Of Grace Kelly at Kate Middleton through Caroline of Monaco, return on these fascinating marriages, worthy of modern-day fairy tales.
Known out of reach, inaccessible and yet Princess weddings continue to make us dream. The wedding dress majestic to the list of guests passing through places historical in which they are celebrated, is projected without difficulty in all aspects of these ritualized unions.

Les mariages de princesse les plus inspirants

There are some outset traditional Princess marriages, those anchored in a time that we can not definitely not know. We think that of Queen Elizabeth II with the Duke of Edinburgh in 1937, her younger sister, Margaret, with Anthony Armstrong Jones in 1960 or more recently of Diana Spencer to Prince Charles of England, despite a Liz Emanuel of less flattering wedding gown.

Le mariage de princesse de LĂ©tizia d'Espagne

But in reality, the Princess weddings that make us the most fantasize remain those of a real fairy tale, those who celebrate the marriage of one woman like any other with a Prince, a real. Wallis Simpson and Edward VIII of England, Grace Kelly and Prince Rainier of Monaco or, more recently, Kate Middleton with Prince William: modern love stories that have been able to escape the Protocol in the romantic tradition.
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