How to choose the wedding dresses for wide shoulder brides

Spaghetti Strap cute flower wedding dress

Principle one

For the simple style wedding dress, the features highlights wedding dress can attract people’s attention to the above highlights, people completely ignore the shortcomings of the bride’s broad shoulders, and praise the beauty of the highlights.

Principle two

U-neck dress, especially the deep U collar can “shrink shoulder”; U neck collar is to expose an open area, the neck is longer, the shoulder is naturally narrowed. The silk tops is feel good texture, drape is also excellent, large U-neck defects effectively modified broad shoulders, neck decorated with flowers is both decorative, but also it can not ignore the significance of its modification.

sweetheart ball gown wedding dress

Principle three

You can choose a large V-neck dress. Collar is the key to win the beauty for the wide shoulder bride; the neckline is the most influence the shape of visual perception. Large V-neck dress is the best style of wide shoulders beauty brides, by the line of sight of v-neck, cleverly hidden wide shoulder shortcomings.

Principle four

Dark wedding dress has reduced shoulder wedding dress effect; the choice of color, it should try to consider the dark lines, so that the wide shoulder brides will not upset. Black is certainly not the only option, but it must be one of the best choice; if you are thinking the upper body color too dark, you can equip with flowers dress, so that the dress can be perfect.

gold satin mermaid wedding dress

Principle five

The chic garments design transfer the focus; the colorful eye-catching shirt should choose the special design cloths, the skirt is the best to have some ideas so that the people want not to pay attention to is immune.

Principle six

For the small pattern dress, the shirt collar is need to open, dense dots or small floral pattern, it is very fancy fashion, the wide shoulder women must choose more open style collar dress, so it is not to seem more sturdy shoulders. Feel densely packed dots appear, if the collar is airtight which will increase the proportion of upper body; the big V-neck design wedding dress tyle is expanded the collar to balance the wide shoulder line. Therefore, when the wide shoulder brides choose the wedding dress, you can choose this style wedding dress.

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