8 trendy color for bridesmaid dresses spring / summer 2021

According to Pantone, there are 7 colors that are going to be trendy in spring / summer 2021 : Party Pink, Blush Beauty, Winery, Pink Suede, Little Piglet, Pepper Stem and Meringue. Today I would like to find the exact bridesmaid dresses that match these 7 colors. In case you are preparing your bridesmaid gowns, you will love the content below 🙂

Party Pink Bridesmaid Dresses

Party Pink Bridesmaid Dress

Click photo to see more !

If you are fond of barbie pink, or a hue that is peachy and eye-catching, this tone can make a happy bridesmaids picture. I personally loves the draping details and the taffetas texture of this Party Pink bridesmaid gown. Now available at US$ 107.79 on Persun.cc (Ref. WPCD1734).

Bridesmaid dress in Blush Beauty

Long Chiffon Bridesmaid Dress in Salmon / Blush Beauty

Source : http://www.persun.cc/elegant-long-cerise-prom-dress-with-lace-appliques-and-beads-p-11889.html

I would rather call this color Salmon instead of Blush Beauty. The side draping is so elegant while the lace appliqué on the bodice really catch my attention.

Winery One-shoulder Wedding Party Dress

Wine red / Winery One-shoulder Bridesmaid dress

US$ 105.99 ; Reference : ZHY205 ; Credit photo : Persun

This gown features the ruching bodice and a statement waist band. It will be perfect for those who practice minimalisme in their daily fashion life.

Dress in Pink Suede for Wedding guest

Short Wedding Guest Dress in Lace Pink Suede

Source : https://www.persun.fr/petite-robe-cocktail-invitee-vieux-rose-dentelle-a-manche-p-11147.html

This vintage lace midi dress with sleeves is perfect for mothers. It will also be a very ideal choice to offer it to your moms as a gift on Mothers’ Day 😉

Little Piglet Dress for Wedding Girl

Little Piglet Pink Bridesmaid Dress

An elegant design with a surprising price : US$ 88 ONLY !

This colour is so sophisticated and I am sure that it will make some very soft & mild wedding pics. The off-shoulder sleeves are just there to hide those chappy arms. Perfect isn’t it ?

Pepper Stem Dress for Women in Wedding occasion

Tea-length Pepper Stem Green Dress for Elder bridesmaids

Source : https://www.pinterest.fr/pin/432416001720189534/

If you are organising a wedding on a green field, this color can have a pretty match with the set. The color green is very fresh and low-key.

Meringue Bridesmaid Dresses

Meringue Beige Bridesmaid gown with color block sash

Credit photo : Weddingbuy

I really love the color block sash that highlights the dress. Would you buy it at GBP 81 for your bridesmaid team ?

Other trendy colors to be expected in 2021 ?

There are definitely other colours available apart from Pantone’s recommended colors for Spring / Summer 2021. In case you need a quick flash, I will list you the pics below, enjoy 🙂

elegant light pink short bridesmaid dressElegant light pink bridesmaid dresses,  with ruched sleeves design, are very eye-catching, which can effectively focus our attention on the upper body to increase tall feelings.

elegant U-neck wine red bridesmaid dress

Elegant red bridesmaid dresses online

A burgundy long bridesmaid dress is very elegant. If your sister group wear this color, it is better to highlight the bride pure wedding dress.

dark green halter bridesmaid dressDark green skirt keep the look unique & low key, but the delicate lace belt can make an impact for you. So as long as your dress have one highlight spot, it will be ok.Dark gray One shoulder Tulle Sheath Long Bridesmaid gown

This high-end and low-key color really suits for bridesmaids to wear, it is so beautiful.

black v neck ruffles bridesmaid dress

The little black bridesmaid dress is so cute with its romantic ruffles decoration. And it can be worn to other cocktail occasions.

Which colour do you like the best in our presentation today ? Tell us your favorite in comments below. Can’t wait to read from you. Ciao !

Colored wedding dress, how to choose it ?

When you think of the wedding dress, the first color that comes to mind is white. Because white is the color of purity, we all want this signification in our wedding. In recent years, more and more future brides opt for a wedding dress a little outside the box, this is to say, wedding dresses in different color shades.

60 year old woman wearing gray belted wedding dress on her anniversary day

For example, some wedding dresses are bought to celebrate the anniversary day. As you can see from the picture above, the Canadian Sylvie, customer from Persun.fr, has choose a chiffon wedding gown that features a gray belt and the v-neck as her gown of the day. This little colour block adds up the originality of the dress and match also her age, her personal character, as well as her hair colour.

Off-the-shoulder red wedding dress in tulle

Other people may have their own definition of the colour of the happiness and then chose red tones as their big day’s colour. Personally I admire this courage to break the rule. Nobody needs to follow the stereotype ! We can make our own big day memorable and quite a photo by trying the color that match our skin tones, hair colour or personal favor.

