The latest ten wedding colors for brides in 2015

Radiant Orchid

Radiant orchid is lessons from the pink purple orchid, PANTONE is the definition of charming, magical and somewhat mysterious. It is match with orchid purple and fog purple in the wedding, with its shades of the same color in different colors which can reap unexpected results, but also it can inject more charming elements for wedding.

Radiant Orchid wedding background
Royal Blue
Traditional and elegant colors will never be outdated, royal blue is traditional noble color. But it is make ensure that you can not use it overly, other it can not focused on appearance, let everything is simple, it perhaps adding a white in the main colors of royal blue which make your wedding more solemn and elegance.

royal blue background


Imagine a gleaming white aluminum, it will let your wedding become the big winner, the color is more closer to Christmas, combined with aluminum white and blurred yellow tone which will bring different fashion mood for your wedding.

Aluminum color background
Aurora Red

Late summer early autumn gorgeous colors, warm bright red aurora spread open in the season, it is a festive and eye-catching colors in the wedding, but also it make the entire wedding look more luxury and noble.

Aurora Red background

Misted Yellow

Thick yellow blurred autumn lively and vibrant as dull autumn adds happy.

Misted Yellow weddomg background Misted Yellow background

Full-bodied red wine is a favorite color for many new people, it can make exotic people feel affection, it is make people feel simple rustic ambience, while burgundy bridesmaid dress can also make your wedding look more beautiful.

Aurora red bridesmaid dress
Mauve Mist

If you feel too blatantly orchid purple tones, then purple fog may be more suitable for you, warm and elegant colors, in any season always makes your wedding seem fresh and clean.

Mauve Mist wedding background Mauve Mist background

Cognac color is from France brandy color, this soft warm brown tone is definitely the main color in this autumn, it can be match with almost any kinds of colors, such as blurred yellow, purple and royal blue fog which can achieve very good visual effects.

Cognac background

Cobalt Blue

Cobalt blue once very popular in the spring of 2009 which is setting off a wave of strong vintage style, although we are like to get together with bright cobalt and summer, perhaps in the winter theme wedding, perhaps it can make cobalt blue and silver in the winter theme wedding, it can create extraordinary visual effects.

Bright Cobalt wedding background


Perhaps at first glance, you will not like this cypress green hue color, but if you take it with a soft white or ivory combination of beauty, wedding scene will appear more stylish, elegant and refined, it is better to as main color in autumn wedding.

Cypress wedding background


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