Sexy or Elegant Bride Will you be?

The classic wedding dress is gathered at the side in A – line Cut and strapless. Today’s fashion determined the styling of the wedding dresses, so there are dresses that are cut or cropped front very short. This raises the question , how sexy can be a wedding dress for ? Is it appropriate , the advantages of a woman to show on this occasion ?

lace wedding dresses
The then young monarch, Queen Victoria of England wore at your wedding 1840, a white dress , igniting a scandal. At that time, the company felt it was inappropriate to get married in a white dress. While the brides wore a white veil as proof of her virginity , but the clothes were closed up and black. Thus, also this fashion has changed over the years. In the Western world , the white dress has prevailed.

The Catholic Church does not like it when too much skin is visible. It is appropriate , during the wedding ceremony to cover the shoulder with a bolero or stole. Too much leg or back will not like to see in a church ceremony .

The decisive factor in the choice of clothing is the choice of the place and the environment . In a civil or ceremonial marriage with a free theologians or master of ceremonies , a more casual dress, and at a wedding on the beach a light summery dress must be chosen, which shows skin and gently blowing in the wind.

The bride is the host and should never snub by a frank demeanor. The classic erotic highlight of a bride to be the blue garter and lingerie or negligee which opened only after the celebration for the groom.

Previously, the bride is beautiful but show as Princess, although her ​​beautiful shoulders shows , but the rest packed mysterious. The appearance with train and veil heard. Is this dress too ” fashion -heavy ” it is lost between the guests and the outside is no longer recognizable bride .

Will a bridal wear but the extravagant , they can wear two different dresses for the ceremony and for the celebration. So, rather the feeling of emotional and important occasion and the celebration is also formed during the ceremony, a lighter and fresher atmosphere.

For the make-up is the same , because the eye shadow , blusher , etc. to be applied discreetly and not remember a make-up kit . It would be nicest if the bride prefers a daily and light make-up is .

A natural and real look will make any bride shine . Guests will see a completely happy bride who feels comfortable in her dress . It reflects style and elegance without being dressed .

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