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Different Traditions for Wedding Ring Exchange

In the British tradition, the best man is obliged to keep the wedding rings for the couple until the wedding rings are available to be exchanged for them. In some of the more elaborate arrangements of the wedding, they will arrange a young boy, usually part of the family of the bride or the groom, to be responsible for the ceremonial parade rings. The wedding rings are usually placed on a special pillow which is held by the boy, bringing into the church.

wedding ring exchange

In the ancient times, the wedding ring represents not only a sign of love, but also a symbol of the grant meaning. According to the Prayer Book of Edward VI, after “with this ring I marry you,” the groom will say “This gold and silver, I give you”, at this time the groom should hand a leather purse full of gold and silver coins to the bride in the beautiful wedding dress.
Not only in the UK, even in most of other European countries, in the wedding, the wedding ring is considered to be a sign of exchanging valuables and a symbol of eternal love and devotion for the bride and the groom. In some places, the wedding rings are even as a condition for wedding exchange. For example, there is a convention in Germany, “I give you this ring as a promise of marriage between us, the condition is that your father provides my family 1000 just as a dowry.”

In some European countries, the wedding ring and the engagement ring is the same pair, and what it represents depends on the state of the carving on the top and the hand worn them. If the wedding ring and the engagement ring are different, the couple can choose whether to wear a wedding engagement ring or not. The bride may wear it on her left ring finger, and then let the groom wear a wedding ring on top of it. She can also wear the engagement ring on the right ring finger, and the wedding rings will be worn on the left ring finger, which would prevent the ring from mutual scratches. Another option is to ask the bridesmaids to keep the engagement ring during the wedding ceremony on the wedding day, and afterwards to wear it on the left hand or the right hand.

In some place where people pursue Hinduism in India, the women traditionally wear toe rings for a long time in the history, although they now have gradually put the wedding ring on the finger. In eastern India, mainly the western region of Bangladesh, women are willing wear iron bangle, but more and more locals bracelet are plated with gold or silver to make it seemed more beautiful.
After all, no matter in what place, and no matter what kind of the custom is, the wedding ring represents a commitment and a symbol of eternal love and devotion for the bride and the groom and is what they cherished in their life now and forever.

Feather Theme Wedding

Nowadays, people have a variety of thoughts and ideas when they organize the wedding. People are no longer satisfied with the traditional wedding because of the monotony. Instead, they hope to hold a special personalized wedding to witness their love and happiness. Let us look at this spectacular feather wedding.

feather wedding

Feathers, with its soft texture, white color and elegant gesture, are deeply preferred by the romantic wedding. Paint them into another brilliant color is also very convenient, so feathers appear commonly in romantic wedding. Feathers are so highly adaptable. If you want to create a feather themed wedding, it can almost appear on jewelry, wedding dresses, wedding floral decorations, chairs and even on invited paper and other details of all aspects of the wedding.

Holding flowers of feathers are also quite common. Feathers combined with lace can be used to decorate the handle of the holding flowers. Non-floral holding flowers is very popular in recent years, all kinds of cloth began to act as the main material. And feathers can be the very collocation. In addition to pure white, feathers can also be streaked or dyed into different colors to match all kinds of materials.
Feathers can also integrate into the groom’s boutonniere design elements appropriately. Design different colors to echo the tie and the handkerchief.
The main flowers of reception table can be designed with feather in. Tall feathers are very beneficial to create momentum. So that in the attendance area, it will be full of the sense of happiness and warm.

Feathers with divergent floral, crystal, beads, and candlestick jointly create a bright, gorgeous table flowers style. With the beautiful blooming flowers, easy-to-shaped bright crystal, feathers are only responsible for creating light, elegant, romantic atmosphere.
Before the ceremony you can hold a lively pillow fight between the couple and their guests. The feathers left on the battlefield are just decoration of the aisle. Both the hosts and the guest enjoy a happy time. Lightweight fine feathers are floating in the sky. What a romantic scene it is.
Blue is the color that lack of floral, many couples who want to organize a blue themed wedding. But they always distress that there are no suitable floral. In that case, colored feathers are good choices.
Other decorative details, for example, back of chairs, you can also utilize feather elements with lace, fabric, flowers or jewelry, showing the feature of exquisite luxury. And matched with lavender also create a unique country style.
Feathers can also be integrated into the design or bride dress, decoration of seating and invitation paper and other design elements. In this way, each guest will feel the warm atmosphere and the intimate care.

The wedding day is the last day of bachelor, so be sure to grab any opportunity to enjoy it on this day. This means that you can choose your favorite flowers, menu, music, tastes, and even lighting. You want to have a fun? Then put your name on any things with flat surface. Be creative and add your own personality and taste, you can create an exquisite sensual and completely original wedding that belongs only you two. Feather wedding is so special, funny and romantic. Is this wedding inspiring your own creativity?

