Mason jar wedding you can have

Tiny Mason jar, jagged hanging in the air, the wind and the issuing crisp sound, is simply a small fresh wedding must-haves, at night, lit candles, flickering slightly candlelight, so that’s enough for a romantic wedding for you!

mason jar wedding1 mason jar wedding2
Mason jar jagged hanging in the air, sometimes lit candle at night, the jar becomes the wedding route guide, background, table flowers or reception table protagonist which lets the wedding get fresh. It can be used in a variety of different themed weddings (especially retro, natural series, and romantic outdoor wedding), aesthetic inspiration suddenly capture your heart.
mason jar wedding
Perspective jars hanging in the air reflects the different gloss, the wedding becomes a dream.

mason jar wedding3

Mason jar shining in the night, candlelight has become particularly fresh and romantic, light becomes more magnificent hazy daytime in the sun refracted. When the moment Mason jar lights up, the wedding enters the climax, the couple and the guests toast carnival, share happiness and sweet.

mason jar wedding4Jagged Mason jars is a unique kind of wind chimes on the wedding, they are shining the light emitting pleasant note, clasp lover’s name, makes a most solemn promise, this scene on the wedding will never fade in mind.

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