Top 4 tips for wedding shoes shopping

How to choose the wedding shoes? A pair of perfect wedding shoes is crucial, bride must choose a pair of fit and charming wedding shoes, so you can distribute an unlimited glory in the focus of the wedding nor unexpected. Here we will show you the top four tips about the shopping of wedding shoes.

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1. How to choose a wedding shoes, the height of the heel
About the wedding shoes height of the heel, bride chooses your own suitable height according to usual habit. If you usually do not wear high heels, do not select a pair of high heel shoes just to look better at the wedding. Otherwise, the bride will feel very tired and you may sprain ankles embarrassed at the wedding.
2. How to choose wedding shoes, the shopping time
Regard to the time to buy wedding shoes, it’s preferably between 15:00 and 18:00. Because the foot is slightly larger than usual at this time, if you are comfortable wearing the chosen shoes at this time, then there is no problem to wear the shoes at other time during the day. In addition, people standing will be slightly bigger than sitting, it is recommended that the bride walk back and forth after try the shoes, carefully feel the stability and comfort. Do not just sit and try and then buy a pair of good-looking shoes.
3. How to choose wedding shoes, the suitable size
You must properly recognize your own ideal size. So-called ideal size means you toes are free to active after wearing the shoes and there is moderate internal space. The curvature between the shoes’ soles and soles of the feet is quite fit and also there is room for the forefoot activities which can be claimed the right ideal size.
4. How to choose wedding shoes, the right mix of colors
Choose the wedding shoes according to the wedding dress. Do not think that you must pick a festive red color wedding shoes for wedding. Generally speaking, the bride will wear a white wedding dress, then you should choose a pair of white or pearl-colored shoes. The basic principle is probably matching the wedding shoes with the same color of wedding dress. Otherwise, the wedding shoes will be very overhangs, people will confuse priorities.
After reading the four points the selection of wedding shoes above, I believe that bride-to-be will certainly no longer headache tangled to choose wedding shoes!

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