The gorgeous long earrings for elegant brides

For bride-to-be, the earring accessories is very important for the bride overall shaping. Compared with ear studs, earrings is better to interpretation more romantic woman flavour, but also it is more likely to style and design. Whether it is luxurious gem shape, romantic long tassel style or creative hollow design, the gorgeous long earrings are a great choice for bridal accessories.

Romantic tassel earrings style

the bridal who wear long gorgeous earringsWind slowly swinging tassel earrings looks very graceful, it can increase more charming atmosphere for you, with a dress will be more elegant and charming. With a little small design tassel earrings is full of fashion sense which make your wedding more dazzling.
two pairs of earrings

Luxury classic diamond earrings

the brides who wear diamond earrings
The unique design gemstone earrings, flowing lines, exquisite inlaid with delicate and complicated construction method, highlights the bride stylish and noble temperament. When you choose the bright spots gemstone earrings, it will became the bride modeling can not be ignored in the CBD.
diamond earrings

Vintage chandelier-type earrings

the brides who wear long vintage earrings
The chandelier-type earrings silhouetted against a luxuriant, baroque vintage style brides which is suitable for avant-grade fashion brides, those kind of complicated decorative elongated earrings decorated for the bride’s face has a certain effect.
vintage long earrings

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