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You can rent an expensive evening dress online now

For most women, an evening dress that is worth 1000 dollars only exist in the fashion magazines or stars on the TV programs but not appear in their own wardrobe. But an emerging website named “Rent the Runway” has made it possible to rent an evening dress online as simple as renting a movie from Netflix.

rent dressesThis web site has just completed operation test for mail-order service and began to open to the public. Customers can rent clothes made by the famous designer and only need to pay $50-200 for 4 days, one over ten of price. The Clothes will be directly sent to the customer’s doorstep. When the customer finishes using the cloth, they will mail them back in a prepared pouch. And the rent includes the cleaning fee but not includes the damage insurance of $5.
It is obvious that the website, founded by Jennifer Hyman and Jennifer Carter, two graduates of Harvard Business School, is the product of the economic downturn, Hyman explains that the inspiration of site comes from last year when she see her sister worried about whether to buy an expensive dress to attend the wedding. The original funds are provided by the Bain investment company to purchase the inventory of 160 sets of haute couture of various styles. She also said that there had more than 20000 women that signed rental service so far.
Jennifer Hyman said Rent the Runaway had at least 1 million active users at present, covering all kinds of women whose age ranging from 15 to 45 years old. “There is a little surprise,” she said. “At first we thought we would only have women users who were in their 20s.”
Rent the Runway will contact renting business by E-mail. They take the form of invitation now, which means providing service to customer invited only. In addition, they also adopted a series of measures to prevent the failure of leasing service.
First, they use the reservations in advance to ensure that customers can get dress in need of wearing. In addition, the website provides consultation service of style division to provide customers with advice such as fabrics, style. Besides, the web site provides service to return within 24 hours no reason, etc.
If you want a second set of clothing as backup option, you need to add 5 dollars. All clothes will be supported with a custom clothing bag and a “proper toolkit”, within which there are double side adhesive tape, bra straps regulator and deodorant stain cleaner.
Although there are a lot of advantages, it also faces many risks. Compared with the DVDS, fashion changes fast, it is difficult to make up for the cost of it is out of fashion.
“A true test of the service is the quality of the collection,” said Samantha Durbin, editor of a fashion blog, “no one wants to rent clothes that are out-of-season.”
If you are going to a party, but it is too expensive for you to buy one beautiful evening dress, you can consider renting one online.

PERSUN Black Prom Dresses

Hello pretties! Today I share you again a selection of the best clothes of the online store PERSUN where you can find very cool and original items at very affordable prices: prom dresses, shoes, accessories, jackets, etc. … This time, it is a collection of 5 black prom dresses for parties and events, a basic garment that can not miss in our closet. Here you have a selection with my favorite black prom dresses:

beaded black prom dress

I start with a black prom dress with asymmetrical cut chiffon allowing legs look while still being stylish. It also has a sexy one-shoulder. The final touch is what gives the jewel brooch waist. What do you think?

black one should prom dress

The following dress has neckline is fitted and strapless type applications metallic jewel tones. The long chiffon skirt is like the previous one with a bow at the waist.

The next is short dress with chiffon skirt again. It straps and neckline to peak. What I like about this dress are the sequins and the back, as it leaves the back completely exposed. It’s the one I like to me, what about you?

black prom dress

Here I show another Greek-style dress with heart neckline type and a single strap that allows exposing one shoulder. This dress is knee length and fitted and fitted with a jeweled brooch to mark up the waist. What do you think of this?

chiffon short black prom dress

Finally, one of my 5 favorite black prom dresses is this chiffon short dress with skirt flared style. The top is corset style with rhinestones in shades of white with sweetheart neckline. Perfect for showing off shoulders, chest and back. Do you like this one?

I hope you like my selection of black prom dresses of the online store PERSUN and visit the PERSUN website because I am sure that you will love it. Kisses!

Evening Dresses: Go With The Trend OR Keep It Classic?

For the past six months now I have been obsessed with Evening Dresses: all designs, long, short, mermaid, flowy, colored, black, white.

With my wedding coming in 2 months you can see where they are coming from.

Never have I imagined the questions and doubts us girls have when picking the dress, but also the same overwhelming emotions when picking the bridesmaids dresses or what our moms should wear.

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red evening dressall kinds of evening dresses

Advertorials: Thinking of Brides, dresses International!

Although currently the rule of marrying the traditional white dress is undergoing some changes (nowadays brides opt for other colors of dresses, or different weddings where everything is valid, since fantasies will clothes without all the “glamor” of marriage seriously), you can not deny that the massive but still opts for the good old traditional way of long dress and white. Despite the traditional color, the models can and should vary. May be more fair, with necklines, mullet style, with cutouts, ruffles, with a long tail, no tail, and short.

different kinds of wedding dresses

As a fashion student, it’s nice to follow and observe all these changes taking place in this segment, which is part of the desire of most women dream of getting married and being in a wonderful special day. I like the idea of the dress over the Disney princesses there, but also find creative dresses in other colors or details that draw attention.

different kinds of wedding dresses-2

The site behind a wonderful approach on dresses for brides, bridesmaids, parties for 15 years, graduations. In summary, for parties in general. You can find modeling for all sizes, both for more skinny, and for the fuller. Prices have a variation, then it search!

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Publi: Pensando em Noivas, com vestidos Internacionais!

