The Buddy Bridal is the perfect solution for brides who must go to the little corner

Ask any bride that they most fear on their wedding day and you’ll probably have the same answer everywhere: go to the toilet.
We have all seen. A bride in her beautiful dress, makeup and hair done, but with the fear that takes him to the face. She needs to go to the corner. She runs to the toilet, the dress in the hands and the five bridesmaids behind it – because it takes an army to go to the toilet on a wedding day.

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Since the time, one might be tempted to believe that someone would have solved the problem? Well, the answer to our question has just arrived.
Developed by Heather Stenlake, Bridal Buddy is an undergarment that helps brides to use the small corner.
As you can see in the above video (in English only), the high waist skirt is put before Threading the wedding dress and is equipped with a rope to allow the dress to be in ball easily. Once remounted, the skirt has holes for the arm so that you can keep it (and your dress by the same fact) more easily.
You have probably two emotions at this moment: confusion and wonder. Don’t worry, we feel the same way.

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In an interview with Mic, Stenlake tells that she had the idea in 2002 when she worked in a wedding shop.
“Brides always wondered how the toilet with their dress”, she said.
So for $ 59.95, you can avoid to gather all your bridesmaids in the toilet.

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Sofia bar dress by favorite brand

Princess Sophia did on the red carpet along with Daniel Madhani, Secretary General of Project Playground. The Princess wore a full-length dress from Swedish label Greta, who often dresses up the Swedish princesses. The dress has a price of about 5 500 kroons.

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The Princess is expecting her and Prince Carl Philips first child as soon as april, and dress in thin silk fitted well with the growing stomach. It is not the first time Sofia wearing a dress from Greta. She appeared in a full-length Navy creation from the Swedish brand in the Sports Gala in January.
Popular model
Even Crown Princess Victoria has been wearing dresses from online stores like Dressesmallau. On one of the new stamps with Crown Princess, the King and the Princess Estelle released last Thursday, wearing Victoria a dark pink dress from Greta.

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– Crown Princess was pregnant when the images of the stamp was taken, and then she chose to wear one of Greta’s popular maternity formal dresses. The pink dress is a little shorter and is one of the brand’s most popular models, “said Linnea Sjölund, fashion expert on Expressen.

Chiffon bridesmaid dresses and taffeta ones

Maids of honor is quite important role in your wedding, so you must be sure that bridesmaid dresses you choose will look good on them and show off their beauty. Taffeta and chiffon gowns are two popular options for the bridesmaids to wear for special occasions. Today let’s introduce the difference between chiffon and taffeta bridesmaid dresses.

Chiffon is considered easy and smooth and it will create an elegant and flowing look. Because of its advantages, it is the best choice for beach weddings. Of course, it’s worth nothing that you must stay away from chiffon fabrics in the cold weather. The chiffon bridesmaid dresses coming in after several styles.


Chiffon bridesmaid dresses Australia

The number one belongs to a line that is one of the few styles that can flatter many body shapes. In other words, if your maid of honor is petite or plus sizes, there is always an a-line bridesmaid dress just for her. What’s more, this amazing style easily match your wedding dress and wedding theme well. A-line and chiffon are really perfect union. A line is the perfect choice for weddings, prom and other special occasions, so that up to date, it is still all the rage.
Another fascinating style chiffon bridesmaid dresses, empire waist. The beautiful empire waist is appealing to a number of women with large waists as it has a major impact on the tour people’s focus from there to your narrow neck and facial features. In addition, it has also great attraction for petite girls as it will give others a kind of higher meaning. Accent soft and graceful temperament and go for chiffon bridesmaid dresses.

Taffeta is another wonderful fabric associated with the bridesmaid dresses. The main character is smooth, smart, shine slightly. It is familiar to people because of their image and extraordinary quality excellence. It is often used to make single dresses evening dresses and bridesmaid dresses. Unlike the former, is it a good idea to create a sexy and feminine look. One of the most popular styles of taffeta bridesmaid dresses are mantle.


