Wedding theme to show your relationship

Wedding is the most memorable days in life. How to add more color in that day is depending on the creativity you can add in to that event. Wedding day can be made in to more graceful, if you know what would the best theme and how that could be made practical on that day. Adding a theme on your big day is the new trend and that will reflects in all and sundry items including the wedding dress, music anything that is related to wedding. So literally, anything can be used as a wedding theme. Using the wedding ceremony to create a social awareness on a particular subject that has been nagging you can also be customized.
british weddingThe net effect of the theme will be to create a unique character for the wedding. The publicity will be much more than an oration by a public speaker. The message will be much strong and will have a good viral effect especially if the theme is having social relevance. While you select the wedding dress, try to create an element of your theme in the dress. It is also would be a good idea to distribute theme based bands to the guests and ask them to wear along with you.
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Any subject can be selected as a theme for your wedding. Football, basketball, cricket, environment, eco friendliness, ozone layer protection, carbon dioxide emission control, save water, eradication of poverty, awareness of human trafficking etc., etc., can be selected as a theme and accordingly the wedding stage and premises has to be decorated with suitably matching colors. Theme color can be induced in to the wedding dress which will add more awareness about the theme. The theme will help to inspire other people to follow suit and later the message will get translated in to the conscious of the society.

Inspiration and motivation are the idea behind theme based wedding. Some brides may wish to be like a Cinderella in their wedding day. If you wish to be present yourself as a Cinderella, then buy a Cinderella theme based wedding dress for the occasion. This theme really creates a fairy tale style. Of course this would be very funny and joyful theme. You can easily create the ambience. There are stores that provide replica of Cinderella dress and shoes. May be you need to put more effort to re-create the decoration that matches with the Cinderella theme. But it is worth! The bride may really look a Princess!
Things can be handled very easily if the entire wedding is assigned to a wedding planner. They can organize everything from wedding dress to the catering. In doing so, you will get enough time to mingle with the guest and taking care of them. You can have a relaxed mood to participate in the wedding function with full energy. You can brief with your wedding planner what exactly are you looking for the function and how do you want to transform the function to look like. Basically the theme must be inspiriting and express your relationship.

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