Mermaid wedding dresses for petite brides

You may not know what kind of wedding dress is best for you, but for the selection of what kind of wedding dress, you may already have a big heart direction. Today, wedding dress designer has basically helped us reformed all kinds of different styles of wedding dress to make every bride looks good no matter what the body type is – no matter what your body shape, size, height. But whether this case is suitable for petite bride who want to wear mermaid wedding dress? Now our wedding specialists have come for you to answer this question.


mermaid wedding dresses by dressesmallau

Image source: mermaid wedding dresses by dressesmallau

I’m in love with fishtail wedding dress, but my height is only 1 meter 57cm, I worry about wearing fishtail wedding dress make me look short, how can I do it?

If you really like mermaid wedding dress, do not let the height becomes a stumbling block for your dream wedding – this is the reason we need a good wedding dress designers and tailors! Kleinfeld Bridal’s fashion director Terry Hall tells us that as long as the wedding cut properly, fishtail wedding dress is no problem for tall bride. For the petite bride, it’s better to tell your concerns to salespeople or designers while the choosing wedding dress, they will help you find the most suitable style wedding dress for your body type. Want to maximize the use of fishtail wedding dress to elongate physique, the key is to tighten the buttocks, and then start the fishtail skirt above the knee but not below the knee, so that your legs look more slender. Others to note is that if you do not intend to go to trial with your wedding shoes, do not forget to bring about the same height high heels to try wedding dress to ensure proper skirt length.

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