Champagne V-neck Wedding dress simple & elegant

Price : USD 179 ; Available on Persun.cc via the reference HS170805

I know you are definitely looking for some colour inspiration for your wedding gowns, so here they are :

Wedding gowns in spring pastel shades
pink-wedding-dresses-abed-mahfouz pink strapless a line flowers wedding dress from Cherie SposaGray wedding dress with a sheer top in lace
Next to the pink and Champagne, we may have a large variety of options to choose from : gray, blue, red and even black.

Gwen FOUSSE match her strapless black gothique wedding gown with her Martin boots for her wedding day !!!

For those, who can not give up the white dress, can always opt for a colorful detail, like the belt, the flowered prints or sashes decided by the tones, such as to be unique in the big day.

Wedding dress with flower print top

A rule that, in general, can be followed with regard to the choice of colors : Always sing the apparel shades to the complexion, hair and eyes. A bride with a pale complexion in general will look good with a dress in ice-blue tone or pearly white tones; while a girl with olive skin and other Mediterranean features will by prefer stay on warm white, cream, ivory and pink.

At the end of this article, if you don’t feel bothered the see more colored wedding gowns, you can visit the following link : http://www.persun.cc/colored-wedding-dresses-c251/

Take the pose in a wedding photobooth!

Sometimes great ideas emerge and everyone wants to reproduce them. This is a bit what happens with the “photobooth”, those photo booths that have flourished in weddings in recent years. Admit that the idea is terrible, it’s a great alternative to the traditional group photos, which put everyone on the steps of the church or the town hall, while the photographer bows so that all the guests gather, look in the same direction and are almost all smiling.

Take the pose in a wedding Photobooth!

Instead, you book a place where people can take pictures of themselves, in groups, alone, with accessories, with signs to spread a nice word… In short, all ideas are good! This is a bit the advantage of the wedding photobooth, it is 100% customizable to look a maximum to what you like and to the atmosphere of your wedding.

I have tried here to gather ideas and inspiration so that you can create your Photobooth. But first, let’s think together about what we need to do to ensure the smooth running of the photos throughout the evening..:

Choose the location of the Photobooth. It must not be in any way where it could disturb the guests (in the passage of the waiters, too close to the dinner tables…) nor in a too hidden place where it would pass unnoticed.

Take the pose in a wedding Photobooth!

What kind of Photobooth? Here it is up to you to play, either you rent a Photomaton ready for use (see end of article), or you create yourself a photo booth. For that all the ideas are welcome, inspire you photographs throughout this article to choose what it will please you. Use a background that is sufficiently plain (or patterned!), such as a large stretched sheet, which clearly defines the space where the guests will have to stage themselves. Don’t forget that it’s more fun to take pictures with several people, so plan a fairly large space.

The camera is the most sensitive issue. Three options are available to you: either you hire a photographer to take the photos all evening (so you have to budget for that), or you use an instant camera such as Polaroid (available on The impossible project) or Fuji Instax, or you position a tripod with a digital camera and a remote control. Most camera brands make remote controls that allow remote triggering. This last method will be the most economical, instant camera films are quite expensive and you will need to provide a large quantity. Still choose a quality digital camera and preferably with a flash, it would be a shame if the photos are not very successful in the end… In the last 2 cases, it is the guests themselves who will take the photos.

Take the pose in a wedding Photobooth!

Ask someone close to you to supervise the Photobooth. That doesn’t mean spending the whole evening there watching and taking pictures, but taking care of them in case of problems. When it is necessary to charge a new film, if there is a battery problem on the digital camera (another charged battery is also very important, remote controls tend to quickly discharge the battery). Because it is obvious that you will not have the time to deal with this yourself!

Bring accessories to dress up and a board to write a message. All follies are allowed in this last point! Etsy is full of crazy finds to disguise and stage your Photobooth.

After the ceremony, don’t hesitate to gather all the photos in a book to keep it, but also on the internet (using an online gallery like Picasa or a blog like Tumblr) to share the photos with your guests.

“I was invited to the wedding of Eleonora Carisi. I tell you it was “

Great celebrations in Varese for Eleonora Carisi. The top digital influencers has been married, this Sunday, to hair stylist Paul Soffiatti. More than one hundred and twenty guests, including journalists, bloggers and family to share this great emotion cha also involved who was not there. The ceremony began at 16:30 is finished in beautiful Villa Ponti around 2:00 am on the musical notes of the eighties. After the highly anticipated interfaith exchange has started the generous appetizer to land based and sea.

The wedding cake. Vanilla with pink flowers

17 / 30Afterwards, at 20:30, dinner. The menu enjoyed by most of the guests expected: timbale of egg noodles with ragout of veal with citrus scent cut with a knife, as the first, and transparent foil with red mullet fillets on a bed of sauteed escarole with olives and capers Salina as second. Finally, like any self-respecting tradition, cutting the cake. A classic american cake flavored with vanilla cream and white chocolate, decorated with elegant pink flowers.

