How to choose a wedding dresses for brides?

How to choose a wedding dresses for brides?¬†Every bride wants to show their most beautiful side in the wedding, but not every woman’s body will be so perfect, so brides how to choose the most suitable wedding dresses for their own body, do not let it reveal the stature secret?
pink high low bow wedding dress
Body type: Petite
Dress points: oblique skirt

High low oblique design to create an asymmetrical beauty in visually, so the petite woman’s figure will more tall. Abandoned ball skirt, it will shelter your good body contours.
Sequins mermaid wedding dress

Photo by: white mermaid bridal gown in Australia

Body type: Apple style
Dress points: waist decoration

The plump apple figure is often make the women feel lack of confidence on the dress. And in this big day, as long as you can choose the right wedding dress, you can show off your self-confidence. For this type of brides, it is particular to emphasis on the waist wedding dress design, some shiny rhinestone decoration or simple satin waist belt will make visually look more slimmer, highlight your mermaid convex curve.

white spaghetti strap a line wedding dress
Body type: round-bosomed brides
Dress points: corset style

The round-bosomed brides are better to pay more attention to the corset style, fold design makes the chest line slightly weakened contours, smooth, it is avoid too loose or tight-fitting bodice, otherwise it will be top-heavy in the visual.
A-line beige layered wedding dress
Body type: hourglass style
Dress hourglass: A-Line skirt

Hourglass style bride’s shoulder and chest are relatively fullness, waist and hips are big and slim waist which is to make men crazy female body types. However, when you choose the wedding dress, you can not forget to avoid the shortcomings of the body, to show their most sexy curves. A-Line skirt is more suitable for the hourglass bride, it can hide overweight hips in visually, so your body curve is more seductive.

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