Colored wedding dress, how to choose it ?

When you think of the wedding dress, the first color that comes to mind is white. Because white is the color of purity, we all want this signification in our wedding. In recent years, more and more future brides opt for a wedding dress a little outside the box, this is to say, wedding dresses in different color shades.

60 year old woman wearing gray belted wedding dress on her anniversary day

For example, some wedding dresses are bought to celebrate the anniversary day. As you can see from the picture above, the Canadian Sylvie, customer from, has choose a chiffon wedding gown that features a gray belt and the v-neck as her gown of the day. This little colour block adds up the originality of the dress and match also her age, her personal character, as well as her hair colour.

Off-the-shoulder red wedding dress in tulle

Other people may have their own definition of the colour of the happiness and then chose red tones as their big day’s colour. Personally I admire this courage to break the rule. Nobody needs to follow the stereotype ! We can make our own big day memorable and quite a photo by trying the color that match our skin tones, hair colour or personal favor.

Champagne V-neck Wedding dress simple & elegant

Price : USD 179 ; Available on via the reference HS170805

I know you are definitely looking for some colour inspiration for your wedding gowns, so here they are :

Wedding gowns in spring pastel shades
pink-wedding-dresses-abed-mahfouz pink strapless a line flowers wedding dress from Cherie SposaGray wedding dress with a sheer top in lace
Next to the pink and Champagne, we may have a large variety of options to choose from : gray, blue, red and even black.

Gwen FOUSSE match her strapless black gothique wedding gown with her Martin boots for her wedding day !!!

For those, who can not give up the white dress, can always opt for a colorful detail, like the belt, the flowered prints or sashes decided by the tones, such as to be unique in the big day.

Wedding dress with flower print top

A rule that, in general, can be followed with regard to the choice of colors : Always sing the apparel shades to the complexion, hair and eyes. A bride with a pale complexion in general will look good with a dress in ice-blue tone or pearly white tones; while a girl with olive skin and other Mediterranean features will by prefer stay on warm white, cream, ivory and pink.

At the end of this article, if you don’t feel bothered the see more colored wedding gowns, you can visit the following link :

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    True shades of white can be a difficult to match with skin tone (not to mention lighting for your bridal portraits). Our diamond white hue is softer than pure white against the skin, and is a universally flattering choice for when you make your wedding dress color selection.

    1. admin Post author

      I truly agree with you. My colleague who work in retouching wedding dresses photos also complain about the difficulty of adjusting the light and shadow in order to show the details & texture of the gown.


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