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Kiss the Planner is announcing the top five wedding trends for this winter wedding season

Kiss the Planner, founded by Aviva Samuels, is one of Florida’s top wedding planning companies. Kiss the Planner focuses on Florida weddings and destination weddings. Known for providing “heartfelt concern”, Aviva Samuels’ wedding company prides itself on providing everything from ultra-decadent to small and cozy wedding and reception events that reflect the personal style of each and every client. Now, as 2012 soon comes to a close, Kiss the Planner is announcing the top five wedding trends for this winter wedding season.

“Often, I find that Brides want to be somewhat traditional while still being able to make their own statement when it comes to the style of the wedding ceremony and the wedding reception,” said Aviva Samuels. “My top five wedding trends for winter weddings this year reflect this idea. Each trend can be tailored to reflect a bride’s personal vision for her wedding.

The number five trend is using a private estate or other unique venue. “High-profile weddings, like that of Oscar-winner Natalie Portman occurred at a private home. Actor Josh Lucas’ took place at the Conservatory Garden in New York’s Central Park. In the case of Actor/Comedian Zach Galifianakis’ wedding, it was a farm. Being that you may not have celebrity status, I suggest picking a practical location that works for you. Even if it isn’t the peak of Mount Kilimanjaro, shake things up with some non-traditional elements. For example, a beach wedding in Florida is romantic, but not unique. However, a wedding ceremony on a beach, with a reception on a yacht, puts a whole new spin on it.” Companies like Kiss the Planner specialize in turning popular locations into unique settings.

The number four trend is to replace the ever-popular strapless gown. “This winter season look at glamorous gowns with sleeves or the addition of a cover-up. Boleros, jackets and shawls are making a statement this season. Design trends for the winter gown include flouncy ruffled bottoms, details in fur and lace, as well as a heavy dose of glam. Monique Lhuillier and Carolina Herrera are showing looks that are good examples of this.”
Trend number three is destination weddings in warm climates. “Based on what I have seen in the past, as well as industry insight, destination weddings to warm locations is a long-standing trend that will continue this winter and on into 2013. With many people still watching their budgets, the advantage of having fewer guests attend and the ability to combine the wedding with the honeymoon makes a destination wedding a very appealing option. In addition, all-inclusive properties offer very reasonably-priced weddings, such as Sandals and Beaches Resorts. This option is not only advantageous for those fitting the bill, but also for the wedding guest. What a great excuse to get away from the cold and to combine the celebration with a vacation” says planner, Aviva Samuels.

The number two trend for the 2012 upcoming winter wedding season is personalization! Brides have been finding ways to personalize their weddings and this winter is no exception. “Wedding planners, like myself, can help come up with ideas to put your signature on your winter wedding, such as giving a personalized snow-globe or X-mas ornament to commemorate the occasion. Or consider a to-go mug (cup-holder-friendly of course), filled with hot chocolate to be distributed by your planner at the end of the night. Of course, in Florida, where I plan weddings, a different idea such as personalized flip-flops to head to the beach with the next morning, might be a better choice.

Saving the best for last, Aviva Samuels announces her personal favorite. “The number one trend that I see is individuality! To me, individuality can mean having a traditional wedding with non-traditional elements, or it can mean having a completely non-traditional wedding in every way. It can mean a black bridal gown, or it can mean mix and match bridesmaid’s dresses. Brides are passing on the classic French manicure and replacing it with brightly-colored nails. And funky doesn’t have to stop there. While weddings are traditional by nature, the look may be anything but. Reclaimed furniture and flea market finds allow clients to infuse new life into old things and add personal touches to their wedding. Furniture seating, varying shapes and sizes for dining tables and mismatched chairs all spell individuality. Food trucks, all-night cocktail parties and a heavy dose of comfort foods are the current food trends. Dessert buffets have replaced the traditional wedding cake. Imagination, personality and charm have taken over.”