Five Keywords of Oscar De La Renta 2014 spring and Summer Wedding Dress Series

On Jun. 22, 2013 local time of New York, a respected fashion brand Oscar De La Renta publishes the newest series of wedding dress on the 2014 New York Spring and Summer Wedding Dress Fashion Week. How will we be shocked by the wedding dress trend brought by the designer Oscar De La Renta who is famous for designing luxury and expensive dresses? After the black-and-white storm of “Wedding Dress Queen” Vera Wang”, Oscar De La Renta will show you her five keywords about wedding dress.

From the light blue to white, and then from white to light pink to the end, Oscar De La Renta 2014 spring and Summer Series of Wedding Dress shows the unique features of delicateness and romance, making the fairy tales come true. Multi-level grenadines build sense of clouds and mists; satin wedding dress builds noble and simple temperature; stereo flower-shaped lace makes the white wedding dress more vivid; in additional, there are four special flower girls with different skin colors, perfect combining the lace and the gauze so as to make the fashion show full of children’s interesting.

Keyword One of Oscar De La Renta: diversification of fishtail skirt

No matter on the fashion show of big brand or on the wedding, fishtail skirt can be often seen. Designer Oscar De La Renta makes full use of lace, gauze and waist folds and so on to make the fishtail skirt more diversified.

fishtail skirt

Keyword Two of Oscar De La Renta: stack-up gauze in different colors

Overlap the transparent gauzes one by one to build a wispy and fantastic atmosphere, showing an impeccable romantic feeling to those present. No matter the blue transparent opening wedding dress or the last main pink gauze sun-top wedding dress with expansion hem, Oscar De La Renta fully shows every gauze wedding dress in different colors.

Keyword Three of Oscar De La Renta: brief satin wedding dress

Brief satin wedding dress builds retro feeling, making the bride more noble and decent. No matter how the fashion trend changes, the brief and elegant temperature of modern women has not ever and never disappeared. Neat and adroit profile tailoring seems to show the most original appearance of wedding dress.

Keyword Four of Oscar De La Renta: stereo flower-shaped lace

In this season, Oscar De La Renta seems to make the grenadine and gauze as the main materials, however, no matter what the material is, lace decoration is the bright spot of the whole wedding dresses. Stereo flower-shaped lace is decorated on every part of the bride’s body, like on the waist, shoulder, and arm, so as to make the wedding dress more vivid and brilliant.

Keyword Five of Oscar De La Renta: changeable little flower girls

Except the wedding dress, four lovely flower girls make the fashion show full of children’s interesting. Four little girls with different skin colors are just as lovely as faeries, which perfect combine the main elements of lace, gauze and satin and so on, seeming to tell everyone that the bit part on the wedding can also be fashionable and changeable.

little flower girls

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Fabulous Frocks for Spring Occasions

Winter is all about the ice and how white snow looks outside of the house, with the showers of pure white snow accompanied by a horribly breezing wind, these make up a perfect recipe for frostbite.

Colorful Fabulous Frocks However, as spring approaches and takes its course among the seasons, at its prime, as the snow melts away and the hard battle with snowflakes and frostbite ends, the seasons warm up for the entry of various events such as evening gatherings and graduation parties of schools, or even beautiful wedding ceremonies.

Red Decorative pattern Fabulous Frocks With the occurring of these events comes the need for fabulous dresses that fit right into the season to be worn on the body in order to remain stylish after all the horrible struggle with snow has wonderfully melted away.

printed Fabulous Frocks A final piece of advice, dress well and enjoy the spring!

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On the hunt for a cocktail dress? Here’s 5 guaranteed not to break the bank

kinds of cocktail dresses

It’s that time of the year again – dress shopping time! There are lots of events coming up that require that perfect dress… be it Ascot, a friend’s wedding or engagement, a Christening, prom, or just a fabulous cocktail party that requires a killer, stand-out dress!

Hunting for aforementioned perfect dress can be a bit of a nightmare though as there are so many places to look. Luckily for you, and do all the hard work for you, as it has an abundance of prom dresses and cocktail dresses on the website to make the selection process just that little bit easier.

Categorised by colour, silhouette, occasion and more, it’s never been simpler to pick out your perfect dress for your occasion. And best of all, your selection wont even break the bank! Here are five of our favourites:

Oriental Queen Cocktail Dress
For the fashionista who wants to make a statement with something a little bit different. This structured dress looks like it came straight off a couture fashion week catwalk – leave the accessories to a minimum and sweep the hair up into an un-distracting do to let the dress do all the talking. A maximum impact dress if ever there was one!

Short Yellow Layered Prom Dress
Who says a prom dress has to be long? This short layered prom dress is perfect if you want to show off a killer sparkly pair of heels. Or if you know you’re going to spend the night dancing and don’t want to trip over or be restricted by anything longer.

Teal Swan Cocktail Dress
We call this one the Sofia Vergara choice. Meaning, if you’ve been working hard at the gym and want to show off your svelte figure, this is the perfect gown to do it in. Simple, but totally stunning – plus you can accessorise to your heart’s content!

Strapless Lilac Evening Dress
Channel Jennifer Lawrence at The Oscars for under $300 – yes it is possible, and this evening dress is proof! This gown will make you look and feel like the ultimate princess, which is exactly what want on your big day.

Sequin Black Prom Dress
If your idea of a chic dress is sleek and black, then this is the perfect number for you. Totally figure-flattering with trendy mullet-style skirt detailing and a sequin belt for that essential bit of sparkle, this dress has it all – plus it’s totally versatile which means you can wear it to all your glam events!