How to choose the wedding dresses for fat brides

How to choose wedding dress for fat bride? As long as you master some selected principle, many design elements, materials fabrics, tailoring silhouette dress can make you more exciting for your plump!

A-line strapless beading wedding dress

1. A-line skirt wrap is best

A word wedding dress, especially high waist design A-line dress which can provide the perfect wrap, it will make your body look more standard. Waist design begins from below the chest into the A-line cut, to help lower plump body looks curves without exposing shortcomings.

strapless fold wedding dress

2 Fold design inclusive

Fold dress tolerance of the material is very good, regardless of your stature height or weight, it can be fit perfectly, and make the overall look more three-dimensional. Especially designed wedding dress with asymmetrical folds, such as folds use of one side of the dress, this design allows you to focus on one point or the bride sophisticated look to gain more tall visual effects.

sheath mermaid strapless wedding dress

3 Do not choose a strong sense of stitching dress

Some wedding dress design is too complex, with a strong mix of splicing elements, such as bras is a material, and cut and fabric skirt looks completely different. Such thin shirt is leave slimmer to challenge it. If a variety of natural materials convergence is not enough natural, it will be visually divided into several parts of the body and look more fatter.

strapless beading wedding dress

4 Waist design and fishtail skirt helps to draw outline

For small fat bride who want to expose their body curves, waist design allow you to maximize the exquisite look sexy. Do not have thought of yourself waist, cut decent corset waist section can help you portray visually. The bottom of the waist wedding dress design looks usually full, with large hot fishtail cut has balanced the hip curve, keeping the overall coordination of the results.

lace mermaid v-neck wedding dress

5 Do not choose too thin fabrics

Satin, chiffon fabrics and other light fabrics will zoom all the details, so that each body fat have nowhere to hide. Plain wrinkled silk, organza, lace and other three-dimensional fabric more suitable for fat bride.

lace a-line natural wedding dress

6 Select wedding dress fit for your character’s

If women have a chance to pick their favorite fashion dress put on the body, the wedding is the best occasion. All wedding dress profile shape, decoration and details have large size you can choose, if you like folds, bows, printed or beaded these elements, you can put them on your wedding dress. The only thing to remember that you need to try to pick asymmetrical design, it is not only better to draw the outline of the figure, but also it has more richer artistic sense.

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