Feather Theme Wedding

Nowadays, people have a variety of thoughts and ideas when they organize the wedding. People are no longer satisfied with the traditional wedding because of the monotony. Instead, they hope to hold a special personalized wedding to witness their love and happiness. Let us look at this spectacular feather wedding.

feather wedding

Feathers, with its soft texture, white color and elegant gesture, are deeply preferred by the romantic wedding. Paint them into another brilliant color is also very convenient, so feathers appear commonly in romantic wedding. Feathers are so highly adaptable. If you want to create a feather themed wedding, it can almost appear on jewelry, wedding dresses, wedding floral decorations, chairs and even on invited paper and other details of all aspects of the wedding.

Holding flowers of feathers are also quite common. Feathers combined with lace can be used to decorate the handle of the holding flowers. Non-floral holding flowers is very popular in recent years, all kinds of cloth began to act as the main material. And feathers can be the very collocation. In addition to pure white, feathers can also be streaked or dyed into different colors to match all kinds of materials.
Feathers can also integrate into the groom’s boutonniere design elements appropriately. Design different colors to echo the tie and the handkerchief.
The main flowers of reception table can be designed with feather in. Tall feathers are very beneficial to create momentum. So that in the attendance area, it will be full of the sense of happiness and warm.

Feathers with divergent floral, crystal, beads, and candlestick jointly create a bright, gorgeous table flowers style. With the beautiful blooming flowers, easy-to-shaped bright crystal, feathers are only responsible for creating light, elegant, romantic atmosphere.
Before the ceremony you can hold a lively pillow fight between the couple and their guests. The feathers left on the battlefield are just decoration of the aisle. Both the hosts and the guest enjoy a happy time. Lightweight fine feathers are floating in the sky. What a romantic scene it is.
Blue is the color that lack of floral, many couples who want to organize a blue themed wedding. But they always distress that there are no suitable floral. In that case, colored feathers are good choices.
Other decorative details, for example, back of chairs, you can also utilize feather elements with lace, fabric, flowers or jewelry, showing the feature of exquisite luxury. And matched with lavender also create a unique country style.
Feathers can also be integrated into the design or bride dress, decoration of seating and invitation paper and other design elements. In this way, each guest will feel the warm atmosphere and the intimate care.

The wedding day is the last day of bachelor, so be sure to grab any opportunity to enjoy it on this day. This means that you can choose your favorite flowers, menu, music, tastes, and even lighting. You want to have a fun? Then put your name on any things with flat surface. Be creative and add your own personality and taste, you can create an exquisite sensual and completely original wedding that belongs only you two. Feather wedding is so special, funny and romantic. Is this wedding inspiring your own creativity?

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