How to choose the bridesmaid dresses?

Today, bridesmaid is becoming a beautiful landscape for the wedding, so it is not so sloppy to choose the bridesmaid dresses? So how to choose the bridesmaid dresses? Expect to consider the bridesmaid dress fits for yourself, to ensure that the bridesmaid dress can not shadow the brides light, it is need to consider weather the dress is matched with the wedding style.

fashion wedding party dressesFirst, to choose personality wedding dress for the romantic wedding

If the wedding is full of individual character, bridesmaid dress can be appropriate relaxed and more lively. You can choose a little printing flowers dress, but the flowers color can not be too gaudy, otherwise it will grab the bride’s thunder. Dress design should be avoid too complicated, if there is more than one bridesmaid, color should be unified, if the bride’s accessories is relatively simple, bridesmaid jewelry should be concise based.

green bridesmaid dresses for outdoor wedding

Photo credit: Short green bridesmaid dresses for outdoor wedding

Second, to select exquisite luxury style for outdoor wedding

Outdoor wedding due to space activity is relatively large, it is not too convenient too formal dress, but the solemn wedding should be avoid too casual style. At this time, you can add some fashion elements on your dress, it is fit in the outdoor relaxed atmosphere, such as bright colors with beads and multicolored stitching, sexy strapless dress can be use in this time. But the dress skirt can not be too short, it is avoid outdoor activities when emptied.

elegant lace and chiffon bridesmaid dress

Third, to choose elegant style for the traditional wedding

For traditional wedding, bridesmaid dresses need to be elegant, the bridesmaid dress color can be lighter for the bridal dress, it is need to unity for the wedding style.

red short bridesmaid dresses

Photo by: short chiffon red bridesmaid dresses

Fourth, to select dignified formal dress for the traditional wedding

Traditional formal wedding is generally held in hotels, the guests are invited to the elders in the majority, at this time, bridesmaid dress can not be too casual. Dress style is needs between evening dress and casual dress, it is not choose the too grand floor length dress. Dress can not be too sexy or exposure, if it is a strap skirt, it can be match with wrap, it will make the bridesmaid more noble and elegant.

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