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A short bridal dress to enjoy the wedding party

In summer, many brides opt for wedding dresses of knee-length or shorter to get married. After all, we are in a tropical country and the bride also deserve to feel comfortable in your Big Day. But still there are some women who do not want to give up long dress at least the time of the ceremony.

short wedding gowns

If you fit this profile, one option is to replace the vintage wedding dresses for a shorter to enjoy your wedding party at ease. How about? Of course this choice requires some special care.

The dynamics in Dressing should be calculated along with your wedding advisor or whoever else is helping you in the organization. Ideally, there is a space in the ballroom where you can get changed and leave your wedding dress there.

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Try not to completely change the look when changing dress. Some brides married prisoners hair and then let go when they exchange for another dress. This can be done, but everything should be agreed with your hairdresser moments before the wedding.

Do not forget that it is important a dress to be in harmony with each other. Following the same line of thought is good to keep a pattern, a visual identity of their marriage. Remember that the wedding dress should be in tune with the wedding decor and your taste.