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The wedding dresses style for brides

Maybe you will no clue when you are looking for a perfect wedding dress, too much style and too beautiful wedding dresses will let you get confused, and you do not know what style of dress fits for your body, it is not understand what different between A line dress and ball gown dress? Do not worry, now we will give you popularize a variety of wedding dress style design, so let you pick a wedding dress successfully.

wedding dresses shapeA line dress

As the name implies, upper narrow under width, the line of the dress form natural A letter.

a line wedding dress

A Line Wedding Dresses

Dance ball gown dress

The most typical wedding dress is certainly tight jacket, skirt puff, the style is like the western tradition dance dress, but if you also don’t understand, you can think the snow princess skirt.

ball gown wedding dressColumn dress

Simple lines, it is the column design, if you want to find one close-fitting but not tight, then it is entirely your favorite.

column wedding dressFishtail dress

It is means that the skirt is appeared fishtail style, the upper body and hip are tight, from top to bottom are gradually developed into a fishtail hem liberalized.

mermaid wedding dress

Mermaid Wedding Dresses

Knee-length dress

It is not skirt like the floor length wedding dress, it is short skirt which the length near the knee.

tea length wedding dress

Trumpet dress

If the A-line with a fishtail skirt together, what it is like to those design? Skirt is definitely a trumpet-shaped, the upper body is close-fitting, but from the beginning of the thigh.

Trumpet style wedding dress


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Three modern sexy v neck wedding dresses

For women, if you want to create a sexy, it always seems to be expose something, the birth of v-neck dress make them find a woman sexy exclusive point. v-neck wedding dress is not unfamiliar for brides, it is a common style wedding gown, in addition to the sexy, it can create assertive personality and elegant charming. Today we will take you to enjoy the three temptations v-neck bridal dresses together!

sexy big v neck wedding dress with sequins

Big v neck flod sexy bridal dress, decorated with contracted no shoulders to build open big v-neck, faint show business line, let the bride sexy big show. Fold tight style is reveal the bride’s good figure, amazing.

big v neck wedding dress with long sleeves

To play personality cards, v-neck can be done, with ultra deep v with the long sleeve wedding dress, how to play the personality and sex appeal. The shoulders and waist pearl decoration handsome style for the whole gown, colorful atmosphere.

chiffon v neck long sequins wedding dress

V-neck doesn’t necessarily represent exposure, v-neck wedding dress can also be chosen to modify the neck line. A similar dress with splicing fold half sleeve and collect waist style to tell us what is elegant beauty for v-neck wedding dress.

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With BHLDN wedding dress is just like elegant as Hollywood star

Elegant is undoubtedly the temperament be pursued by every bride, as fair price wedding dresses brand BHLDN 2015 spring and summer blockbusters is showing us the old Hollywood elegance and noble, it seems that even brides cost a little to wear Goddess style!

BHLDN is under brand of American fair price brand Urban Outfitters, it is come from Philadelphia. “Be You. Be Loved.” It is the BHLDN slogan. And BHLDN name comes from the Dutch, the meaning of “to keep”, it meaning long-term love, and it is actually very well to wedding dress bring the bride’s blessing.

2015, BHLDN tell us, allthough it is fair price wedding dress brand, it can also bring brides Hollywood-style elegance and grace. Style is very exquisite, perfectly cut outline figure, for the bride to create the image of a tall, it has very effective for enhancing the gas field. Lace necklaces, hair bands and decorative patterns to enhance the wedding gorgeous effect, without large-scale decoration, as long as there is one gorgeous spot for set of clothing .

BHLDN 2015 spring and summer lace wedding dress BHLDN 2015 lace v neck wedding dress BHLDN 2015 chiffon long wedding dress BHLDN 2015 chiffon wedding dress

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long lace wedding dresses

Elegant long lace wedding dresses from www.dressesmallau.co

Monique Lhuillier’s 2015 spring and summer wedding dresses

Monique Lhuillier 2015 spring and summer series is highlight the unique charming in classical style women. While delicate lace and tulle with white and champagne can be choosed by the bride, even if just to wear a skirt is a very good choice. And this series is particularly suitable for wedding dress with ornate headdress hair ribbons or flowers, plus a bunch of well-designed flower ball, it is definitely the bride become the most watched princess.

mermaid strapless wedding dress with long wedding veil mermaid strapless satin wedding dress long strapless lace wedding dress mermaid chiffon wedding dress with cake champagne backless wedding dress champagne lace wedding dress with long veil champagne v neck lace wedding dress column v neck lace wedding dress lace layered wedding dress beige lace strapless mermaid wedding dress white mermaid strapless wedding d ress sweetheart strapless sequins wedding dress sexy v neck ball gown wedding dress long sequins mermaid lace wedding dress

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How to choose a wedding dresses for brides?

