in Salmon / Blush Beauty

Source :

I would rather call this color Salmon instead of Blush Beauty. The side draping is so elegant while the lace appliqué on the bodice really catch my attention.

Winery One-shoulder Wedding Party Dress

Wine red / Winery One-shoulder Bridesmaid dress

US$ 105.99 ; Reference : ZHY205 ; Credit photo : Persun

This gown features the ruching bodice and a statement waist band. It will be perfect for those who practice minimalisme in their daily fashion life.

Dress in Pink Suede for Wedding guest

Short Wedding Guest Dress in Lace Pink Suede

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This vintage lace midi dress with sleeves is perfect for mothers. It will also be a very ideal choice to offer it to your moms as a gift on Mothers’ Day 😉

Little Piglet Dress for Wedding Girl

Little Piglet Pink Bridesmaid Dress

An elegant design with a surprising price : US$ 88 ONLY !

This colour is so sophisticated and I am sure that it will make some very soft & mild wedding pics. The off-shoulder sleeves are just there to hide those chappy arms. Perfect isn’t it ?

Pepper Stem Dress for Women in Wedding occasion

Tea-length Pepper Stem Green Dress for Elder bridesmaids

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If you are organising a wedding on a green field, this color can have a pretty match with the set. The color green is very fresh and low-key.

Meringue Bridesmaid Dresses

Meringue Beige Bridesmaid gown with color block sash

Credit photo : Weddingbuy

I really love the color block sash that highlights the dress. Would you buy it at GBP 81 for your bridesmaid team ?

Other trendy colors to be expected in 2021 ?

There are definitely other colours available apart from Pantone’s recommended colors for Spring / Summer 2021. In case you need a quick flash, I will list you the pics below, enjoy 🙂

elegant light pink short bridesmaid dressElegant light pink bridesmaid dresses,  with ruched sleeves design, are very eye-catching, which can effectively focus our attention on the upper body to increase tall feelings.

elegant U-neck wine red bridesmaid dress

Elegant red bridesmaid dresses online

A burgundy long bridesmaid dress is very elegant. If your sister group wear this color, it is better to highlight the bride pure wedding dress.

dark green halter bridesmaid dressDark green skirt keep the look unique & low key, but the delicate lace belt can make an impact for you. So as long as your dress have one highlight spot, it will be ok.Dark gray One shoulder Tulle Sheath Long Bridesmaid gown

This high-end and low-key color really suits for bridesmaids to wear, it is so beautiful.

black v neck ruffles bridesmaid dress

The little black bridesmaid dress is so cute with its romantic ruffles decoration. And it can be worn to other cocktail occasions.

Which colour do you like the best in our presentation today ? Tell us your favorite in comments below. Can’t wait to read from you. Ciao !

Chiffon bridesmaid dresses and taffeta ones

Maids of honor is quite important role in your wedding, so you must be sure that bridesmaid dresses you choose will look good on them and show off their beauty. Taffeta and chiffon gowns are two popular options for the bridesmaids to wear for special occasions. Today let’s introduce the difference between chiffon and taffeta bridesmaid dresses.

Chiffon is considered easy and smooth and it will create an elegant and flowing look. Because of its advantages, it is the best choice for beach weddings. Of course, it’s worth nothing that you must stay away from chiffon fabrics in the cold weather. The chiffon bridesmaid dresses coming in after several styles.


Chiffon bridesmaid dresses Australia

The number one belongs to a line that is one of the few styles that can flatter many body shapes. In other words, if your maid of honor is petite or plus sizes, there is always an a-line bridesmaid dress just for her. What’s more, this amazing style easily match your wedding dress and wedding theme well. A-line and chiffon are really perfect union. A line is the perfect choice for weddings, prom and other special occasions, so that up to date, it is still all the rage.
Another fascinating style chiffon bridesmaid dresses, empire waist. The beautiful empire waist is appealing to a number of women with large waists as it has a major impact on the tour people’s focus from there to your narrow neck and facial features. In addition, it has also great attraction for petite girls as it will give others a kind of higher meaning. Accent soft and graceful temperament and go for chiffon bridesmaid dresses.

