Top 4 popular wedding dress materials for the brides

2012-04-16-11-07-47-441-wedding2013Which kind of wedding dress material is the most popular material for the brides at present? Which kind of wedding dress material is most suitable for you? The following will recommend six kinds of wedding dress materials which are most welcome for the brides for your reference.

lace couture-wedding-gownsLace: lightsome and romantic

Voile lace or lace skirt opening is not rare in the wedding dress design. This kind of wedding dress material is fully transparent and delicate and many girls like to use it to express their romantic temperament.

lace wedding dress

In recent years, designers have the abrupt fantasy to select the lace as the common material in the wedding dress design. Lace is usually used on the shoulder, waist and even the outermost layer of the whole skirt and it will be very graceful and restrained. Thin material and uneven touch feeling have enhanced the noble feeling and grade feeling of the wedding dress. Full lace wedding dress will cost relatively high, but the good embroidery work and sophisticated design still let this kind of wedding dress get many brides’ favor.

Silk-like: agile, stiff and smooth

Silk-like is also called synthetic fiber which kind of wedding dress material is very stiff and smooth. It is suitable for the concise wedding dress and the starched shell fabrics with the reasonable clipping can achieve the good effect of modifying the body shape. The bride who has a full figure slightly can choose the concise wedding dress design, especially after selecting the silk-like shell fabrics, the design of the waist and hips could avoid the tedious and messy decoration, the simple and smooth design even can highlight the advantages of the silk-like. In addition, you need to consider the permeability problems, the affordable prices are also suitable for more people to buy.

silk-like wedding dress Chiffon: elegant and dynamic

The brides who pursue the elegant and dynamic feeling will happen to coincide to choose the chiffon fabric as the wedding dress material. Chiffon fabric is very light, and it is suitable for wedding ceremony in hot summer, which can reflect the romantic and lightsome feeling. Karl Lagerfeld also use light chiffon as wedding dress fishtailing in his wedding dress originality, that kind of material has shown his graceful and poised feeling, and also have an unique flavor.

chiffon wedding dress

Chiffon wedding dresses best suitable for beach weddings, find Beach Wedding Dresses at online.

Complete real silk: noble and elegant

Real silk fabric is elegant, light and transparent. Most of the brides choose the real silk as the wedding dress material, which are for pursuing to treat and enjoy well. The quality sense of real silk fit for the skin smoothly, let the brides have the noble feeling.

silk-summer-wedding-dressesThe wedding dress with complete real silk is effeminate, so you must pay great attention to the maintenance and choice. Therefore, the clean job needs to be proceeded in the professional cleaning store, or else it will affect the texture of the real silk.

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