Aviva Samuels of Kiss the Planner is available to speak with the media about destination weddings, wedding trends, and more. The company offers an array of extraordinary wedding services, including event design, destination wedding planning and wedding coordination.

How to choose your own dress

Once there could always be a sweet dream in every girl’s mind that someday her own prince charming can give the most memorable wedding ceremony in the world. Simply suggested, there must be an extraordinary wedding dress. There how to choose your own bridal gown online? It should be numerical tips.

Looking through the top sellers

Gorgeous top seller mermaid wedding dress

When the brides have successfully found an online bridal shop, they may also feel lost choosing your own dress. If this problem also comes to you, my suggestion is that you can find a suitable dress among the top seller column. If you cannot afford the newly-designed wedding dress, looking for last season’s dress can also be considered a better choice.

Considering the cost of a dress

We cannot deny the fact that the price of your wedding dress is always the essential factor to consider. Most of the couples have a wedding budget, so you can choose one within the allotted budget. If you are so stick to your own budget, the best choice is to look at a bridal gown shop within the price range (Check out some inexpensive wedding gowns under $100).

V-neck Elegant Knee-length wedding dress with flowers belt

See more gowns around this price by clicking the link above.

Once you’ve chosen your bridal gown, the next thing is to decide the attached jewelry or other accessories. So make sure your dress is beyond the average and design, if yours is too unique, you may feel sick when choosing the other corresponding decorations.

He also vamped up the collection with pink silk cocktail shorts and hot pants

The Dominican-born designer, who is among the most revered names in haute couture and a favorite of first ladies and film stars, was true to form in the late Tuesday show with twill fringe suits for day and sumptuous evening gowns worthy of any red carpet.

He also vamped up the collection with pink silk cocktail shorts and hot pants.

“I thought it was beautiful,” said Anna Wintour, the editor of the fashion bible Vogue, after seeing the collection.

Other designers showing at New York Fashion Week featured shorts but de la Renta’s, which were paired with silver beaded or ostrich feather embroidered bustiers, are not meant for a day at the beach.

“If you have the body to wear it, you can rock it,” said fashion blogger Susan Tabak, adding that she liked the look and the mixture of textures in the designs.


Colors varied along with the length of hems, from soft ivory suits and black and navy sleek column gowns to an aquamarine ribbon tweed tiered dress, yellow tops to shocking pink shorts and a Persian lamb skirt suit in the same color.

A cherry red silk taffeta, V-neck de la Renta dress that Ann Romney chose to wear for her speech at the Republican National Convention in Tampa, Florida last month won rave reviews and heightened anticipation for his spring collection.

If Romney’s husband Mitt defeats Barack Obama in the November presidential election, the veteran award-winning designer will likely be back in favor in the White House.

De la Renta, who turned 80 this year, has dressed former first ladies, Republican and Democrat, including Jackie Kennedy, Betty Ford, Nancy Reagan, Laura Bush and Hillary Clinton, who wore a plum-colored de la Renta gown to her daughter’s wedding.

A notable exception is Michelle Obama, who has been criticized by de la Renta for some of her fashion choices, including wearing a sweater to Buckingham Palace.

De la Renta recently won The Fashion Institute of Technology 2012 Couture Council Award for Artistry and took aim at celebrity fashion designers — sports stars and actresses who are delving into fashion — for their lack of formal training.

“I’ve been at it for 45 years, and I’m still learning my craft on a daily basis,” he said after winning the award.

His years of experience and mastery of his craft were on display in the details, cuts and choice of fabrics in the 60 designs displayed in his newest collection, particularly in an eye-catching black and ivory striped duchess satin gown with a draped bow.

The Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week features hundreds of shows staged at Lincoln Center and other venues around New York, and it is followed by fashion weeks in London, Paris and Milan.

The semi-annual event attracts 116,000 people to New York City, from buyers to foreign press and wealthy customers.

