‘Walang Hanggan’ Wedding Scenes Shot In Intramuros, Cost P3.2 M

MANILA, Philippines — Though many parts of the city were flooded due to rains that fell the night prior, the sun shone brightly as if by miracle on the day “Walang Hanggan” cast and crew shot the much awaited wedding scene of Daniel Guidotti Montenegro and Katerina Alcantara played by Kapamilya stars Coco Martin and Julia Montes, respectively.

Hours earlier, the crew had spruced up the San Agustin Church in Intramuros with white orchids that, alone, cost half a million pesos. According to reliable sources, the entire shooting day took no less than P3.2 million to make with at least 600 people on hand including marshals, caterers, extras, and the press.

Bulletin Entertainment arrived at the venue exactly 7 a.m. and immediately took pictures of the horse-drawn carriage that Katerina would ride later in making her way to the front of the church, escorted by men dressed in white and with straw hats. Later, we also took photos of Coco and Julia sitting on the kalesa flanked by their co-stars Richard Gomez, Joem Bascon, Susan Roces, Helen Gamboa and Valerie Concepcion all of whom the two engaged in light banter. Julie looked lovely in her wedding dress gown created by Paul Cabral.

Attending the shoot proved to be an eye-opener on the secret of the show’s success. While it does star the most talented actors there are across generations, much of its strength lies on the hands of the amazing crew that looks after every detail as if it’s a personal matter instead of work. What they have was camaraderie that made work pleasant despite the obsession for perfection that’s why despite the time constraint they were given (wrap up at 4 p.m., finished or not, as a real wedding was to take place then), everything was carried out without a hitch and with a lot of heart.

And why not? “Walang Hanggan” has become one of ABS-CBN’s highest rating shows that empty the streets during its time slot with people glued to their TV seats. Loosely based on “Wuthering Heights,” the TV series features love that revolves around characters from three different generations: the love triangle among Henia (Susan Roces), Margaret (Helen Gamboa), and Joseph (Eddie Gutierrez); the ill-fated lovers Marco (Richard Gomez) and Emily (Dawn Zulueta); and young sweethearts Daniel (Coco Martin) and Katerina (Julia Montes).

The show has extended for 11 months and had even gone on location in Italy and the US.The show is now on its last days.

In an interview during the break, Coco expressed his gratitude to the avid viewers. He said that like a true groom, he felt nervous doing the wedding scene, pointing out that he has grown into the character having played it for this long. He revealed that after “Walang Hanggan,” he and Julia are set to co-star in a movie. Coco also awaits news about the planned movie with Judy Ann Santos, and another with Vilma Santos and Nora Aunor.

According to a release, “Walang Hanggan” became the only Philippine drama of 2012 to have surpassed the 40% margin, registering a whooping of 41% on May 23. On June 15, the drama registered a 41.4% ratings share and on June 29 posted 44.7% ratings share based on the Kantar Media-TNS data.

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