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British outdoor garden wedding

From Princes William’s wedding to London Olympic Games, British culture is once again in the spotlight. As British love flower as well as garden, so British-style garden wedding are growing in popularity. A classic British garden wedding cannot dispense with delicate bone china, blooming flowers, sweet and delicious cupcake and pets of funny shapes and so on. If you want to create a refined wedding of British garden style, you should learn a lesson from the suggestion below.

British outdoor garden wedding

Exquisite bone china are always used in British wedding. The first bone china was made in England. It is beloved and used by the British aristocrat owing to its beautiful color and smooth texture which can be integrated with the flower decoration, quite suitable for wedding decoration especially outdoor garden wedding and luxury wedding dinner. So bone china is absolutely essential to build an authentic British garden wedding.
Cupcake is esteemed by American, while it is also British’s favorite so that they name it fairy cake which they view its lovely small appearance as fairy in the tale. It is so prevalent to hold a dessert wine party with cupcake and other dessert before wedding ceremony. It can be used to treat the guests and at the same time add color to the whole wedding due to its delicate style and hue.


Besides, all kinds of nice DIY card can add a bright spot to a garden wedding. If the multi-colored flowers create a static beauty pageant, the cards which are written such word that has action implication as “eat me”or “help yourself”will increase many dynamic aesthetic feeling.
In a garden wedding, flower is the leading role. British adopt a large amount of flowers to decoration no matter it is flower ball or bouquet. British are in favor of banquet mainly in soft color and devote particular care to the gradual transition of the same color. While they will not reject a few rich-colored flowers, but just as a backdrop. And one should be remembered is that color of flower must be in accord with the color of bride’s wedding dress.


In addition, paper flower products are also be in favor by the new couple. And what’s surprise us is that pets will be frequent visitor in British garden wedding. Humor and funny are two basic elements for British, so it is a common occurrence to see natural and lovely elements such as children and pets. It may be said that garden wedding is pet’s paradise where they can act as an important carrier for wedding ring and token, which adds boundless joy to the wedding.

In the choice of flower, rose is used most often in British garden wedding. But wild carrot flower and little daisy which echo the theme of garden and nature are usually included in the category of flower material.

What a romantic garden wedding! If you are the one what love flowers, try to put on your white wedding dress and make a promise in the ocean of flowers.

The Top Three Wedding Themes for Summer In Australia

Dear bride-to-be, sumer is coming, but wedding can be wonderful at sumer in Australia.

If you are planning to have your big day during the hottest season of the year then you may be looking for some stunning wedding themes for Summer. When the months are hottest there is no reason not to have your wedding outside! There are plenty of ideas for that gorgeous Summer wedding, here are the top three to get those cogs whirring.

1) Wedding Themes for Summer: Forest Fairytale

Wedding hemes summer
One of the most adventurous wedding themes for Summer is the Forest Fairytale.

If you want to feel like a fairy princess on your wedding day then get married in a forest! It may seem like a bit of an odd idea, but done right it can be exciting and beautiful. Pick your location well and ensure that you are allowed to use the land for your wedding before sending out your invitations. If you are worried about the weather taking a turn for the worse then put up a gazebo to keep your guests sheltered.

2) Wedding Themes for Summer: Be Beach Beautiful

Wedding Themes for Summer 2
Definitely one of the most popular wedding themes for Summer is visiting the beach for your ceremony or reception.

If you are lucky enough to live near a sandy beach then this has to be the place for your wedding day! For those who are not as lucky, then why not think about having your big day abroad? Tropical beach locations are some of the most popular wedding destinations due to their year round sun. If not all of your friends and family can make it to the ceremony then have a beach themed reception when you get home.

3) Wedding Themes for Summer: A Wild Wedding

Wedding Themes for Summer 3
Unique wedding themes for summer include getting married at a zoo or farm!

If you, or your partner, loves animals why not have a wild summer themed wedding? Many zoos or farms will let you have your wedding day surrounded by your favourite animals! You can ask your guests to dress up in an animal theme (think leopard print, zebra print) and even have a wild reception with a hog roast or sheep shearing contest.

These are just three summer wedding themes, however there are hundreds more! Get your thinking cap on and come up with something truly unique and special to you and your partner.

