Tips for choosing formal dresses

Selecting formal dresses is not so easy but always full of fun for women, because we are born to be good connoisseurs of clothes. Walking around in clothes stores, generally the first thing we care is whether the color is beautiful or not and how it is designed. It’s right, but not enough. There are many details could effect your appearance in the pieces. There are tips for choosing formal dresses:

Pay attention to the color tune. Fashion women always know what color is in for this season. If not, all you need to do is to browse online through major fashion weeks and see what colors and tones top designers use in their collections for next season. For instance, coral and red tones are prevalent in spring, while blue and turquoise translate well into fall. You may choose the color you like. But there is something you have to notice that never wear a piece of clothes in the color too close to your skin. You don’t want your dress to drain the color of your face, and at the same time look nude while wearing a dress.

formal dress

Focus on the waist up. More often than not you wear a formal dress for an event that requires being seated, such as a cocktail reception or a romantic dinner. In this occasion, you’d better choose a formal dress that accentuates your body from your neck to your waist. This makes necklines important. You can also wear some accessory. For instance, wear exquisite earrings or a shining necklace, but not too big, after all you are not going to a ball.

Don’t to be too sexy. Sexy look is always wanted by women. But it doesn’t fit formal dresses. Being too sexy in formal event will make you awkward. And it’s too late to realize this then.

Check your whole look before going out. Sometimes we pay much attention to details and forget the whole look. Check if your shoes go well with your skirt or hair and also match with your formal dresses.

Last but not least, wear your confidence and your smile. Smile is the best accessory of a lady which can make you more beautiful and the communication easier.

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