Get sparkling inspiration of your wedding dresses from the red carpet event

Wedding dresses are the most shining dreams for brides, picking out the right wedding dress is just as marvelous as meeting the right guy, it has something to do with destiny, from the first moment that you encounter your Mr. Right, you know assuredly that he is the one, picking out the perfect wedding dress for bride is the same, the first sight is of great importance, but some brides might have no idea about what to wear at such an important event, how about getting sparkling inspiration from the red carpet events, after having a great view of those gorgeous dresses, sure you will have your own decision.
wedding dresses
White dresses always leave us the impression as gorgeous and elegance, and people usually associate lady in white dress with the graceful goddess. That is why so many stars would like to wear white dresses at the important events, at the 85th Academy Awards ceremony, many beautiful actresses have gracefully showed up in front of the public, Charlize Theron, the super star in Hollywood, wears a nice floor length dress, the delicate low cutting design at the neckline has perfectly show her graceful neckline, for bride-to-be, who has a beautiful princess dream, you can have a try of this kind of tailoring wedding dress, more and more bride-to-be have chosen a more opening way in wedding dress picking out issue, the traditional round collar wedding dresses are not as popular as before, no matter you are a slim beauty or a plump lady, why not take this chance to show off your shape at your big day? The most beautiful bride is the most fashionable one who would like to try something new.

For bride-to-be who is born with elegant and gorgeous temperament, picking out wedding dress is a art work, there is no need picking out the traditional pure white wedding dress and being ordinary, wedding dresses in graceful champagne color or smoky purple color can better enhance ladies’ feminine charm, at the 85th Academy Awards ceremony, Jessica Chastain, wears a gorgeous champagne color A-line dress, showing up in front of the cameras, and her blonde hair and fairy skin perfectly match with her champagne color dress, for bride-to-be who has snow white skin and long blonde hair, the gorgeous champagne color mermaid wedding dress is definitely the wonderful choice for them, for Oliver skin bride-to-be, they can pick out the lovely peach pink wedding dress to highlight their healthy skin color, at the 85th Academy Award ceremony, Octavia Spencer, this “black pearl” in Hollywood wears a nice floor length peach pink dress and her bronze color skin look great in peach pink dress.

Picking out the right wedding dress is actually an art work for every bride-to-be, sometimes, it might be more delicate than picking out your soul mate, it takes time and thought, by getting inspiration from those shining stars’ dressing style, you might have more clearer picture about what your ideal wedding dress look like.

Practical advice on purchasing wedding dress online

Nowadays, more and more couple after 80 is getting married. With the development of electronic shopping, they intend to buy wedding dress online. Yet for the current popular online shopping, how does bride-to-be buy wedding dresses online? There are some practical advices you should pay attention to.

lace wedding dressesFirst you have to watching the picture of wedding dress online carefully.
When selecting wedding dress, you should not take it for granted that the wedding dress is as the same as the picture shown online. Some businesses will cheat customer directly with big wedding runways or AD pictures. In fact there is a big gap between physical and photos. You must compare the overall figure with details figure and observe carefully.
Secondly, measure your size as accurate as possible.
As it is unable to try on the dress on occasion, measuring is particularly important. Different style needs different size. General speaking, you have to measure the stocking feet, the measurements of the chest, waist, hips and height of shoes. According to the need of different design, you must know the width of your shoulder, chest circumference, width and length of back and other dozens of data. It is better if you can offer more detailed data. Sellers will choose the most suitable size for you according to the data you provide.
Thirdly, find out and have a better understanding of your style.
If you are small stature, tall waist line design can stretch your proportion and make you look tall. Those compared thin bride can be plump in wedding dress with bitter fleabane skirt stereoscopic decoration on the chest. If you have a round figure, choose wedding dress of simple cut smooth lines as far as possible, otherwise, you will look more bloated with too much adornment. You had better have understanding of the version of wedding dress. You need not to be very professional.
In addition, you have to learn more about material.
Most sellers will be vague about the fabrics when introducing their wedding dress. Some businesses will use imported fabrics or pure hand-made to deceive the bride. So we must have some knowledge of fabric. So we are not cheated no matter shopping online or in some shops.
Main fabrics of wedding dress y are:
Satin fabric: will be used in most main part of the wedding dress, the thicker than pretty.
Organza is transparent or translucent veil which is covered on satin cloth or Silk.  There are ingredients such as 100% pol, 100% nalon and polyester and nylon, polyester and rayon with rayon, nylon, etc. Organza is more elegant, thinner and transparent.
Chiffon is soft and commonly used to make shawl or evening dress. How to tell the real senior chiffon? Cut a small piece of fabric to burn it. If it is real, there will be white smoke and sweet smelling.
Lace is originally used as a supplementary material. It has a finely crafted sense of luxury and romance idiosyncratic. Price of French lace is quite high.
Hope the advice above can do you a favor when purchasing wedding dress online.