Why Jessica Biel Wore Pink On Her Wedding Day

As soon as pictures of Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel’s October wedding were released, everyone immediately noticed Biel’s unique gown. Instead of a traditional white wedding dress, Biel opted for a pink Giambattista Valli gown. Some were left scratching their heads as to why she chose a colored gown, but now it’s no longer a mystery. Biel opened up about her wedding day and dress choice in the January 2013 issue of Elle.

The strapless gown was custom made of silk mousseline and silk organza and covered in a subtle floral motif. Jessica says Valli had created the same fabric in another color combination for a dress from one of his previous collections and when she asked if he would recreate it in a color that could be paired with white, he suggested pink. Of going ahead with the idea, Biel says,

“It was a bit of a leap of faith at the time, but it turned out better than I could have ever imagined. [Putting it on], I felt like I had made the right choice. I felt elegant. And it moved like a dream.”

Even though she was hesitant about the color at first, she still never imagined herself saying “I do” in something traditional. She’s “never been crazy about all-white wedding dresses,” at least for her own walk down the aisle. All she knew is that she wanted something romantic and feminine and in a shape that she rarely wears. We say she, with some help from a talented couturier, nailed it on the head!

Biel may have shocked with her pink gown, but she’s not the first celebrity to choose a colored dress for their wedding day. Here are 9 other stars that also ignored the traditional assertion that you must wear white to your own wedding!

Anne Hathaway

Anne Hathway married Adam Schulman this year in a pink Valentino gown.

 Amber Tamblyn

Amber Tamblyn wed David Cross this year in a yellow dress.

  Cynthia Nixon

For her 2012 wedding to Christine Marinoni, Cynthia Nixon opted for a green Carolina Herrera gown.

 Reese Witherspoon

Reese Witherspoon wed Jim Toth last year in a blush pink gown.

 Sofia Coppola

Sofia Coppola wore a purple Azzedine Alaia dress when she wed Thomas Mars in 2011.

 Julianne Moore

Julianne Moore married Bart Freundlich in 2003 wearing a lilac-hued Prada dress.

 Gwen Stefani

Gwen Stefani wed Gavin Rossdale in 2002 in an ombre gown.

Sarah Jessica Parker

Sarah Jessica Parker wore a black dress when she married Matthew Broderick in 1997.

 Jenna Dewan-Tatum

Jenna Dewan-Tatum wore a blush pink gown for her wedding to Channing Tatum in 2009.

Wedding under the eye fish lens

The word “beauty” is a reminder of many things. But when it encounter with illusion, we will first think of everything related to wedding. Thus, wedding photographers discover the amazing visual effects that the fish eye lens creates. A fish-eye lens can make the picture looks straight up, spanning almost 180 degrees from horizon to horizon. Pictures that took by fish eye camera can produce exaggerated and surreal beauty. This special photo tools has been widely used in recent years and is well received. So some wedding photographers extend the dreamlike images into the field of wedding photography and build a market quickly. From here we see that those who believe and long for love have a dream in the heart.

Influenced by the works of some top private wending photographer, the new and intriguing photographic mode that recording the wedding with fish eye lens is landing on European market. To some extent, fish eye lens fulfill the imperfect scene with all the scenery in the lens and presents a kind of spherical curvature. Those featureless street, building, mountain and sea will be bumped into exquisite shape which like in the fairy tale. The visual effect created by fish eye lens satisfies some young new couple greatly.

As everyone knows, a new couple may not have much money on their bank account but are full of enthusiasm to attract attention by being eccentric. Some photograph stores meet their demand by recommending wedding dress pictures taken with eye fish lens. Under the lens, any parallel lines can be turned into curved ground level. The special visual effect has an advantage that traditional wedding photo can not reach. In the past, couples have to spend much to take memorable wedding photo in some beautiful location. But now they can take photo of romantic effect like in the world class resorts even if just in a beautiful hill gully.

Of course, the meaning of hiring a wedding photographer to take pictures is not only in its interesting. The wedding dress photo is an eternal beauty just like exchanging rings when you are marrying. So if aesthetic picture can not be taken, even if the most fashionable and fresh fish eye lens will not be accepted by wedding photography industry.

