The wedding dresses of different fabrics

The soft fabric is like the second skin attach to the women’s body woman, it is lubrication clear and pressing. So you’re the focus when you played the moment, the audience will breath. Here take a look at bridal fabrics knowledge of it!

transparent orangza pants wedding dressOrganza

As the common use material for French wedding dresses designer, texture transparent or translucent organza is lightweight and easy to shape, it is overlie silk or satin, or to highlight the romantic cascading effect, it is also by clever design, so that the skin is looming, fantasy and sexy coexist.

glass yarn wedding dress with transparent shoulder

Glass yarn

Refreshing glass-like glass yarn has a certain hardness, but because of the density of sparse, so the cloth holes is clear, thin texture, permeability, and there is a certain flexibility.

chiffon wedding dress with long sleevesChiffon

Light chiffon is not only have fresh and elegant appearance, but also the hand feeling is more soft and flexible.

lace ball gown wedding dressLace

The lace has been applied to fashion in long terms, although the lace is interpreted in a variety of styles, but the lace has become the fashion world’s wild San goods, but still often hear it when it will be linked together with teenage princess.

silk A-line wedding dress with long sleeves


The silk is called “Fiber Queen” which is not only have soft and smooth texture, but it is also have and elegant and aristocratic backdrop, it is like your second skin, it can help your metabolism, so this internally and externally fabric is sought after by others at all times.

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