Taffeta is another wonderful fabric associated with the bridesmaid dresses. The main character is smooth, smart, shine slightly. It is familiar to people because of their image and extraordinary quality excellence. It is often used to make single dresses evening dresses and bridesmaid dresses. Unlike the former, is it a good idea to create a sexy and feminine look. One of the most popular styles of taffeta bridesmaid dresses are mantle.


Design hugs the body normally so that it will highlight the curve. In the light of this, it is only suitable for slim women and plus size women have no chance to try them out. Especially is taffeta bridesmaid dresses in black also called little black dresses. The classic and timeless style is sure to make your maids of honor satisfied. Prom dress is also suitable for your bridesmaids in the wedding. This dramatic style is specially designed for pear shaped figures and it will magnify the slender topper body and completely hides the not-so-perfect parts. Make sure the bridesmaids ‘ dresses United Kingdom is in matching the color of your wedding gown, I think that’s the beauty of the landscape together.

Best bridesmaid dresses for your weddings

When it’s time to get married, it will be an easy task to find the cake, a suite and bouquets in all colors possible, but with regard to the perfect bridesmaids dresses, it has a bit of a challenge.
Try to find the most affordable bridesmaids dresses can be a very difficult task and it is of the utmost importance to instead focus on finding them you really want before you even think of choosing color schemes or anything else for that matter.

Dressesmall One Shoulder Ruched Chiffon Short Cocktail Dress

Elegant short pink bridesmaid dresses online

Brides have treated many terns in the past and have come across different dresses in many ways. The best solution I would say is to avoid bridesmaids together. If it’s not on your mind why not try and choose some wedding dress colors and have them each carry their own clothes already owned by them in one of these color shades. They won’t agree, but with a few accessories that you would be able to cope with this and get your bridesmaid picture perfect for guests and photographer.
Another option you can try is to find a good seamstress and ask to make a bridesmaid dresses for you. This helps to customize the outfit to your liking and form. If you decide to take this route, is something you need to know that it is not easy to find the best pattern or metering, but try and be patient there are lots of ideas and options you can choose from.

But material now days are not so economical to use as fewer women starting to learn to sew because of costs for making clothes that have risen enormously. It may cost you more to make a dress than to buy one in the stores. I always advise women to look for sales vouchers in the fabric so that the cost will be reduced if you decide to go with tailoring your bridesmaid dresses.
With online marketing is growing fast, women can find what they are looking for on the internet, even though they will not be able to try on different dresses before you order this can help and save valuable time instead of driving to stores and not finding what you really want.

See more chic dresses here.

After all you’ve been through and still can not find anything that attracts the eye, there are prom dresses selection to choose from. Prom dresses are very stylish and not bind well with wedding occasions, but not all of them can be classified as style for bridesmaid dresses.

Useful methods to find cheap bridesmaid dresses

Nowadays it is possible to buy cheap bridesmaid dress in hundred dollar without much efforts, just shopping and planning. The key is to find the right place to buy them. There are many bridal shops that sell affordable exclusive bridesmaid dresses, but they include surcharge and so, it is better to choose them from evening wear section or others.
A wise to plan well in advance if there is sufficient time for the wedding. Advertising or looking for ads in the local newspapers or eBay will also be a great help. In fact, there are sample or floor model gowns which are offered at discounted prices and this will help to the best cheap bridesmaid dresses.

Knee Length Ruching Pink Chiffon Bridesmaid Dress with Cap Sleeve

Knee length pink bridesmaid dresses online

Some people can order for bridesmaid dress, but never showed up to buy them. Such clothing will also be sold at a much lower price and form a big catch.

But the easiest of all the choices is to browse through the net because there are countless numbers of sites to affordable bridesmaid dresses. Sites such as have a wide range of wedding dresses that can be ordered online and delivered direct to your feet.

Relatively, smaller stores offer cheap and affordable bridesmaid dresses than bigger and chic shops. Choosing the right time is also critical, because at the end of the season, most shops sell bridesmaid dresses way at a very affordable price. Another option is to search for discount mail order stores that affordable dress can offer, because there are no middlemen are involved. In this way it is possible to have at least 40% of the original cost-saving.