While if you have a better understanding of some wedding recorded by fish eye lens you will discover there still exist a thrilling beauty in the eye fish lens which have a magic to make everything interesting. This depends on the focusing function of eye fish lens as well as the photographer’s capability. According to all eye fish lens works exhibited, it really has a strong shaping ability which applies to all scenes like normal lens.
In all, wedding dress photos taken by eye fish lens are full of happiness. Maybe in the near future, it will officially enter into the photo shop and become a unique category between all the wedding photograph works.
If you are the one want to try something new, just put on your beautiful wedding dress and have a fish eye lens photo taken with your lover. It is sure you will get a few unexpected surprises.

Be a Barbie bride in your pink romantic wedding

Every bride has a dream of fairytale. The soft pink wedding dress, the church that is overspreaded with petals of roses, the bowknots and everything in the shape of heart make up the most romantic and dreamlike fantasy that a bride will have about her own wedding. So come on beautiful brides, forget all the old rules of a traditional wedding. Make your own wedding pink and naïve. Choose your dreamlike pink wedding dress and be a Barbie bride in the most important day.

The colorful flowers and green trees make spring full of youth and the sweet smell. To make a spring wedding more colorful, a pink wedding dress will always be the best choice. Using silvery to match the pink will make the dress more charming. Let’s show the classic in a modern way. First of all, choose the right pink wedding dress.

blush pink wedding dress princess cut lazaro bridal fall 2012

One of the most famous designers Alena Goretskaya launched her new “princess” series of wedding dresses which are most romantic and soft. This series is extremely aristocratic. The use of multi-layer folds and the stacking element in the shape of wedding cake make this new series elegant and luxury. It makes you feel like being in the wonderland. The delicate embroideries and strings of beads around the neckband and the high-waisted multi-layer bowknots make the pure pink wedding dresses which are made in silk give off the elegant and missish light.

Veta strapless gown with corset bodice

As the famous designers want to follow the retro fashion trend today, it becomes a compulsory course for every designer who has a sensitive sense of fashion to create an elegant look for the noble by resurrecting the retro styles of wedding dresses. Of course, retro doesn’t mean hidebound and conservative. There are two exaggerated pockets which are designed on the wedding dress that bring lively and delightful to this unique wedding dress. As pink is the symbol of happiness, it becomes the indispensable color for brides. Are you ready to choose a pink jewel for your wedding to make you more glorious?

Alena Goretskaya pink wedding dress

Pink earrings always give people elegant feelings. Choose pink diamonds to be the petals of a rose and purple diamonds to be the stamen. This pair of earrings can bring the elegant and noble feelings to people. Pink earrings are suitable for the European-style wedding dresses as they can show the florid temperament of the bride. A pink necklace can also be a good choice. Choose round diamonds in the colors of different kinds of pink and arrange them carefully into a beautiful pink flower. The sweet necklace will surely make the pink bride more melting.

People always think that red and white make the bride look more mature. But why is every bride had to be so mature? I’m young and I’m proud of that. Just despite those old rules. Make the big day pinky and romantic, I’m the most attractive Barbie bride in my pink wedding.

Shining Vera Wang Wedding Dresses plus Colorful Bridesmaids Dresses

Wedding ceremony is a formal union of two people in love with each other, it is also a fantastic celebrating party where all the guests, relatives and friends gathered, sharing the great moment of interaction. Wedding dresses are required and expected to be one of the spots in the whole holy ceremony.

Vera Wang is always been known and treated as the signboard of wedding dresses. There are lots of marvelous impressions brought by Vera Wang’s amazing wedding gowns. The significant moments that Vera Wang left to us would be unforgettable. The celebrity charm makes Vera Wang wedding dresses sought-after among the brides. It is not exaggerated to say that almost every girl is dreaming of a Vera Wang dress for the most special day in her life. The wedding dress is bound to make her the spotlight of the whole ceremony.

Let’s have a brief knowledge about the 2013 Fall Vera Wang Bridal Collection.
Different from the nude and black color showed last season, that is the Spring Bridal Collection 2013. The spring Bridal Collection is inspired by the traditional Chinese wedding color palette and the celebration of love. The 2013 Vera Wang Fall Bridal Collection chooses the white as their dominant color again. The laces are all hand wrought pieced; what’s more, they are tossed onto an assortment¬¬ of light, airy confections with a casual nonchalance.

