How to build a good body shape – for wedding dresses’ good looks

To be slimmer is always girls’ next goal. Have you ever been told that your short cocktail dress looked too tight on you? Or you chose a pretty sky-blue formal dress in the department store and they told you there wasn’t your size. And what’s more, your big day is coming soon. Don’t you want be the most beautiful bride and have the most romantic wedding dress. Loosing weight become urgent to you. Maybe you want dozens of pounds to lose or a thinner waist. But it seems your dream can never be achieved. You make a detailed plan and lose your persistence in no more than 1 week for not seeing big changes on your scale. Actually to lose weight and do body building need a long period. Just like the growth of our heights as a child. We became taller and taller unconsciously. But I promise losing weight will not take such a long period as you grew from 3 to 5 feet high. But it still needs several months to get rid of 10 pounds of fat. Those advertisements are all not believable to promise you to loss 20 pounds in a month, at least harmful to your health. There are several aspects you should pay attention to.

1.Your diet. We all know that greasy food is a taboo for people who want to lose weight. My suggestion is to eat less fat. But that does not mean you can’t take in any of fat. Your body needs balanced nutrients. The food rich in protein is your best choice such as soybean, meat or fish. If you used to eat much for one meal, you have to eat less to reduce your in-taking calories. It is hard at the beginning. If you still want the sky-blue formal dress, you have to do it. That’s used to be the way I encouraged myself in the past. If you stick to your new diet for 2 weeks, you can see reading changes on your scale. And you will found it becomes easier to follow your diet. After 2 months, you are used to it and find eating less actually is good to your stomach. But how much should you cut from one meal? According to my personal experience, cut a half for the first 3 days. I know it’s a lot. But it’s to meet people’s psychological rules. A big difference can make you serious and change your eating habit completely. From the forth day, increase your food and keep a total volume of three fourths of a meal of the past. There is another secret, take less spicy or other food with strong flavor.
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2.Do routine physical exercises. Many girls like yoga or tennis. There is no special advice on sports. Choose one you like and easy to keep. You need at least 3 times a week, 1.5 hours of exercise. My choice is just brisk walk. It has become a habit with little space limitation and low cost. But it depends on your body. If you can accept strenuous activity, it will definitely reduce your pounds quickly.

3.Change your dress style. Maybe you are used to wearing loose T-shirt or baggy pants because you think they can cover your extra pounds. But unfortunately, they are doing the opposite things. From now on, try some dresses fitting you better. A long evening dress with fitting waist cut makes you look thinner. You don’t have to cover your upper arms all the time. Try a sleeveless cocktail dress next time on your weekend gathering, it can make your shoulders look not so broad. The other function by doing this is to remind you of your great plan.
The last thing I want to say is you should believe yourself. Nothing can be achieved without effects. Make a schedule now, you can achieve your goal with your persistence and strong will. And again, don’t forget the sky-blue formal dress in the department store.  The best wedding gown waiting for you.

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