Design hugs the body normally so that it will highlight the curve. In the light of this, it is only suitable for slim women and plus size women have no chance to try them out. Especially is taffeta bridesmaid dresses in black also called little black dresses. The classic and timeless style is sure to make your maids of honor satisfied. Prom dress is also suitable for your bridesmaids in the wedding. This dramatic style is specially designed for pear shaped figures and it will magnify the slender topper body and completely hides the not-so-perfect parts. Make sure the bridesmaids ‘ dresses United Kingdom is in matching the color of your wedding gown, I think that’s the beauty of the landscape together.

How to wear a formal gown perfect for work?

It is said that the way in which dress people determines their personality and lifestyle. Which is actually a fact, especially the line of women’s clothing is considered to be art. Given that clothes are designed and manufactured, and next to it is draped it needs very detailed. If you are a business woman has a dress code of business formal daily wear, that then you will need a few tips and tricks that will help you make the right choice of asymmetric evening for your office dress.
A woman who works in a company office to attend presentations and formal meetings each day and to keep good body language then it will need official business women’s clothing. The wide range of clothing available on the market, only a few will transfer the right expected to what you are looking for.

Dressesmall Pretty Ruched One Shoulder Handmade Flower Chiffon A line Short Formal Bridesmaid Dress

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Formal skirts: formal dresses is available in several models and sizes, and select the field that adapts to your body is a challenge. The shape of your body can be right, pear, Apple or hourglass and the right style of sex must be selected for this same. I prefer not to stitch her skirt too short and tight. A company usually hemmed skirt just behind her knees.

Dressesmall Knee length short formal dress with jewel neckline

Black evening dresses online

Official costumes: Costumes is generally classified as combinations pants and skirt suits, which comes in a variety of rhythms such as fabric for comfort, fit, Slim Fit, or just come and depending on your choice. The fabric you use will also be important when you are considering buying the official costume. Depending on the status of the time you can select fabrics such as cotton, linen and gabardine wool for summer and winter. It is always advisable to get a costume sewn onto your shape and size, rather than choose those racks.

Asymmetric evening dress
Formal shirts or blouses: it is essential that teams with your suits and skirts. It is really important to decide the right shirt or a blouse for your evening dress to make it look perfect and complete. Blouses made of transparent materials should be avoided because it is inappropriate to wear at your place of work. So, choose a cotton and good thickness or silk fabric that would be a good match for your costume or a skirt that allows him to look more attractive and confident.
Perfect shoes: you don’t can not wear shoes for your meetings of the Board of directors or corporate presentation. The shoes you wear expected Agenda item well with the dress you have chosen entry. Make sure that shoes should be functional, attractive, clean, polished and well adapted. Avoid wearing shoes with low heels OÜ pump as it is not attractive pour formal wear. Instead of the EDAC, opt for a one and a half OÜ inches two heels to make it look neat and amazing.

Dressesmall Modern Two pieces Ruffles Beading Short Semi Formal Dress

Add -ons for formal dress: formal wear of the company wouldn’t be complete if you choose add – ons right. It includes a good and sophisticated accessories, a simple and easy-to-carry handbag or one case bag/laptop that would be much cleaner. Try to coordinate your Briefcase for laptop computer and a briefcase so that you don’t have many things to actually hold a messy appearance. Add a good belt your dress if necessary, but select a simple leather belt which is half an inch. A good scarf, jewelry, eye gear can also complement your outfit making it look perfect and attractive.

The ideas for your romantic wedding dresses

With regard to the topic romantic weddings, it’s not rare to see in the films or in celebrity weddings. A romantic wedding will capture the hearts of every bride. In fact, you don’t have to spend much money on such romantic theme bridal party as long as you have best ideas for your big day.

Short lace wedding dresses for brides

Try the blend of classic, vintage and contemporary elements, and you will have a dream wedding gowns for a romantic bridal party.

lace wedding dresses

In such a beautiful wedding dress, you will look more beautiful and elegant. These bridal gowns are pure in design and they have a magical charm of the simplicity. You can also go for the Princess style dresses made of ivory satin, lace applique and luxury fabrics. It’s not necessary to consider only the expensive heavily stylized dresses.  Of course, you can start taking some cheap wedding dresses Persun as well as some of the contemporary collections as well.

A beautiful wedding venue

Nowadays, more and more young people have desires for simple beach weddings on the sand. Beautiful sea, brisk air and white sand, are really amazing elements for your interesting weddings.

