Colored wedding dress, how to choose it

When you think of marriage, the first color that comes to mind is white. Because white is the color of purity and the wedding dress, par excellence! In recent years, however, something has changed: although the white dress resist the fashions and remain the first choice of most brides, there are many future brides who opt for a wedding dress a little ‘outside the box and choose the color .

Livelier and vitamin shades, ranging from delicate and spring pastel shades to more intense shades and decided, peep in the 2017 Bridal collections.

Next to the pink and Champagne, the clothes are dressed in gray, blue, red and even black, but they are mainly pastel tones, delicate and simple, to be the must for young brides romantic dreaming their best day “Colored”.

Space then to a light blue or gray, in a sophisticated pink and the “almost” traditional ivory. For those, however, he can not give up the white dress(white formal dresses), can always opt for a colorful detail, like the belt, the flowered prints or tapes decided by the tones, such as to be unique in the big day.

A choice of secure reserved for women of character, who know what they want and who are not afraid to dare, but that is always made taking into account the style of the ceremony and on your personal taste.

A rule that, in general, can be followed with regard to the choice of colors: Always sing the apparel shades to its color, or the complexion, hair and eyes. A bride a pale complexion in general will look good with a dress on ice or pearly white tones, while a girl with olive skin and the Mediterranean features will wear warm white, or those tending to cream, ivory and pink.

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    True shades of white can be a difficult to match with skin tone (not to mention lighting for your bridal portraits). Our diamond white hue is softer than pure white against the skin, and is a universally flattering choice for when you make your wedding dress color selection.


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