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“I was invited to the wedding of Eleonora Carisi. I tell you it was “

Great celebrations in Varese for Eleonora Carisi. The top digital influencers has been married, this Sunday, to hair stylist Paul Soffiatti. More than one hundred and twenty guests, including journalists, bloggers and family to share this great emotion cha also involved who was not there. The ceremony began at 16:30 is finished in beautiful Villa Ponti around 2:00 am on the musical notes of the eighties. After the highly anticipated interfaith exchange has started the generous appetizer to land based and sea.

The wedding cake. Vanilla with pink flowers

17 / 30Afterwards, at 20:30, dinner. The menu enjoyed by most of the guests expected: timbale of egg noodles with ragout of veal with citrus scent cut with a knife, as the first, and transparent foil with red mullet fillets on a bed of sauteed escarole with olives and capers Salina as second. Finally, like any self-respecting tradition, cutting the cake. A classic american cake flavored with vanilla cream and white chocolate, decorated with elegant pink flowers.

Her in Elie Saab. Him in Dsquared2

Eleonora Carisi, sposa tra Elie Saab e Valentino
Struck midnight; change the dress(formal dress shops) of the bride. Eleonora has worn for the dances an elegant suit in powder blue Valentino preserving the wedding garment given to him by Elie Saab. The brand with headquarter in Paris decided that it was, Eleanor, the first in the world to wear a dress of the bridal collection launched on the market a few days ago. The groom, however, was in Dsquared. Including photos, videos and laughter were inevitable the faces of his friends: Purple and Cristina, his two witnesses, Joseph Damato, which parallels the Carisi in all its projects and not coincidentally also organized much of the marriage, Paul Stella, friend and partner of their new agency Grumble Creative communication, web influencer Linda Tol, photographer Tamu McPherson, the designer Andrea Incontri and the Next Models Milan team.

And for those who want to know more …

For those who can not get enough of the gallery that we show; in the day on Sunday, the hashtag MrAndMrsSoffiatti became trending on Twitter and there you can find all the pictures of the big event.

The Buddy Bridal is the perfect solution for brides who must go to the little corner

Ask any bride that they most fear on their wedding day and you’ll probably have the same answer everywhere: go to the toilet.
We have all seen. A bride in her beautiful dress, makeup and hair done, but with the fear that takes him to the face. She needs to go to the corner. She runs to the toilet, the dress in the hands and the five bridesmaids behind it – because it takes an army to go to the toilet on a wedding day.

wedding dresses Persun

Since the time, one might be tempted to believe that someone would have solved the problem? Well, the answer to our question has just arrived.
Developed by Heather Stenlake, Bridal Buddy is an undergarment that helps brides to use the small corner.
As you can see in the above video (in English only), the high waist skirt is put before Threading the wedding dress and is equipped with a rope to allow the dress to be in ball easily. Once remounted, the skirt has holes for the arm so that you can keep it (and your dress by the same fact) more easily.
You have probably two emotions at this moment: confusion and wonder. Don’t worry, we feel the same way.

bridal buddy

In an interview with Mic, Stenlake tells that she had the idea in 2002 when she worked in a wedding shop.
“Brides always wondered how the toilet with their dress”, she said.
So for $ 59.95, you can avoid to gather all your bridesmaids in the toilet.

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The ideas for your romantic wedding dresses

With regard to the topic romantic weddings, it’s not rare to see in the films or in celebrity weddings. A romantic wedding will capture the hearts of every bride. In fact, you don’t have to spend much money on such romantic theme bridal party as long as you have best ideas for your big day.

Short lace wedding dresses for brides

Try the blend of classic, vintage and contemporary elements, and you will have a dream wedding gowns for a romantic bridal party.

lace wedding dresses

In such a beautiful wedding dress, you will look more beautiful and elegant. These bridal gowns are pure in design and they have a magical charm of the simplicity. You can also go for the Princess style dresses made of ivory satin, lace applique and luxury fabrics. It’s not necessary to consider only the expensive heavily stylized dresses.  Of course, you can start taking some cheap wedding dresses Persun as well as some of the contemporary collections as well.

A beautiful wedding venue

Nowadays, more and more young people have desires for simple beach weddings on the sand. Beautiful sea, brisk air and white sand, are really amazing elements for your interesting weddings.

wedding venue

A pleasant wedding party

At the weddings, if our groom have some cute and innovative ideas for their weddings like an evening ball party. In a word, the more efforts you spare, the more moving and romantic effects will have.

Wedding is grand for every people. If you want to have romantic wedding ceremony, there are lots of cute ideas for your unique one.


Weddnig guest look? We inspired by Nicole Richie

Many times we break our heads trying to find the perfect prom dress, the ideal or ideals aceesorios shoes, but most times, in the most simple is the key looks.

Nicole richie gold formal dress

Nicole Richie gave us a real lesson in style in the CFDA Awards with a super simple look, yet feminine, with just the right dose of sensuality and perfect to go to any event, including a wedding. celebritie American designer and chose a model Silver metallic bronze collection pre-fall 2013 Marc Jacobs, who combined with clutch in cream Christian Louboutin heels by Giuseppe Zanotti. But what undoubtedly most liked were the finest suspenders kind spaghetti and sculptural neckline of her back that left part rear exposed.