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A pleasant wedding party

At the weddings, if our groom have some cute and innovative ideas for their weddings like an evening ball party. In a word, the more efforts you spare, the more moving and romantic effects will have.

Wedding is grand for every people. If you want to have romantic wedding ceremony, there are lots of cute ideas for your unique one.


Buy her wedding dress on the internet?

This is a topic that comes up often on forums, blogs… then me also I conducted my little investigation… In our wedding shop, we often have people who come to us in disaster because they bought their dress on the internet and are sometimes a few days of marriage with a cloth, a disguise see anything… This happens both on the wedding dress than the bridesmaids. Where I will emphasize these are on China wedding sites that offer prices very very attractive but at what price!
So, I will give you some tips to recognize if a website is reliable or not, to buy her dress in being notified. But also the risks that you take and how to minimize them.

Dressesmall Beautiful Organza Boat Neck Lace Ruffle Formal Dress

Recognize the origin of an internet site:
It is easy to see whether a site is abroad.
French merchant has an obligation to General conditions of sale (t & c) and the imprint of the company even if he is an autoentreprenor. Click on it, if you find an address is that the site is transparent about its origins. If not it is fishy and the site wants erode you input about his identity… and that it is not french…
Go directly at the bottom of the site and look at the logos of payment and delivery. Chinese websites have a form of payment by paypal with credit card logos put forward and delivery often by DHL.

Dressesmall Halter Ruched Knee Length Organza Cocktail Dress

A french site will offer you a method of payment linked to a French Bank and modes of delivery such as colissimo, chronopost, global relay… in short anyone you know on a daily basis.
Another concern for size, Chinese sites in place market as Dressesmallau. This site is a marketplace like Amazon in France where you have thousands of sellers. So it is a little Russian roulette, the site is well known but the seller has that you bought may be not… so it will be as in the good pile.

Perfect figures for a line wedding dresses

There are so many styles of wedding dresses out there but the A-line wedding dresses probably is the most flattering silhouette for women to wear. This dress has a shape that is fitted in the bodice, flowing over the hips to the floor producing the shape of capital letter A. Because a lot of women have smaller waists than their hips, this shape can flatter their figure and will even make them look sexier. In fact, even those girls with fuller figure, when wearing this style of dress can slim down their figure.

Dressesmall Ribbon Lace Straps Taffeta A line Beach Wedding Dress

The design of this dress is simple and can be made with any fabric. This is very easy to alter which make it not just flattering but also popular. Ball gown wedding gown is the most dramatic version of A-line wedding dress. This is marked by a fitted bodice and full skirt which looks a lot like Cinderella. This style of A-line wedding dress is very versatile and can be made of all one or two material. You can choose to have a satin top and at the bottom is full tulle. Since the A-line wedding dress is flattering on almost any type of body, this is also a perfect choice for bridesmaid dresses. This dress definitely looks good on fuller figure and petite figure as well. Depending on what your bridesmaids want, you can go for the knee length wedding dresses or floor length. A-line wedding gowns work well for a casual garden that is made of wispy chiffon wedding or black tie celebration in sparkling duchess stain with bodice of shimmering rhinestones and pearls.

Dressesmall Sexy Lace Garden Mermaid Bateau Chapel Train Wedding Dress

This wedding gown is highly sought after by brides-to-be because aside from the fact that they are very flattering to women’s figure, they feel comfortable to wear as well. They are usually made of lighter and quality fabrics. Planning your wedding involves deciding on the style of wedding dresses you should be wearing. If you are tired of seeing the same style over again and you want to be unique from the rest, then the A-line wedding dress can help you achieve any look you want. These dresses are classical, sophisticated, simple and attention-catching. They come in wide range of styles, designs and embellishments so you can go for one that has no embellishments at all and allow your jewelry to do the part of enhancing the wedding gown or you can also choose beaded or lace wedding dresses, depending on how it looks on you. Today, women who are getting married are fortunate enough to find some suppliers who make these wedding dresses affordable. Many suppliers as well as designers online are displaying their collection of ball gown wedding dresses and they come in different prices. See more dresses