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Wedding Dresses Made of Toilet Paper

The 9th Annual Dresses Wedding Toilet Paper Competition, organized by the site took place at RK Bridal in New York. In this competition, competitors must make wedding dress using only toilet paper, glue, tape, needle and so on. Created with care, the dresses are still more lovely than fluffy teddy in fantastic  Charmin. Finally, the wedding dresses are judged by the creativity of their designer, originality, beauty and the amount of paper used. Finally, a winner was selected. Mimoza Hask won the grand prize of U.S. $ 2,000.

Toilet paper wedding dress created by Mimoza Haska
Inspired by the swan princess, the wedding dress is characterized by a bright lilies adorned corset and irregular skirt. Haska decorates her head with a tiara to make her looks like a very elegant princess with the wedding gown.


Toilet paper wedding dress created by Susan Brennan
The second place was taken by Susan Brennan, creative and professional cheerleader for Detroit Pistons. The flowered skirt wedding dress helps her get the prize of $ 1,000.
3e-place-dans-le-9e-Concours-Annuel-des-Robes-de-Mariage-en-Papiers-ToiletteToilet paper wedding dress created by Carol Touchstone
Third place was given to Carol Touchstone, owns a high-end boutique called Bohemian Style. Inspired by the ocean, Touchstone created tiers pleated wedding dress,.

Wedding dresses in toilet paper, interesting, isn’t it? Whether you want to try it at home? So do not forget to prepare enough toilet paper, otherwise you will miss a flower or a belt on your dress! :)

Photos of couple in Valencia

couple shootingPhotos of couples are one of the most beautiful memories that you can have that well last forever saved in time. A unique, special, and unique gift worth getting .

Our goal as photographers is to find couples sessions chemistry between people to feel as comfortable and at ease throughout the process , in order to capture the best shots .

The photograph of a couple can be approached from different points , from carefree and fun sessions , to much more intimate photos . Always looking for the result to be perfect and symbolize what the couples want to be reflected .

Such sessions can be done in all sorts of locations. Whether indoor or studio or on location. In addition , if the customer so wishes, may be accompanied by video for a more unique memory if possible.

Join in and gives a photoshoot with friends . In Valencia there are thousands of beautiful places in which to do it and the result will be a memory forever that you and your partner keep them with great fondness.

If you want to ask any question about the photo shoots with friends in Valencia, or ask us budget for it, you can do so through our contact form . We will respond as soon as possible and of course without any kind of commitment , and we will try to adjust your requirements the most.

Be careful before buying a wedding dress online !

Many people are hesitant to purchase a wedding dress over the Internet: we can neither make fitting or feel the fabric … However, there are more and more bold now opting for attire wedding in an e- shop like DressesmallAU. Today’s article would give you some tips on buying a wedding dress online.

body type

body type

1. Knowing your body type
We all have different body types , so you should always start with how your bust , waist and hips are in proportion with each other . In this way , you can easily do without styles , necklines and even designs that do not flatter your figure. Put the dress on the mannequin has a perfect look, anything that does not concern you .

2 . Try the dress in a local shop
Visit a bridal shop and do some fittings so to have an idea of what fabrics , colors, and embellishments will create as a visual rendering. Consider finding a style that flatters the body, a color that matches well with the skin and the length , comfort, etc. .
custom made measurement
3 . Read the size guide for taking measurements
Each site and each designer has their own way of taking measurements. This is why you must read the page carefully each site that will guide you to take action. This allows you to have a perfect dress!

wedding dress fabric

wedding dress fabric

4. Always confirm the fabric with customer service
Some fabrics are stretchy , which draws every curve of the body easily , others are more rigid and do rustle when you walk walk. Do not believe the photo of the dress, which is obviously embellished in some way by the artist. Ask if necessary customer service to get some fabric samples for you.

5. Make sure the price of the dress details
Want an ivory dress instead of pure white ? A detachable behind? A spaghetti strap ? or a great dress size? These options are often available for you when you choose a custom dress . Keep in mind that some website load for this part of work. you could pay for some of the extras. If you buy a dress ready- to-wear line , the choices are often limited with rare options.

6 . Read shipping policy , return and order cancellation
Some dresses in stock will be shipped immediately. Others will take ten days for making . Note that French law prohibits the return of the item if we order a custom .

7 . Contact Customer Service
A reputable site makes himself accessible , useful and relevant . Do not hesitate to ask advice on style , fabric, etc. . If you do not see the contact information, we dressesmallau rather recommend choosing another online store.

Good luck finding your perfect dress – whether in a real or fictitious shop! If you are looking for something more modern and unique, visit our online bridal shop , where you will find many beautiful wedding dresses and accessories .