Different Traditions for Wedding Ring Exchange

In the British tradition, the best man is obliged to keep the wedding rings for the couple until the wedding rings are available to be exchanged for them. In some of the more elaborate arrangements of the wedding, they will arrange a young boy, usually part of the family of the bride or the groom, to be responsible for the ceremonial parade rings. The wedding rings are usually placed on a special pillow which is held by the boy, bringing into the church.

wedding ring exchange

In the ancient times, the wedding ring represents not only a sign of love, but also a symbol of the grant meaning. According to the Prayer Book of Edward VI, after “with this ring I marry you,” the groom will say “This gold and silver, I give you”, at this time the groom should hand a leather purse full of gold and silver coins to the bride in the beautiful wedding dress.
Not only in the UK, even in most of other European countries, in the wedding, the wedding ring is considered to be a sign of exchanging valuables and a symbol of eternal love and devotion for the bride and the groom. In some places, the wedding rings are even as a condition for wedding exchange. For example, there is a convention in Germany, “I give you this ring as a promise of marriage between us, the condition is that your father provides my family 1000 just as a dowry.”

In some European countries, the wedding ring and the engagement ring is the same pair, and what it represents depends on the state of the carving on the top and the hand worn them. If the wedding ring and the engagement ring are different, the couple can choose whether to wear a wedding engagement ring or not. The bride may wear it on her left ring finger, and then let the groom wear a wedding ring on top of it. She can also wear the engagement ring on the right ring finger, and the wedding rings will be worn on the left ring finger, which would prevent the ring from mutual scratches. Another option is to ask the bridesmaids to keep the engagement ring during the wedding ceremony on the wedding day, and afterwards to wear it on the left hand or the right hand.

In some place where people pursue Hinduism in India, the women traditionally wear toe rings for a long time in the history, although they now have gradually put the wedding ring on the finger. In eastern India, mainly the western region of Bangladesh, women are willing wear iron bangle, but more and more locals bracelet are plated with gold or silver to make it seemed more beautiful.
After all, no matter in what place, and no matter what kind of the custom is, the wedding ring represents a commitment and a symbol of eternal love and devotion for the bride and the groom and is what they cherished in their life now and forever.

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