Wedding dresses from classic to modern style

From the royal dignitaries to entertainers, from the fifties and sixties to the present
circumstances, the classic bride in history, the classic wedding dress modelling such as the film version in the mind, maybe you will make a headache what wedding dress to wear in your wedding day, when you do not what style to wear in your big day, maybe you can learn about them.

The royal dignitaries aura wedding dress

QueenElizabeth II wedding photo

In 1947, QueenElizabeth II worn Norman Hartnell’s wedding dress who get married with Prince Philip.

DianaSpencer's wedding photo

In 1981, DianaSpencer got married with Prince Charles who wearing a David and Elizabeth Emanuel’s wedding dress.

Kate Middleton's wedding photo

In 2011, Kate Middleton worn AlexanderMcQueen’s wedding dress to get married with Prince William.

Grace Kelly's wedding photo

In 1956, Grace Kelly’s get married with PrinceRainier III who worn a Helen Rose’s wedding dress.

MichelleRobinson and Barack Obama's wedding photo

In 1992, MichelleRobinson married with Barack Obama.

ChelseaClinton's wedding photo

In 2010, ChelseaClinton worn Vera Wang’s wedding dress who married with Mark


Hollywood stars modern wedding dresses style

Liz Taylor's lace wedding dress

In 1959, Liz Taylor got married with EddieFisher.

MarilynMonroe's wedding photo

In 1954, MarilynMonroe got married with Joe DiMaggio.

AudreyHepburn and Mel Ferrer's wedding photo

In 1954, AudreyHepburn who worn Pierre Balmain’s wedding dress married with Rock music masters.

Rock music masters of the bride

Yoko Ono's wedding photo

In 1969, Yoko Ono married with JohnLennon.

PriscillaBeaulieu and Elvis Presley's wedding photo

In 1967, PriscillaBeaulieu married Elvis Presley.

WhitneyHouston and Bobby Brown's wedding photo

In 1992, WhitneyHouston worn Mark Bouwer’s wedding dress who got married with Bobby Brown.

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