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purple evening dresses

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Is there any color more royal than purple? From Kate Middleton to Zoe Saldana, there have been countless celebrities who have rocked an unforgettable purple number. Could there be any look more regal than a purple gown? A dress, the ultimate symbol of class and femininity paired with a purple hue is truly an unbeatable combination. The color purple symbolizes magic, mystery and royalty. Whenever I slip into the cool color, I feel charming and enchanting.

I know that all of you are probably sick of me talking about my cousin’s upcoming wedding, but her purple color scheme had to be mentioned in this post! The bridesmaid dresses are all a different shade of purple. As light as lavender and as deep as violet, the colors represent the purple spectrum. I’m so very excited to wear my one shoulder, iridescent dress. My sister’s wedding color was purple as well. It’s a favorable wedding color because it exudes elegance and nobility!

For the next glamorous event in your future, consider choosing a gown of a purple hint! It would be the perfect look for a wedding, prom, gala, formal, dance, ball or special night out! Purple evening dresses are sure to awe, inspire and leave your audience wonder-struck. Persun, an online clothing company has beautiful dresses in all styles and materials. I would choose something with a little sparkle and a great silhouette. I love chiffon and a fabulous sweetheart neckline!
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