Some of the shops may also offer package discounts as bridesmaid dress is purchased along with other wedding dress. This can also be made from. The last option is to go in do-it-yourself types dresses if you’re someone who can stitch them know. The total cost of the dress can prove to be much cheaper than what they cost if bought from the shops.

Green Bridesmaid Dresses, fresh shade for wedding

cheap green Bridesmaid Dresses

What is the latest trend from the bridesmaid dress? Of course, the color of the dress! Here there are a wide range of color – this blurred beautiful shades withstand the test of Wedding Red Carpet. Bright Green is a fresh color and therefore how we place ourselves in the seemingly green natuer.

The wedding season is coming soon, for the wedding everything must be well prepared. Green bridesmaid dresses in different styles bring new views. The hue is as fresh as the Spring and also natural. The bridesmaid are friendly even with the dress of all wedding guests.

Three stylish youth one shoulder bridesmaid dresses

Every bridesmaid should put themselves in a position on the wedding, you should not grab the bride’s thunder, so their dresses are often not too ornate, ostentatious, but it does not means that it can only make security card forever. Want to look stylish but also taste bridesmaid dress, of course, we need a simple and elegant one shoulder bridesmaid dress!

one shoulder sky blue short bridesmaid dress

One shoulder sky blue short bridesmaid dresses online Australia

The temperament elegant one shoulder bridesmaid dress is taking extremely pure sky blue color to build, to highlight sexy sweet shoulder, shoulder to the other side with irregular cuffs, modified flesh his arm. Closed pockets hip adds hollow out elements above the waist, curve, sexy and charming.

one shoulder fuchsia ruffles satin bridesmaid dress

This one shoulder ruffles fuchsia bridesmaid dresses with satin material, fabric, thick modelling stereo sense is strong, smooth and straight and bright color, collocation of the noble red, show high atmospheric grade bridesmaid.

one shoulder purple lace bridesmaid dress
This enchanting elegant one shoulder lace bridesmaid dresses with noble purple color, its blooming out like star bright light. Delicate clipping perfect highlight girth, let you every walk a swaying.

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How to choose the bridesmaid dresses?

Today, bridesmaid is becoming a beautiful landscape for the wedding, so it is not so sloppy to choose the bridesmaid dresses? So how to choose the bridesmaid dresses? Expect to consider the bridesmaid dress fits for yourself, to ensure that the bridesmaid dress can not shadow the brides light, it is need to consider weather the dress is matched with the wedding style.

fashion wedding party dressesFirst, to choose personality wedding dress for the romantic wedding

If the wedding is full of individual character, bridesmaid dress can be appropriate relaxed and more lively. You can choose a little printing flowers dress, but the flowers color can not be too gaudy, otherwise it will grab the bride’s thunder. Dress design should be avoid too complicated, if there is more than one bridesmaid, color should be unified, if the bride’s accessories is relatively simple, bridesmaid jewelry should be concise based.

green bridesmaid dresses for outdoor wedding

Photo credit: Short green bridesmaid dresses for outdoor wedding

Second, to select exquisite luxury style for outdoor wedding

Outdoor wedding due to space activity is relatively large, it is not too convenient too formal dress, but the solemn wedding should be avoid too casual style. At this time, you can add some fashion elements on your dress, it is fit in the outdoor relaxed atmosphere, such as bright colors with beads and multicolored stitching, sexy strapless dress can be use in this time. But the dress skirt can not be too short, it is avoid outdoor activities when emptied.

elegant lace and chiffon bridesmaid dress

Third, to choose elegant style for the traditional wedding

For traditional wedding, bridesmaid dresses need to be elegant, the bridesmaid dress color can be lighter for the bridal dress, it is need to unity for the wedding style.

red short bridesmaid dresses

Photo by: short chiffon red bridesmaid dresses

Fourth, to select dignified formal dress for the traditional wedding

Traditional formal wedding is generally held in hotels, the guests are invited to the elders in the majority, at this time, bridesmaid dress can not be too casual. Dress style is needs between evening dress and casual dress, it is not choose the too grand floor length dress. Dress can not be too sexy or exposure, if it is a strap skirt, it can be match with wrap, it will make the bridesmaid more noble and elegant.