Her in Elie Saab. Him in Dsquared2

Eleonora Carisi, sposa tra Elie Saab e Valentino
Struck midnight; change the dress(formal dress shops) of the bride. Eleonora has worn for the dances an elegant suit in powder blue Valentino preserving the wedding garment given to him by Elie Saab. The brand with headquarter in Paris decided that it was, Eleanor, the first in the world to wear a dress of the bridal collection launched on the market a few days ago. The groom, however, was in Dsquared. Including photos, videos and laughter were inevitable the faces of his friends: Purple and Cristina, his two witnesses, Joseph Damato, which parallels the Carisi in all its projects and not coincidentally also organized much of the marriage, Paul Stella, friend and partner of their new agency Grumble Creative communication, web influencer Linda Tol, photographer Tamu McPherson, the designer Andrea Incontri and the Next Models Milan team.

And for those who want to know more …

For those who can not get enough of the gallery that we show; in the day on Sunday, the hashtag MrAndMrsSoffiatti became trending on Twitter and there you can find all the pictures of the big event.


Of Grace Kelly at Kate Middleton through Caroline of Monaco, return on these fascinating marriages, worthy of modern-day fairy tales.
Known out of reach, inaccessible and yet Princess weddings continue to make us dream. The wedding dress majestic to the list of guests passing through places historical in which they are celebrated, is projected without difficulty in all aspects of these ritualized unions.

Les mariages de princesse les plus inspirants

There are some outset traditional Princess marriages, those anchored in a time that we can not definitely not know. We think that of Queen Elizabeth II with the Duke of Edinburgh in 1937, her younger sister, Margaret, with Anthony Armstrong Jones in 1960 or more recently of Diana Spencer to Prince Charles of England, despite a Liz Emanuel of less flattering wedding gown.

Le mariage de princesse de LĂ©tizia d'Espagne

But in reality, the Princess weddings that make us the most fantasize remain those of a real fairy tale, those who celebrate the marriage of one woman like any other with a Prince, a real. Wallis Simpson and Edward VIII of England, Grace Kelly and Prince Rainier of Monaco or, more recently, Kate Middleton with Prince William: modern love stories that have been able to escape the Protocol in the romantic tradition.
Discover the most inspiring other formal dresses here.

How to buy the right formal dress?

Have you been invited to a dinner party and marvel of right to wear dress? Here is a guide:
Identification of the evening dress
An evening gown is made of formal such as velvet, chiffon, satin, metallic lame and Georgette fabric. In most cases, come with outfits, a pair of shoes for special occasions and a small pouch.
If you plan to buy clothes, just visit a local clothing store. You can also visit bridal salons and Internet stores and you will find an outfit that will be ideal for you.

Dressesmall Modern A Line Straps Ruching Chiffon Long Red Formal Bridesmaid Dress

When you buy a dress, you must consider the event you’ve visited. If you attend less formal occasion, having drinks or a nice dinner, you should go for an outfit that is knee or more short red evening dress. If you go to a dance or semi-formal wedding, you need to buy a cocktail dress.
At the time of the purchase, remember that the more formal event, you will need to buy the dress. This means that if you attend a formal event, you should go for the dress. The Group may have a train, or it may have a very full skirt.
Red evening dress
Accessories for clothes with evening dress
To give the impression that the part of the evening should go for luxury goods, exquisite accessories. Just like when worn by other facilities, it must be ensured that accessories that complement the dress wear. For example, if you are wearing an open robe must go for a fancy necklace that will attract the attention of people.

Dressesmall Modern One Shoulder Beading Red Floor Length Formal Dress

If, on the other hand, wearing sleeveless suit, you should wear a bracelet embellished.
It is also important to examine the bag. For a luxurious look, make sure that the bag fits your Red evening dress needs to go for a bag that comes with or without strap or straps. See more other formal dresses here.

A stroy of a bride and her wedding dresses

Stacey had been kicking my butt for 2 years as my personal trainer. And when she is betrothed and well chosen her wedding dress, she has hired as his photographer of marriage.

So guess what I yelled every time it pulled?”Engage your heart!” which is easy for her, since she
one billion of muscles. And a multicolored for sneakers billiongo with her to the room gym or his marriage. In a way
or another.

Satin Applique & Beading Halter Chapel A-Line Bridal Gown Wedding Dress

Now, sometimes, you really can’t see where I’m going with something on a film shoot. Like, why have Kelly me
make 1/4 mile from my site? Why are we, because the light is perfect? It won’t stay perfect, while we walk?
But I knew that Stacey and Megan. They trusted me.Then, when I said courses, they ran. I mean, this was
the light I dream of photographer in the strange dreams.
And we were able to get it because the suppliers and the couple
Trust me to guide them in this strange journey. Stacey
always summer like, “you’re the expert, do you think
is just.” And it made me feel so loved. Yes, beloved.

Organza Sweetheart Applique Lace Wedding Dress With Detachable Jacket

My coach, turned very good friend, did his evidence.
She enjoyed her wedding day and marry his wife in the costumes cheap wedding chosen by it and let the
sellers do their job. Because she wanted to focus on
amazing wedding dress of his wife (I always want to kiss married with)
dresses who straps… classic sooooo and enough and not
quite likely more) and his wife special handshake to the
end of the ceremony, which has surprised everyone and we have everything
Not on you ensuring that centres were in the thumb of diameter in spreadsheets… its that she just let professionals of the marriage to their work.