How to Wear Wedding Shoes

Some girls were born to wear heels whereas others can find it a real challenge. Wearing wedding heels on your big day can be a minefield unless you are well versed in the art of non-flat shoes. On your wedding day you want to embrace elegance and poise and still have enough left in you to dance the night away. Take a look at these top tips on how to wear your wedding heels with style.

Do a practice run

First of all if you aren’t used to wearing Joanne Mercer wedding shoes on a day to day basis then you will need to practice wearing your wedding heels so you don’t fall down when the big day rolls around. In the run up to your wedding, break your heels in by wearing your wedding shoes around the house until they feel comfortable. You are not only trying to wear heels without stumbling but by practicing you also reduce rubbing, pinched toes and blisters on your big day.

Add Cushions

You can customize your wedding shoes online by adding a cushioned sole to the inside of the shoe. This will help to protect your feet and will also reduce rubbing. Gel pads and cushions for the heels can make all the difference on the dance floor and will ensure that you don’t end up crippled in pain at the end of the day.

Get low Heels

You may love skyscraper heels but your wedding day is not the time or the place for such luxuries. Wedding shoe specialists recommend choosing wedding heels that are no higher than two inches for maximum comfort. If you really want to done those high heels then consider opting for a second pair of comfortable flat wedding shoes that you can slip into when the heels become too much to bear.

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