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Some tips to teach how to choose the mother of the bride and groom dress

Whether the mother of bride or groom, it is also very moment time on the wedding day for mother. When people start into the wedding scene, all eyes will be given her, and from her wedding photography began to receive guests, this time how could you not to help her pick up a beautiful formal dress? Bride who quickly stop indulging in their wedding dress and see some tips to help your mother find some elegant dress!

elegant silver formal dress

1. To select the dress colors

Conventionally, in order to avoid some unlucky customs, we are tend to stop wearing a black dress, it is necessary to exclude the color black. The safest not wrong color should be white, ivory, champagne those light color, with elegant tailoring, it is highlight your mother’s temperament perfectly. And if she was for black, red and white paranoid views, you can not quarrel with her, you can recommend her to choose more solemn and fits for wedding theme colors, such as lavender purple, silver, wine red or indigo.

2. Match with groom and bridesmaids clothes

Actually sometimes mothers dress doesn’t need to be fixed in composed of color, we could make a little a little change, with the groom and the bride and the bridesmaid dress collocation. For example, if the groom’s tie is blue, my mother can wear a blue dress, can appear and the groom was build, lively and lovely, give a person have the feeling of vitality. Or is in the dress in the same elements as the maid of honor, such as stripe design, or wave point small ornament, etc.

3. Dress style

If your mother want to wear too sexy too young, and you can’t accept it, then you should tell her, and the expression of careful you don’t want her too “remarkable” reasons. If you can’t convince her, let your father to solve, or to help the staff of the wedding, pretend to give her a suggestion, so that she will be easier to accept. In terms of choice of design in general not revealing dress is given priority to, can choose the dress sleeveless or tank top, if she must be a bit sexy, choose inclined shoulder of the dress is a good idea.

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Autumn and winter wedding dresses with long sleeves

Autumn atmosphere is more and more concentrated, the weather is getting cold now, especially in the north, it will a little color to hold a outdoor wedding, in this season, the wedding is need to keep warm, the bride is only need one long sleeves wedding dress which will solve this problem. Long sleeves wedding dress is although keep warm long-sleeved wedding dress!

chiffon off shoulder wedding dress with sleeves

Chiffon wedding dress with long sleeves

Long-sleeved perspective design bridal dress. Off shoulder design is very sexy, the upper body transperent style is exposed perspective subtle skin, it is adds more tempation feelings, lightweight perspective design, so that long sleeves wedding dress will not so hot, it is also giving us the light feelings.

Court hubble-bubble sleeve wedding dress

Court hubble-bubble sleeve wedding dress. Palace of wind waist design makes the fluctuation of girth ratio, hubble-bubble sleeve with clear palace, tie-in high collar embroidery more add lightness of hollow out design, balance the proportion of fitted up and down.

tulle wedding dress with lace sleeves

Chic a line ball gown tulle wedding dress

A-line tulle ball gown wedding dress. If you want to romantic long sleeves ball gown wedding dress, you can choose a strong process of teaching pure short-sleeve lace embroidery fight with the hem slightly from the bottle with a small a line skirt, light without significant heavy.

chiffon wedding dress with sleevesLight chiffon posed the bride wedding dress. Season of autumn wind, how can float in the sky of the skirt. Posed wedding dress chiffon light atmosphere, moving with the wind, the collocation of the mandarin collar sleeves long sleeve body design, luxuriant and atmosphere.

Three stylish youth one shoulder bridesmaid dresses

Every bridesmaid should put themselves in a position on the wedding, you should not grab the bride’s thunder, so their dresses are often not too ornate, ostentatious, but it does not means that it can only make security card forever. Want to look stylish but also taste bridesmaid dress, of course, we need a simple and elegant one shoulder bridesmaid dress!

one shoulder sky blue short bridesmaid dress

One shoulder sky blue short bridesmaid dresses online Australia

The temperament elegant one shoulder bridesmaid dress is taking extremely pure sky blue color to build, to highlight sexy sweet shoulder, shoulder to the other side with irregular cuffs, modified flesh his arm. Closed pockets hip adds hollow out elements above the waist, curve, sexy and charming.

one shoulder fuchsia ruffles satin bridesmaid dress

This one shoulder ruffles fuchsia bridesmaid dresses with satin material, fabric, thick modelling stereo sense is strong, smooth and straight and bright color, collocation of the noble red, show high atmospheric grade bridesmaid.

one shoulder purple lace bridesmaid dress
This enchanting elegant one shoulder lace bridesmaid dresses with noble purple color, its blooming out like star bright light. Delicate clipping perfect highlight girth, let you every walk a swaying.

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