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How to choose the wedding dress for pregnant brides

In today, the new people will be parental guidance, it is common things in the entertainment, but in our daily life, there are many examples, now we will give some some advice to teach you how to select the wedding dress for pregnant brides?
strapless wedding dress with small train

1 The dropped wedding dress

Solemn small drag and luxurious more than 1.5 meters large drag are not suitable for pregnant bride who should choose a small trailer, the wedding dress rear is only 10-15 cm, but it is longer than the previous. With a rear will starting lengthening effect which making the pregnant bride look slender, and small drag can avoid the cumbersome which is making the pregnant bride can act more convenient and easy.
one shoulder wedding dresses for pregnant bride

2 One-shoulder wedding dress

After pregnancy, the breasts will become more larger, so the pregnant bride is not suitable for deep V-neck dress, it is easily to exposure. Strapless style is not suitable for pregnant brides, because there is no focal point, the heavy breasts will sank. The oblique style is the best choice, so you can cover part of the shoulder and more plump breasts.
empire chiffon wedding dress

3 Empire wedding dress

Empire wedding dress is the most distinctive feature of this section. It is fit for the chest with slightly A-line skirt which is take advantage of shoulder and chest line, waist and hips are on a very good disguise effect,it is the most suitable for pregnant. More styles fashion bridal gowns, you can visits

How to choose wedding dresses for petite bride

The devil figure is not anyone to have, for the petite figure, isn’t your wrong! If you choose the right wedding dress, you still play in the ceremony and kill all tall beauty girl. So we will see how to choose wedding dress for petite bride.

tull strapless train wedding dress

The first scheme

Style: strapless,embroidery,printing

Fabric: Tulle

It is different from general strapless dress, arc design of chest line can spin the height of the petite bride which make the bride figure appears more slender, waisted shape back design is highlights the bride’s waist line, the big skirt can aura foil for the bride to the extreme.

sheath mermaid strapless wedding dress

The second scheme

Style: Strapless,bow,empire,mermaid

Fabric: tulle,stain

Chest line radian design with empire bownot design can be a very good stretch the bride’s figure, make up the lack of height, while the tail design can make the bride down thin, highlight the feeling of the mermaid, with tulle fabric can add elegant feeling for the wedding dresses.

white straplee a-line lace wedding dress

The third scheme

Style: Strapless,empire,a-line

Fabric: Tulle,lace

Empire design can make the bride’s shape more longer, with a-line skit fit, it is better to reflects the advantages for small thin bride. The tulle with lace will make the brides more elegant and noble.

How to choose the wedding dresses for fat brides

How to choose wedding dress for fat bride? As long as you master some selected principle, many design elements, materials fabrics, tailoring silhouette dress can make you more exciting for your plump!

A-line strapless beading wedding dress

1. A-line skirt wrap is best

A word wedding dress, especially high waist design A-line dress which can provide the perfect wrap, it will make your body look more standard. Waist design begins from below the chest into the A-line cut, to help lower plump body looks curves without exposing shortcomings.

strapless fold wedding dress

2 Fold design inclusive

Fold dress tolerance of the material is very good, regardless of your stature height or weight, it can be fit perfectly, and make the overall look more three-dimensional. Especially designed wedding dress with asymmetrical folds, such as folds use of one side of the dress, this design allows you to focus on one point or the bride sophisticated look to gain more tall visual effects.

sheath mermaid strapless wedding dress

3 Do not choose a strong sense of stitching dress

Some wedding dress design is too complex, with a strong mix of splicing elements, such as bras is a material, and cut and fabric skirt looks completely different. Such thin shirt is leave slimmer to challenge it. If a variety of natural materials convergence is not enough natural, it will be visually divided into several parts of the body and look more fatter.

strapless beading wedding dress

4 Waist design and fishtail skirt helps to draw outline

For small fat bride who want to expose their body curves, waist design allow you to maximize the exquisite look sexy. Do not have thought of yourself waist, cut decent corset waist section can help you portray visually. The bottom of the waist wedding dress design looks usually full, with large hot fishtail cut has balanced the hip curve, keeping the overall coordination of the results.

lace mermaid v-neck wedding dress

5 Do not choose too thin fabrics

Satin, chiffon fabrics and other light fabrics will zoom all the details, so that each body fat have nowhere to hide. Plain wrinkled silk, organza, lace and other three-dimensional fabric more suitable for fat bride.

lace a-line natural wedding dress

6 Select wedding dress fit for your character’s

If women have a chance to pick their favorite fashion dress put on the body, the wedding is the best occasion. All wedding dress profile shape, decoration and details have large size you can choose, if you like folds, bows, printed or beaded these elements, you can put them on your wedding dress. The only thing to remember that you need to try to pick asymmetrical design, it is not only better to draw the outline of the figure, but also it has more richer artistic sense.

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Elegant blue bridal accessories for you

The bride falls for fresh and romantic blue color, but they don’t know how to make the blue elements into the bridal accessories? It doesn’t matter, we have collect a wide variety of blue bride accessories for you, bring a little crystal clear beauty for your bridal dress.

1 Blue peep-toe bride shoes

blue wedding shoes

Bright blue wedding shoes, shoe decorated with spherical ornaments, it presents the bride’s elegant, quiet temperament perfectly.

2 Blue Crystal Ring

Blue diamond ring

While this heady blue crystal ring, and clear like the out of the same from the sea! Watch, crystal above lines is just as the wave of the sea.

3 Bridal Hair Accessories

Bridal Hair

Composed of many small flowers, a touch of blue in the white backdrop is more
clear, with a ribbon is very delicate.

4 Light blue wedding dress

long light blue wedding dress

Silk and chiffon as the main fabric, simple and clean design with soft light
blue, you will become the focus whatever you wear in any occasion!

5 Blue-green clutch

blue-green cluth

Classic minimalist design, it is definitely your handheld weapon!

6 Navy blue rope made bracelets

Navy blue bracelet

Tired of all kinds of gold and silver bracelets,is it will shines to see this
personalized fashion rope bracelet!

7 Blue belt

blue belt

Blue belt with diamond, it will be more elegant and refined against the
background in white gauze.

8 Blue wreath

blue wrealth

It can take the lead, may Halter, especially for a Hawaiian-themed wedding.

9 Lake blue crystal earrings

lake blue earring

The earring is composed of multiple teardrop-shaped crystal, the noble
proportional to the degree of exaggeration!

10 Strappy sandals

blue strappy sandals

Strappy sandals is match with beach wedding theme perfectly!