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Bridal Salon Spotlight- Rice ‘n Roses

This week’s Bridal Salon Spotlight is dedicated to specialized treatment that is offered by Barbara Rooney and her dedicated staff at Rice ‘n Roses.

Rice n’ Roses was established in 2002 to fill a void in the bridal marketplace in Ireland.

Over the years they have been able to expand from a small unit in Woollen Mills to their current gorgeous and spacious 3,500 square foot bridal store in Frankfield Business Park.

The bridal store has earned such a great reputation amongst brides that they see the same families returning with sisters, cousins, and friends who are now looking for their own dream wedding dress.

Barbara Rooney believes “brides deserve to look like a million dollars on their big day and we really want our brides to attract attention but yet be elegant at the same time”. That idea is repeated with every bride that walks into Rice ‘n Roses. Their knowledgeable and highly trained staff not only help the bride choose their dream wedding gown but they also help create the overall image for the bride. They discuss many aspects of the wedding including accessories, hairstyles, and bridesmaids. They now offer an innovative service where brides can choose the beading in their jewelry and headwear to complete their unique bridal look.

Advice for Brides

Trust your consultant and try it on. So many times I hear a bride saying ‘no I don’t think it’s me’ but a highly trained staff member will usually know if a gown will look good or not and usually they are right and the bride ends up loving the gown!

Favorite Justin Alexander Dress

One of my all time favourite Justin Alexander gowns has got to be the 9668 from the Signature Collection. The canvas silk fabric was so amazing and I just loved the beading on the shoulders and the open back. If I was several years younger and planning my wedding, that would most definitely be my dress.

What I love about the Justin Alexander gowns is the diversity in their styles. They are very much up to the minute but yet classical. I can’t speak highly enough about the label and I always praise it for it’s luxurious fabrics, exquisite detail and classic lines resembling those

worn by Audrey Hepburn and Grace Kelly.

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