Wedding ceremonies require everyone to look their best. In the sense, the bridesmaids dresses are of great importance in the wedding too. The bridesmaid dresses embrace various choices too, just like the wedding gowns. Every wedding has its theme, the bridesmaids dresses are chosen according to the set theme, and matches well with the wedding dress. Bridesmaid dresses can be colorful. However, various colors stands for different meanings and suits for different wedding styles. Let’s have a brief knowledge about the bridesmaids dresses colored in purple, pink, blue and green.

Purple is seemed as the most noble and elegant color in the world. Thus the purple bridesmaid dresses enjoy their own ways of looking stylish for the wedding. For females who will lead the way for the bride, purple is stunning enough for leading the person walking up the altar.
Pink color, no matter it is the color is pale or bright, will always bring the blissful atmosphere throughout the process of tying the knot. Pink can also make people feel warm, comfortable and peaceful in heart. It will appeal to the participants emotionally.

royal blue background

Blue bridesmaid dresses are truly a trend nowadays. With the royal shining blue gowns, the bridesmaid would appear to be refreshing and impressive. Blue is a color that matches any skin tone.

green bridesmaid dresses for outdoor wedding

Green is a color with vitality. Different shades of green embrace very different moods, which mean that green bridesmaid dresses will be great for every style of wedding.

Planning an unforgettable and surprising wedding is always a tough task for every bride. Of course it would be especially easy for the follower of the famous wedding designers. Cause designing a wedding should start with the theme, and the wedding dresses. Knowing the latest style of the wedding dresses including the bridesmaid dresses will be a half success for the plan.

The overlapping yarn makes you the queen of all the brides

To displace the monotony and boringness of past seasons, the newest wedding dress show will be more romantic and fantastic. The use of different colors will make the fashion runway more colorful and vivacious. Recently, a lot of designers like using feathers, paillettes and embroideries made of gold strings to attract people’s attention. This trend promotes the style of wedding gowns a lot.
lace overlays wedding gowns

Maybe because of the new relationship between Vera Wang and her young boyfriend, the main color of her new designed wedding dresses changes from black and red back to white. The style of the wedding dresses is very pure. With lace ornaments decorating the details, the dress is full of the romantic fancies of girls who are in relationships. As there will not be many things to do with the lily-white wedding dresses, Vera Wang used the overlapping yarn from the neck to the tail of the dress. At the neck part, Vera designed a beautiful white flower with the overlapping yarn. Using a lot of overlapping yarns at the tail makes the dress look as light as cloud and flog. The combination of yarn and the lace makes wedding dresses romantic and stereo.
lace overlays wedding dress

The overlapping yarn can be found everywhere in the new series of wedding dresses designed by Marcheas. This genius designer gets her inspiration from the Bulgarian rose. She makes a lot of petals with overlapping yarn and put the petals all over the wedding dress. The bride will become a romantic and fantastic goddess of rose in this wedding dress. With the rose and mermaid elements under the yarn, Marcheas built a beautiful dream of bride for us.

Different from the vivacious and naive dream of bride above, Reem Acra built a luxury dream of the golden ages for us. In order to make wedding dresses look luxury, Reem Acra uses munificent overlapping yarn in designing the mantilla and the tail. More retro details can be found on the dress: the fluffy feathers, the paillettes and the V-neck. What catches the most attention is the embroideries made of gold strings in geometries. These embroideries can show the sexiness and mystery of female. This detail sparkles the audiences’ eyes on the fashion show. These delicate embroideries make the yarn look more touching and charming. It brings us back to the elegant and luxury gold ages.
wedding gowns
Besides these smart designs, falbala is the other hottest element this season. The tail with the falbala at the bottom, the paillettes like the falling star, the delicate crystal ornaments, the beautiful lace and the small skirt will all keep the romantic and elegant qualities of wedding dresses. There are thousands brides everyday on the earth and every woman want to be the most beautiful one. A smart choice of wedding dress is the most important. Let the overlapping yarn help you to become the queen of all the brides. We wish you are the happiest one too!