Wedding under the eye fish lens

The word “beauty” is a reminder of many things. But when it encounter with illusion, we will first think of everything related to wedding. Thus, wedding photographers discover the amazing visual effects that the fish eye lens creates. A fish-eye lens can make the picture looks straight up, spanning almost 180 degrees from horizon to horizon. Pictures that took by fish eye camera can produce exaggerated and surreal beauty. This special photo tools has been widely used in recent years and is well received. So some wedding photographers extend the dreamlike images into the field of wedding photography and build a market quickly. From here we see that those who believe and long for love have a dream in the heart.

Influenced by the works of some top private wending photographer, the new and intriguing photographic mode that recording the wedding with fish eye lens is landing on European market. To some extent, fish eye lens fulfill the imperfect scene with all the scenery in the lens and presents a kind of spherical curvature. Those featureless street, building, mountain and sea will be bumped into exquisite shape which like in the fairy tale. The visual effect created by fish eye lens satisfies some young new couple greatly.

As everyone knows, a new couple may not have much money on their bank account but are full of enthusiasm to attract attention by being eccentric. Some photograph stores meet their demand by recommending wedding dress pictures taken with eye fish lens. Under the lens, any parallel lines can be turned into curved ground level. The special visual effect has an advantage that traditional wedding photo can not reach. In the past, couples have to spend much to take memorable wedding photo in some beautiful location. But now they can take photo of romantic effect like in the world class resorts even if just in a beautiful hill gully.

Of course, the meaning of hiring a wedding photographer to take pictures is not only in its interesting. The wedding dress photo is an eternal beauty just like exchanging rings when you are marrying. So if aesthetic picture can not be taken, even if the most fashionable and fresh fish eye lens will not be accepted by wedding photography industry.

While if you have a better understanding of some wedding recorded by fish eye lens you will discover there still exist a thrilling beauty in the eye fish lens which have a magic to make everything interesting. This depends on the focusing function of eye fish lens as well as the photographer’s capability. According to all eye fish lens works exhibited, it really has a strong shaping ability which applies to all scenes like normal lens.
In all, wedding dress photos taken by eye fish lens are full of happiness. Maybe in the near future, it will officially enter into the photo shop and become a unique category between all the wedding photograph works.
If you are the one want to try something new, just put on your beautiful wedding dress and have a fish eye lens photo taken with your lover. It is sure you will get a few unexpected surprises.

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