Elegant blue bridal accessories for you

The bride falls for fresh and romantic blue color, but they don’t know how to make the blue elements into the bridal accessories? It doesn’t matter, we have collect a wide variety of blue bride accessories for you, bring a little crystal clear beauty for your bridal dress.

1 Blue peep-toe bride shoes

blue wedding shoes

Bright blue wedding shoes, shoe decorated with spherical ornaments, it presents the bride’s elegant, quiet temperament perfectly.

2 Blue Crystal Ring

Blue diamond ring

While this heady blue crystal ring, and clear like the out of the same from the sea! Watch, crystal above lines is just as the wave of the sea.

3 Bridal Hair Accessories

Bridal Hair

Composed of many small flowers, a touch of blue in the white backdrop is more
clear, with a ribbon is very delicate.

4 Light blue wedding dress

long light blue wedding dress

Silk and chiffon as the main fabric, simple and clean design with soft light
blue, you will become the focus whatever you wear in any occasion!

5 Blue-green clutch

blue-green cluth

Classic minimalist design, it is definitely your handheld weapon!

6 Navy blue rope made bracelets

Navy blue bracelet

Tired of all kinds of gold and silver bracelets,is it will shines to see this
personalized fashion rope bracelet!

7 Blue belt

blue belt

Blue belt with diamond, it will be more elegant and refined against the
background in white gauze.

8 Blue wreath

blue wrealth

It can take the lead, may Halter, especially for a Hawaiian-themed wedding.

9 Lake blue crystal earrings

lake blue earring

The earring is composed of multiple teardrop-shaped crystal, the noble
proportional to the degree of exaggeration!

10 Strappy sandals

blue strappy sandals

Strappy sandals is match with beach wedding theme perfectly!

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