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Buy her wedding dress on the internet?

This is a topic that comes up often on forums, blogs… then me also I conducted my little investigation… In our wedding shop, we often have people who come to us in disaster because they bought their dress on the internet and are sometimes a few days of marriage with a cloth, a disguise see anything… This happens both on the wedding dress than the bridesmaids. Where I will emphasize these are on China wedding sites that offer prices very very attractive but at what price!
So, I will give you some tips to recognize if a website is reliable or not, to buy her dress in being notified. But also the risks that you take and how to minimize them.

Dressesmall Beautiful Organza Boat Neck Lace Ruffle Formal Dress

Recognize the origin of an internet site:
It is easy to see whether a site is abroad.
French merchant has an obligation to General conditions of sale (t & c) and the imprint of the company even if he is an autoentreprenor. Click on it, if you find an address is that the site is transparent about its origins. If not it is fishy and the site wants erode you input about his identity… and that it is not french…
Go directly at the bottom of the site and look at the logos of payment and delivery. Chinese websites have a form of payment by paypal with credit card logos put forward and delivery often by DHL.

Dressesmall Halter Ruched Knee Length Organza Cocktail Dress

A french site will offer you a method of payment linked to a French Bank and modes of delivery such as colissimo, chronopost, global relay… in short anyone you know on a daily basis.
Another concern for size, Chinese sites in place market as Dressesmallau. This site is a marketplace like Amazon in France where you have thousands of sellers. So it is a little Russian roulette, the site is well known but the seller has that you bought may be not… so it will be as in the good pile.

Wedding party dresses for women to attend the wedding

Many people have had the experience of the wedding, whether you are participating in girlfriends, classmates, friends, or ex-boyfriend’s wedding, do not forget that you need to dress well, so what to wear will be good?

green bridesmaid dress

Lightweight style

It is shoulder not dress to casually to attend the wedding party, with more and more choices for the wedding venue, the formal is also very streaky. If you are invited to attend the outdoor wedding, such as beach or garden, you can wear lightly, high heel and suit are not considered it. But lightweight style is not means that you can wear pants or running shoes. Ladies can wear light and simple dress or skirt, with flat shoes. Men wore T-shirts lined with casual pants.

Floral Color block Mini Sweet 16 Dress with Bow and Beading DetailsFloral Color block Mini Sweet 16 Dress with Bow and Beading Details

Cocktail style

You can imagine that you are trying to attend the celebrity cocktail parties or banquets shuttle, dress is also need to be cautious. Stylish and elegant is the reception tip for ladies, men wear in dark suits to highlight their mature and confident side.

red wedding party dressesLong mermaid red wedding party dresses

Grand style

This form of dress is commonly seen in the West, to wear the most solemn dress to attend the event. Men will be wearing a tuxedo; ladies wore floor length skirt.

fashion wedding party dressesTrendy style

With the time changing, in reality, many people do not to wear too grand to attend the wedding party, they will wear fashion dress to the dinner. Generous and type dress is fits for dinner, of course, fashion does not means avant-garde fashion, however, do not try to fancy dress or hairstyle appeared odd, then the audience’s will focus to your body.