British outdoor garden wedding

From Princes William’s wedding to London Olympic Games, British culture is once again in the spotlight. As British love flower as well as garden, so British-style garden wedding are growing in popularity. A classic British garden wedding cannot dispense with delicate bone china, blooming flowers, sweet and delicious cupcake and pets of funny shapes and so on. If you want to create a refined wedding of British garden style, you should learn a lesson from the suggestion below.

British outdoor garden wedding

Exquisite bone china are always used in British wedding. The first bone china was made in England. It is beloved and used by the British aristocrat owing to its beautiful color and smooth texture which can be integrated with the flower decoration, quite suitable for wedding decoration especially outdoor garden wedding and luxury wedding dinner. So bone china is absolutely essential to build an authentic British garden wedding.
Cupcake is esteemed by American, while it is also British’s favorite so that they name it fairy cake which they view its lovely small appearance as fairy in the tale. It is so prevalent to hold a dessert wine party with cupcake and other dessert before wedding ceremony. It can be used to treat the guests and at the same time add color to the whole wedding due to its delicate style and hue.


Besides, all kinds of nice DIY card can add a bright spot to a garden wedding. If the multi-colored flowers create a static beauty pageant, the cards which are written such word that has action implication as “eat me”or “help yourself”will increase many dynamic aesthetic feeling.
In a garden wedding, flower is the leading role. British adopt a large amount of flowers to decoration no matter it is flower ball or bouquet. British are in favor of banquet mainly in soft color and devote particular care to the gradual transition of the same color. While they will not reject a few rich-colored flowers, but just as a backdrop. And one should be remembered is that color of flower must be in accord with the color of bride’s wedding dress.


In addition, paper flower products are also be in favor by the new couple. And what’s surprise us is that pets will be frequent visitor in British garden wedding. Humor and funny are two basic elements for British, so it is a common occurrence to see natural and lovely elements such as children and pets. It may be said that garden wedding is pet’s paradise where they can act as an important carrier for wedding ring and token, which adds boundless joy to the wedding.

In the choice of flower, rose is used most often in British garden wedding. But wild carrot flower and little daisy which echo the theme of garden and nature are usually included in the category of flower material.

What a romantic garden wedding! If you are the one what love flowers, try to put on your white wedding dress and make a promise in the ocean of flowers.

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