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Bridal gown is the piece of clothing worn by the bride during the wedding ceremony, in most cultures.
White wedding dress came about 2000 years ago in ancient Egypt when brides wore several layers of drapery from simple materials. White was the color of celebration in Greece, so the wedding the bride chose white dress as a symbol of joy.
Temperley-London-2013-Bridal Roman brides wore wedding dresses simple white, thin, soft, bringing tribute to Hymen, god of fertility and marriage, which was thought particularly loves white.

What is special for brides of those times both Roman and Greek is that their faces were covered with colorful veils as a sign of obedience and devotion to her future husband.
In France, only in the XIX century this tradition was recovered. Indeed, once when women wore colorful dresses marriage, for several reasons. Primarily for financial reasons: Average modest in families of workers and peasants, the bride chooses a dress in accordance with its capabilities and color so you can wear it on other occasions more or less special. Priority is given by the trousseau, which often was the largest part of the dowry the bride and the dress she wore on the day of the ceremony was, in most cases, identical to the normally dressed to other holidays, decorated for the occasion with some family jewels which gave him a touch of freshness when it was used later.

In most influential family homes, choosing the dress was a major problem because had at all costs to impress and to display their wealth and rank in society. Since the Middle Ages, we know from the chroniclers, as bourgeois and noble wedding dress was paramount to family honor and reputation so much so that the name could mean ruin.

Future brides from the sixteenth century and the seventeenth century wore dresses in shades that ranged from blue to brown, yellow and even black, simbolizans feritilitatea or maturity. Brides dressed in white were the poor and thus their poverty public shows its color.

wedding dresses

Wedding is much awaited moment you become a woman. Become a socially woman in front of friends, relatives and other people I invite to celebrate together this event. Wedding preparation is very complex and requires hard work and commitment. But what is ultimately the most important thing that should be perfect for your wedding? Restaurant, church, photographer, limo, DJ? …

Yes, everything has to be perfect, but besides these, the most important is you. You must be perfect! Because everyone wants to see the bride, to admire, to be fixed on them.
The bride is the life of the party, it brings luck if you see the street, she is beautiful, funny and everyone is watching her. But what else distinguishes it from the rest of the bridal chic women who attend the party, if you dress? Indeed, your dress princess dress your queen, your dress extrovert, color your dress, your dress pristine.

It is one of the moments of your life can only, in which you can wear something out of the ordinary.
The perfect wedding dress is a basic part of any wedding ceremonies. A perfect wedding dress is more important than another dress – it is a tangible symbol of love and your hopes for the future.
The importance of quality and aesthetic level, and a wedding dress of precious, a perfect cut and a simple but effective design, are key ingredients in getting a dress and a picture perfect match.

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