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Plan your wedding golden and become an aristocratic couple

Golden represents luxury forever. The bright banquet hall gives out golden shine. The aristocratic elegant qualities are showed out from every corner. At the most important moment in your life, please enjoy the luxurious experience you would never have again which is given by the golden wedding. Here are some tips for you while you are designing your own golden wedding.

golden-weddingElegant golden can make the whole wedding into a luxurious feast immediately. Exquisite hand-made inwrought table clothes, delicate silvery candlesticks, retro golden tableware and blooming aulic table flowers create the elegant and luxurious atmosphere which can really make you intoxicated in it. Handmade spun gold embroidery looks extremely expensive and high class. The exquisite materials and classical European patterns of the embroidery are very elegant and unique. When those shinning silvery pearl candies meet with the golden shine, they light up every corner of this beautiful wedding. The registering desk which is decorated elegant and generous leaves guests very elegant first impressions. The golden retro inwrought attendance book and the aulic gold stamping ceramic whiteware dishes which are full of candies look perfect together. The love-shaped symbol which is made by heart-shaped chocolates shows out the luxury and elegance of the golden wedding.golden-weddingElegant and generous golden satins, mellow red wine and crystal high heel win glasses make perfect matches for the perfect royal qualities and tastes. Every detail of this golden wedding is toasting for this new couple. Simple but elegant gold stamping seat cards are put on delicate golden dinner tables. These exquisite cards can be the most shinning decorations of this wedding. The round bridal bouquet which is made of charming mini yellow roses, rare yellow alocasia macrorrhizos and cute golden balls shows the colorful and retro aristocratic feelings. As the language of flowers is regretless true love, thick love spreads to everywhere together with the aroma of flowers. The golden ribbon tied to the bridal bouquet fits this luxurious golden wedding very well.

golden weddingHow can this huge wedding miss an elegant wedding cake? Three layers of tempting imported fresh cream makes up this gorgeous cake. The classic white beads chains decorations, the exquisite yellow and white rose decorations, some golden bowknots and warm candle light make this wedding cake touching and unique. It makes guests feel like dancing in a luxurious and dreamy palace. A champagne tower which represents the happy marriage is a necessary element for this luxurious wedding. When this crystal champagne tower is filled with delicious champagne, a climax will be brought to the happy mood and the atmosphere of this wedding.

A golden wedding represents the shinning love and marriage. As gold is a kind of hard metal, a golden marriage means the love between the new couple is indestructible. This golden wedding will be very unforgettable for everyone who attend it. I wish you can enjoy this exquisite and luxurious golden wedding, and have a happy marriage which is as bright as the gorgeous gold.golden wedding dresses

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