(Reporting by Patricia Reaney, Editing by Ellen Wulfhorst and Cynthia Osterman)

Country Beach Wedding from Katie Nesbitt Photography

I am really loving the country beach vibe in today’s wedding from Katie Nesbitt Photography! I love the beach-y atmosphere coupled with the rustic style and details. The wildflower arrangements are perfect pops of color, the photo booth is just too-much-fun, and the portraits of the beautiful bride and groom, especially those with their three month old daughter, are just too sweet for words. While simple, the details are also very chic, all encompassing one very sweet day that I’m honored to share with you all today!

John met April’s aunt and uncle when they were all down in Cap Haitien, Haiti, helping to build a church in 2008. The more they learned about John on their trip, the more they thought he needed to meet their niece, April! They told him a bit about her, including her travels abroad and some of the more memorable adventures she’d taken. His interest was peeked.

When they all returned home, April’s aunt invited her on a double date with John. April agreed and her aunt gave her John’s email to make contact and sort out the details. He was very witty in his emails and she could tell right away that he was smart and a lot of fun. He gave her a few options to choose from for their date: skeet shooting, line dancing, extreme golf, or a country fair. Because she’d never been and it sounded adventurous, April chose skeet shooting.

On their way to dinner after skeet shooting, they stopped to get gas and he joined her at the pump. While she was pumping, they were talking, and he gave her a small, very sweet smelling red rose that he’d picked from his yard. She blushed when he gave her another rose, this one made from a red gunshot shell. She’d never seen anything like it but loved it immediately.

Six months into their relationship, April lost her job, got pneumonia and kidney stones, and had to leave her apartment. She was forced to stay with John who took very good care of her while she was sick and even helped her devise a plan to get back on track. It was a low time for her, but with his help, she climbed out of her hole. After about a month she moved out, got her own place, and left his, even more smitten than before.

John was in Haiti during the earthquake in 2010 and couldn’t make it home in time for the beginning of the new semester. Knowing he would be missing a few of his classes and not wanting him to miss out, April got in touch with his professors, explained the situation, and asked if she could attend the class in his place for a few weeks just to get the notes and other important information he might need later. It didn’t seem like a big deal to her, but it was to him. He even mentioned it in his wedding vows!

They’d talked about getting married and agreed that they wanted to let things happen naturally and not talk about other future plans until they were engaged. With that said, April just did her thing and didn’t really obsess over when it would happen. To her surprise, John proposed on a Sunday afternoon.

She’d mention how she wanted to go skeet shooting again, since it had been over a year since they’d last gone. When he asked her to go that weekend, she readily agreed. It was a warm and sunny October day, and they were both in great spirits as they headed to the same park where they’d first met. They chose to shoot in the woods and went around to a few spots before they came to a heavily wooded area. John seemed a little distracted but April just assumed he was thinking about setting up his next shot, which he was filming for some strange reason (to check his form out later maybe?). But when his ammo jammed, he asked April to come and take a look. When she did, John pulled out a ring attached to a red shotgun shell (reminiscent of their first ever skeet shooting date). He told her how much he loved her, that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with her, then he got down on one knee and asked her to be his wife. Of course she said yes!

{From the Bride} The theme of the wedding was meant to be Country Beach Wedding. I wanted to blend old world Southern elegance and rustic Carolina beach charm. For decorations, we stole some great ideas from and a variety of wedding blogs. We had some fun with chalkboards, lanterns, sand, shells, lace, funky fan programs, rafia, starfish, blue mason jars and ruffles! We did a fun, personal Mad Libs scroll for guests to fill out at their tables. We did large and small candles on all the tables to provide some additional lighting to our outdoor tent. After all, warm lighting really sets a romantic tone. On the gift table, buffet table, and dessert table we did fresh flowers, lanterns, and menus that tied into the look of our invitations.

My mom is a master gardner and has amazing gardens at her home. She cut and brought all the fresh flowers. I wanted a rustic wildflower look so it worked out perfectly. She did all the bouquets and arrangements the day before the wedding.

