Put Some ‘Dance’ in a Wedding Party

The most popular way of enjoyment in a wedding function is a dance party.  Nowadays, themed dance parties, including ballet dance, Hollywood and Bollywood themes, sensual bridesmaid dress and a lot more are very much in trend.  A dance party is a lot of fun when celebrated with your friends and family.  Planning a dance party in a wedding is also a lot of fun, but you have to do a lot of preparations and work yourself.
wedding dance
First of all, prepare a guest list; you should know whom you should call as most of the parties’ outdoor end up in a fight.  Also tell your friends about a theme which will help them in choosing their dancing dress.  Next you have to consider the decorations; whether the party is indoor or outdoor is going to affect the choice of decorations. Select a good venue like a bar, dance floors, BBQ zones, etc that are closer and safer for you and your friends. You can also ask some of your close friends to help you, as you will not be able to handle everything alone.  If serving alcohol, make sure you have a liquor license. Your friends who are in bridesmaid dress can take care of the function and make sure that everything is going perfectly well.
‘Music’ is the most important aspect of a dancing party, has to be loud and happening that will make everyone dance on their feet.  You can always book a DJ, for the best music fusions and varieties of songs.  A good DJ can double the amount of fun that one can have in a dance party. Some people like Bollywood songs and others may like Hollywood tracks, a DJ will play mixed songs according to everybody’s choice. Also you can give the DJ a list of your favorite songs before the party starts and he will play all of them but with a new style. You can also hire a live band for performing in your dance party.  It can add more fun to the party for you and your friends.
wedding_dance_01You can gather everyone in their favorite dancing dress including those ladies in the bridesmaid dress and you can also start some games that are specially meant for dance parties.  A musical magnet is one of them, there is a host who will play the music and all the guests have to dance.  The host stops the music at anytime and the guests have to make pairs, the one left alone has to leave the game, ‘Newspaper Dancing’ is a very common and romantic dance game suitable for all age groups.  Passing the parcel is the oldest game that is fun and entertaining.
At the end of the party, when you all are tired, all of you can sit and call out some titles like, The Best Dancing dress diva, the best dancer, best performer and a lot more.  You can also play truth and dare with your good friends.  Some secrets will be revealed with the truths and some more added fun with the dares.  Add some more enjoyment to your party.  Be safe and make sure all your friends reach home at time and safely.

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