You can rent an expensive evening dress online now

For most women, an evening dress that is worth 1000 dollars only exist in the fashion magazines or stars on the TV programs but not appear in their own wardrobe. But an emerging website named “Rent the Runway” has made it possible to rent an evening dress online as simple as renting a movie from Netflix.

rent dressesThis web site has just completed operation test for mail-order service and began to open to the public. Customers can rent clothes made by the famous designer and only need to pay $50-200 for 4 days, one over ten of price. The Clothes will be directly sent to the customer’s doorstep. When the customer finishes using the cloth, they will mail them back in a prepared pouch. And the rent includes the cleaning fee but not includes the damage insurance of $5.
It is obvious that the website, founded by Jennifer Hyman and Jennifer Carter, two graduates of Harvard Business School, is the product of the economic downturn, Hyman explains that the inspiration of site comes from last year when she see her sister worried about whether to buy an expensive dress to attend the wedding. The original funds are provided by the Bain investment company to purchase the inventory of 160 sets of haute couture of various styles. She also said that there had more than 20000 women that signed rental service so far.
Jennifer Hyman said Rent the Runaway had at least 1 million active users at present, covering all kinds of women whose age ranging from 15 to 45 years old. “There is a little surprise,” she said. “At first we thought we would only have women users who were in their 20s.”
Rent the Runway will contact renting business by E-mail. They take the form of invitation now, which means providing service to customer invited only. In addition, they also adopted a series of measures to prevent the failure of leasing service.
First, they use the reservations in advance to ensure that customers can get dress in need of wearing. In addition, the website provides consultation service of style division to provide customers with advice such as fabrics, style. Besides, the web site provides service to return within 24 hours no reason, etc.
If you want a second set of clothing as backup option, you need to add 5 dollars. All clothes will be supported with a custom clothing bag and a “proper toolkit”, within which there are double side adhesive tape, bra straps regulator and deodorant stain cleaner.
Although there are a lot of advantages, it also faces many risks. Compared with the DVDS, fashion changes fast, it is difficult to make up for the cost of it is out of fashion.
“A true test of the service is the quality of the collection,” said Samantha Durbin, editor of a fashion blog, “no one wants to rent clothes that are out-of-season.”
If you are going to a party, but it is too expensive for you to buy one beautiful evening dress, you can consider renting one online.

PERSUN Black Prom Dresses

Hello pretties! Today I share you again a selection of the best clothes of the online store PERSUN where you can find very cool and original items at very affordable prices: prom dresses, shoes, accessories, jackets, etc. … This time, it is a collection of 5 black prom dresses for parties and events, a basic garment that can not miss in our closet. Here you have a selection with my favorite black prom dresses:

beaded black prom dress

I start with a black prom dress with asymmetrical cut chiffon allowing legs look while still being stylish. It also has a sexy one-shoulder. The final touch is what gives the jewel brooch waist. What do you think?

black one should prom dress

The following dress has neckline is fitted and strapless type applications metallic jewel tones. The long chiffon skirt is like the previous one with a bow at the waist.

The next is short dress with chiffon skirt again. It straps and neckline to peak. What I like about this dress are the sequins and the back, as it leaves the back completely exposed. It’s the one I like to me, what about you?

black prom dress

Here I show another Greek-style dress with heart neckline type and a single strap that allows exposing one shoulder. This dress is knee length and fitted and fitted with a jeweled brooch to mark up the waist. What do you think of this?

chiffon short black prom dress

Finally, one of my 5 favorite black prom dresses is this chiffon short dress with skirt flared style. The top is corset style with rhinestones in shades of white with sweetheart neckline. Perfect for showing off shoulders, chest and back. Do you like this one?

I hope you like my selection of black prom dresses of the online store PERSUN and visit the PERSUN website because I am sure that you will love it. Kisses!

Evening Dresses: Go With The Trend OR Keep It Classic?

For the past six months now I have been obsessed with Evening Dresses: all designs, long, short, mermaid, flowy, colored, black, white.

With my wedding coming in 2 months you can see where they are coming from.

Never have I imagined the questions and doubts us girls have when picking the dress, but also the same overwhelming emotions when picking the bridesmaids dresses or what our moms should wear.

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