Dark-painted nails, red lips, bronze-colored makeup and a simple type collected dancer, completed a perfect look.

Some personality wedding invites for brides

The New Year is past three months now, many new couples are want to get married in this spring season. So we will give you some commendations to prepare your wedding which you can design your personalize wedding!

flowers wedding backgroundjpeg
Soft ice cream is very popular in this spring, it is like a pink flowers bloom in the garden.

elegant wedding invites

Classical inspiration theme will certainly be more popular, it is also often make people link with some elements, such as sequins.

vintage bridal dress with sequins

Elegant, timeless jewelry, classic wedding dress, bridal makeup … vintage style is timeless.

metallic silhauettes wedding invites

In addition, you can find many metal elements in wedding details which making the wedding has more texture.

etheieal bridesmaids

grey long bridesmaid dresses by

When it comes to elegant bridesmaid group, many people will be linked with light veil, it also has a ballet theme.

ruffled romance wedding background

Many brides will love this fold trends! Because it is very beautiful in every respect, for fold operations, details of the arrangement just right can be good.

wedding gifts

When the ends of wedding, in order to offer some of your guests personalized custom stuff, it is the meaning of beginning your life, it will be very meaningful.

rustic elegance wedding invites

Mason jar wedding you can have

Tiny Mason jar, jagged hanging in the air, the wind and the issuing crisp sound, is simply a small fresh wedding must-haves, at night, lit candles, flickering slightly candlelight, so that’s enough for a romantic wedding for you!

mason jar wedding1 mason jar wedding2
Mason jar jagged hanging in the air, sometimes lit candle at night, the jar becomes the wedding route guide, background, table flowers or reception table protagonist which lets the wedding get fresh. It can be used in a variety of different themed weddings (especially retro, natural series, and romantic outdoor wedding), aesthetic inspiration suddenly capture your heart.
mason jar wedding
Perspective jars hanging in the air reflects the different gloss, the wedding becomes a dream.

mason jar wedding3

Mason jar shining in the night, candlelight has become particularly fresh and romantic, light becomes more magnificent hazy daytime in the sun refracted. When the moment Mason jar lights up, the wedding enters the climax, the couple and the guests toast carnival, share happiness and sweet.

mason jar wedding4Jagged Mason jars is a unique kind of wind chimes on the wedding, they are shining the light emitting pleasant note, clasp lover’s name, makes a most solemn promise, this scene on the wedding will never fade in mind.

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How do celebrities dress up beautiful but not steal the brides show for bridesmaid?

As a star wherever she goes she will become the spotlight, but when they become bridesmaids, even then a big Waner cannot grab the bride’s thunder. How to dress like a star both have good taste, enough to steal the spotlight, but also when standing next to the bride she becomes the best green leaves? Let’s look Hollywood actresses how to dress up, bridesmaids may steal the spotlight, but do not steal the brides show!

Eva Longoria bridesmaid dress

Eva Longoria

Hollywood actress Eva Longoria as bridesmaids to friend, dressed in a pink chiffon bridesmaid dress. She is very goddess. Simple style with light weight fabrics suffice to highlight the noble temperament, it’s excessive if too large decoration, while it’s just the right sense of proportion.

Kim Kardashian sisters bridesmaid dresses

Kim Kardashian sisters

On Kim Kardashian’s first luxury wedding, her sisters become a role as bridesmaids for her. For the same love of dazzle, the sisters were willing to be green leaves for Kim. Using the most simple strapless neckline white bridesmaid dresses which both are a large uniform with Kim’s ornate wedding dress but also in sharp contrast with the wedding dress’s texture.

Rachel Bilson bridesmaid dress

Rachel Bilson

Simple strapless bridesmaid dress, just doing some folds in the chest, mostly like the Greek goddess-style dresses. But rustic fabric weakened dress overall gorgeous sense.


Jennifer  Ghana

Although use of some heavy gorgeous satin to make the bridesmaid dress, but only has some dazzling details in the chest, only highlighting the overall good shape, the color also use pastel purple, rosy, but not dazzling.


Kim Kardashian

In fact, whether Kim Kardashian wears what, the face is enough to grab someone else’s thunder, but at her sister’s wedding, she chose a purple dress to hide her own light. This trick is suitable for deeper color bridesmaid.


Jessica Alba

Superior looks and stature Jessica Alba also chose a dark blue bridesmaid dress, light and compact style, dark blue is even more a little low-key.


Jessica Simpson

Jessica Simpson is more pure, dressed in a black lace bridesmaid dress that looks elegant and not overly ornate, only accidentally exposed legs.


Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez pure and lovely, chose a simple halter bridesmaid dress, blue especially suitable for this cool seaside wedding.


Naomi Watts

Naomi Watts looks cool and playful in this small lace white dress. This mesh lace differs from the sexy gorgeous lace bridal gown. Slightly casual texture sense, it’s especially suitable for bridesmaids to wear.


Olsen sisters

Olsen sisters’ maverick dressing up also brought on the wedding, though they are also white dresses, but a little bit cowboy style, or some bohemian style, less formal feel.

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