How do celebrities dress up beautiful but not steal the brides show for bridesmaid?

As a star wherever she goes she will become the spotlight, but when they become bridesmaids, even then a big Waner cannot grab the bride’s thunder. How to dress like a star both have good taste, enough to steal the spotlight, but also when standing next to the bride she becomes the best green leaves? Let’s look Hollywood actresses how to dress up, bridesmaids may steal the spotlight, but do not steal the brides show!

Eva Longoria bridesmaid dress

Eva Longoria

Hollywood actress Eva Longoria as bridesmaids to friend, dressed in a pink chiffon bridesmaid dress. She is very goddess. Simple style with light weight fabrics suffice to highlight the noble temperament, it’s excessive if too large decoration, while it’s just the right sense of proportion.

Kim Kardashian sisters bridesmaid dresses

Kim Kardashian sisters

On Kim Kardashian’s first luxury wedding, her sisters become a role as bridesmaids for her. For the same love of dazzle, the sisters were willing to be green leaves for Kim. Using the most simple strapless neckline white bridesmaid dresses which both are a large uniform with Kim’s ornate wedding dress but also in sharp contrast with the wedding dress’s texture.

Rachel Bilson bridesmaid dress

Rachel Bilson

Simple strapless bridesmaid dress, just doing some folds in the chest, mostly like the Greek goddess-style dresses. But rustic fabric weakened dress overall gorgeous sense.


Jennifer  Ghana

Although use of some heavy gorgeous satin to make the bridesmaid dress, but only has some dazzling details in the chest, only highlighting the overall good shape, the color also use pastel purple, rosy, but not dazzling.


Kim Kardashian

In fact, whether Kim Kardashian wears what, the face is enough to grab someone else’s thunder, but at her sister’s wedding, she chose a purple dress to hide her own light. This trick is suitable for deeper color bridesmaid.


Jessica Alba

Superior looks and stature Jessica Alba also chose a dark blue bridesmaid dress, light and compact style, dark blue is even more a little low-key.


Jessica Simpson

Jessica Simpson is more pure, dressed in a black lace bridesmaid dress that looks elegant and not overly ornate, only accidentally exposed legs.


Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez pure and lovely, chose a simple halter bridesmaid dress, blue especially suitable for this cool seaside wedding.


Naomi Watts

Naomi Watts looks cool and playful in this small lace white dress. This mesh lace differs from the sexy gorgeous lace bridal gown. Slightly casual texture sense, it’s especially suitable for bridesmaids to wear.


Olsen sisters

Olsen sisters’ maverick dressing up also brought on the wedding, though they are also white dresses, but a little bit cowboy style, or some bohemian style, less formal feel.

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