How to choose a wedding dresses for brides? Every bride wants to show their most beautiful side in the wedding, but not every woman’s body will be so perfect, so brides how to choose the most suitable wedding dresses for their own body, do not let it reveal the stature secret?
pink high low bow wedding dress
Body type: Petite
Dress points: oblique skirt

High low oblique design to create an asymmetrical beauty in visually, so the petite woman’s figure will more tall. Abandoned ball skirt, it will shelter your good body contours.
Sequins mermaid wedding dress

Photo by: white mermaid bridal gown in Australia

Body type: Apple style
Dress points: waist decoration

The plump apple figure is often make the women feel lack of confidence on the dress. And in this big day, as long as you can choose the right wedding dress, you can show off your self-confidence. For this type of brides, it is particular to emphasis on the waist wedding dress design, some shiny rhinestone decoration or simple satin waist belt will make visually look more slimmer, highlight your mermaid convex curve.

white spaghetti strap a line wedding dress
Body type: round-bosomed brides
Dress points: corset style

The round-bosomed brides are better to pay more attention to the corset style, fold design makes the chest line slightly weakened contours, smooth, it is avoid too loose or tight-fitting bodice, otherwise it will be top-heavy in the visual.
A-line beige layered wedding dress
Body type: hourglass style
Dress hourglass: A-Line skirt

Hourglass style bride’s shoulder and chest are relatively fullness, waist and hips are big and slim waist which is to make men crazy female body types. However, when you choose the wedding dress, you can not forget to avoid the shortcomings of the body, to show their most sexy curves. A-Line skirt is more suitable for the hourglass bride, it can hide overweight hips in visually, so your body curve is more seductive.

The high low wedding dresses for bridal

The high low wedding dress is designed for short or middle length in the first half which will show off your slender legs and beautiful wedding shoes, while the back is the traditional trailing wedding dress design. Long tail wedding dress is every girl’s dream who are walking to her loved on step by step in the church.

the satin halter high low wedding dress

The wedding dress strap is a bright spot, Italian spaghetti Straps in the chest or fashionable tied collar design, but in behind becomes the alternate with of X shape design, chest golden bright drill is fine for this gown on the aristocratic breath, the center of the back pay zone is also made of golden bright drill, the back of the waist design and state of nature to let this skirt wedding dress is full of nobility.

white off shoulder ball gown wedding dress

Simple and elegant style design with high-end lace fabrics. The most perfect wedding dress is presenting in front of a crowd.

elegant long tail strapless wedding dress with red beltThe overall performance is simple and natural, a single material has shown a remarkable effect, red waist belt design is breaking up the monotony of the material which has become the crowning touch to this dress, skirt tail design is his best natural style, the waist pink hollow out pierced is the soul of this dress, the natural drooping wagging tail is a good choice for this wedding dress perfect materials performance.

Wedding dresses from classic to modern style

From the royal dignitaries to entertainers, from the fifties and sixties to the present
circumstances, the classic bride in history, the classic wedding dress modelling such as the film version in the mind, maybe you will make a headache what wedding dress to wear in your wedding day, when you do not what style to wear in your big day, maybe you can learn about them.

The royal dignitaries aura wedding dress

QueenElizabeth II wedding photo

In 1947, QueenElizabeth II worn Norman Hartnell’s wedding dress who get married with Prince Philip.

DianaSpencer's wedding photo

In 1981, DianaSpencer got married with Prince Charles who wearing a David and Elizabeth Emanuel’s wedding dress.

Kate Middleton's wedding photo

In 2011, Kate Middleton worn AlexanderMcQueen’s wedding dress to get married with Prince William.

Grace Kelly's wedding photo

In 1956, Grace Kelly’s get married with PrinceRainier III who worn a Helen Rose’s wedding dress.

MichelleRobinson and Barack Obama's wedding photo

In 1992, MichelleRobinson married with Barack Obama.

ChelseaClinton's wedding photo

In 2010, ChelseaClinton worn Vera Wang’s wedding dress who married with Mark


Hollywood stars modern wedding dresses style

Liz Taylor's lace wedding dress

In 1959, Liz Taylor got married with EddieFisher.

MarilynMonroe's wedding photo

In 1954, MarilynMonroe got married with Joe DiMaggio.

AudreyHepburn and Mel Ferrer's wedding photo

In 1954, AudreyHepburn who worn Pierre Balmain’s wedding dress married with Rock music masters.

Rock music masters of the bride

Yoko Ono's wedding photo

In 1969, Yoko Ono married with JohnLennon.

PriscillaBeaulieu and Elvis Presley's wedding photo

In 1967, PriscillaBeaulieu married Elvis Presley.

WhitneyHouston and Bobby Brown's wedding photo

In 1992, WhitneyHouston worn Mark Bouwer’s wedding dress who got married with Bobby Brown.