For food, we wanted to do something fun, easy, and casual. So we did chopped pork barbecue (a local favorite), fried chicken (a Southern staple), scalloped potatoes, cold pasta salad, a big garden salad, baked beans, and coleslaw. For dessert, we wanted to step out of the box a bit. I also wanted to really capture that Southern charm and elegance. So I went with 4 assorted pies: peach, strawberry, key lime, and apple. Fresh cut watermelon slices and a 2-tier country white cake. The top was gluten-free vanilla with raspberry filling and the bottom was chocolate fudge with raspberry filling. There was ZERO leftover.

We did have a signature drink, which we called Sweet Pea after our 3-month old daughter. It was lemonade, iced tea, and vodka dressed with a nice fresh lemon wedge. It was very refreshing. Did I mention it was 106 degrees on our wedding day?! The hottest day of the year so far – wow, was it hot.

For our guests, we had a large coach bus taking them to and from their beachfront hotel in Virginia Beach. We also provided a photo booth area with props like silly sunglasses, mustaches, leis, etc. for them to take snapshots throughout the night. We have all the shots in a book and its loads of fun to look through. We also gave our guests small paper pouches of fresh, chilled cherries on their way out. Another sweet country summer treat.

{Advice for Couples} I would say communication. Throughout our relationship and throughout the wedding planning process, we really kept things real and honest. There have been many disagreements and I think that is normal. The key is to work through things when you disagree, to really listen, and to compromise if needed. And you can’t do any of that if you don’t have good communication.

The second thing is to keep your love tank full. Life gets you down sometimes and it’s easy to forget what wonderful things you have. Sometimes you have to put everything else on pause and just fill your love tank back up. How you choose to fill it is up to you, but I think it’s really important to keep a lot of love in your heart. It helps you keep warm, positive, and kind, to yourself and others.

Congratulations, April and John, and thank you so much for sharing your love story with us! We wish you both so much love, luck and laughter in the years to come! And a very special thank you to Katie Nesbitt for sharing their very special day with us today! xoxo

Stylish Ideas for Summer Cocktail Dresses

Cocktail dresses are designed fantastically well to exude the elegance and turn up the charm by giving out an appealing sexy appeal. Get known with some exciting and stylish ideas to dress- up this summer cocktail party.

Women are very keen on attending cocktail parties as it is instantly gives a break from the monotonous and hectic schedule. It hits enough to change your boring life and while touching the clouds of serenity, glamour, style and fashion. And ladies, how can you excuse yourself without dressing up in super hot and sexiest cocktail dress.

Striking ways to add glam with summer Cocktail Dresses

The One Shoulder Dress

If you think you have a great figure and you are willing to show them off, then, cocktail dress with one shoulder is just a kind of attire for you. Dressing up in a long, short or one that flow just a little lower than your knees, can look remarkably pleasing. The versatile feature of this dress is that they are designed to have only one strap. It will surely bring about that flair to your lovely curves.

The Cocktail Suit

Compared to other summer cocktail dresses, this cocktail suits might not be as typical to be dressed in, but can be surely thought upon for summer cocktail parties. It was designed up with an idea where women can easily switch off from their professional board meetings to the environment of glamorous cocktail eve.  The style and the design of this wear resemble a little off from, but in terms of style and classiness it can be highly rated.  At times it looks too formal and sophisticated, but you can simply ruffle the top and chuck the jacket out.

The Shift Dress

These sorts of dress are widely popular among the girls who frequently tend to bang up on the cocktail parties. Shift dresses looks similar to frock, but it’s too much flowy.  It seems to be an ideal choice for donning something comfortable and stylish in the summer.  If you are someone with romantic types, then this the right pick for you.  It comes in the lovely and attractive colors with elegant flowery prints that give a feminine touch to the lady who wears it.

The Sheath Dress

Women with svelte and perfect figure, sheath dress which you really need own in your wardrobe of cocktail collections. It is always worn short and has no straps, which make them the fascinating attire.