Trendy Theme Wedding

The beautiful bride with white gorgeous wedding dress and the handsome groom with the black tuxedo are the most typical images at the wedding in our mind. Most people choose the traditional ceremony to celebrate their start of new life. However, not everyone is satisfied with the simple way, they prefer to have theme wedding to make it more meaningful and special. So what’s the theme wedding, as the name implies, it’s one of the wedding ways with a certain theme which runs through all the wedding to make the process more meaningful and memorable. Here are three typical theme weddings, let’s have a look at which may inspire you on some new ideas for your own wedding.
Shrek theme wedding


A British couple dressed themselves up as the popular cartoon image of Shrek and the princess Fiona on their wedding. They put on fake ears and were painted into green color which spent three hours. And all guests invited were asked to dress up as the characters in the movie, including the donkey. The special idea came form their first date. They fall in love with each other after watching the movie Shrek on their fist date. Since then, they’ve become the huge fans for Shrek and determined to have a Shrek theme wedding finally. The wedding surprised their relative and friends, but everyone had a fun at the wedding at last.
Party wedding


For the young couple, traditional wedding obviously are out of step with their character. One hot wedding form has been popular among the young, that’s party wedding. One young couple from New York chose this way to hold their wedding ceremony. “It’s more casual than the traditional one, we love it” they said. The friends of the new couple don’t need to wear some formal dress. And the bride just dressed a concise deign wedding dress in view of the constantly walking at the party. What’s more, the guests have a buffet as the wedding dinner; they walk around and talk with each other optionally. For these young people, wedding is just like a party; they are singing, dancing and cheering for the new couple. Thus, the party wedding would be popular for a long time among the young.
Sheep theme wedding

Ruth, a shepherdess who loves her own sheep very much, decided to have a sheep theme wedding. On the wedding, she dressed up a wedding dress made of wool, and took the lamb-shape chocolate as a gift to the guests. According to Ruth, she thought it’s too wasteful to make the carpet with beautiful soft wool, so a flash of wit just happened in her mind. She decided to make her own special wool-made wedding dress. It is said that this wedding dress was made of the wool came form the precious varieties Olivia sheep, which spent 1500 pounds. For the Ruth, having the wool-made wedding dress is the best decision she’d made for her wedding.

The first decision for holding a good theme wedding is to have a good subject; it can be anything the couple likes. And then choose a suitable wedding dress and place. No matter what kind of theme you choose, the most important thing is to have a grateful heart to greet a new life. At last, we hope every couple could have a perfect wedding and a happy marriage.

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