Tips for Prom

Prom , one of the main events of high school . I am sure no one would want to look “simple” lady on that occassion .

So when it has already come to special occassion , why not try something different? Prom colours are usually red , pink or some kinda bold. And second thing , it is always hard to find new & a bit cheap prom dresses .

green prom dress
Jewellery & stuff , I guess choices end on that . I am a obsessed jewellery person . My choices are wide in jewelley than on clothing . In fact , you can embellish a simple dress with jewellery , but an embellished dress would need jewellery.

My choice is mint green . How simple this colour is . Cool & fresh . I’d go for it when it comes to prom dresses. The jewellery choice for it could go silver , golden or remain mint . My favourite is gold platted or coloured mint jewellery . I wished mint could be 2013’s colour . But anyways , emerald is my another love 🙂

I usually preffer online shopping . I heard people say online shopping would cause size trouble . But my suggestion is that you must look at size chart first . Buying a dress or heels or even shoes , you must first know the size that best fits you . Then you wouldn’t have to cry over it 🙂

Do you remember your prom? Or have got any idea for a best prom? Please read Prom Ideas

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