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You have so often been bridesmaid that you start to think to charge your benefit? Jen Glantz, the first bridesmaid professional of the world gives us the rules of the etiquette of the marriage.

Bravo! You have earned the right to enjoy the exquisite dishes (and overpriced) and the right to let off steam on the dance floor at the wedding of another. Whether it is that of a friend you frequent your two years, a member of your family with whom you share a bit of DNA, a colleague with whom you wind your way to happy hours from the out of work or simply because you are the “plus one” a charming boy (and you are unable to remember the name of the bride) the professional bridesmaid Jen Glantz has a few golden rules to remember before the big day.

dresses for wedding guests

When you are invited to the “bridal shower” (the day before the feast), at the funeral of life, girl and marriage be sure to bring a gift. No matter if it’s a gift that you yourself have made or a common gift, you will want to bring a little something to celebrate the happy couple.

Watch your “plus one.”
If the invitation says you can come together, this means that you won’t have to dance all night with the great old uncle of 80 years or that you will not be stuck at singles, peeping on your trusty cocktail table. However, remember that you are responsible for your “plus one.” Keep an eye on his drinking so that it does not roll under the table or does not bring a striptease on the track.

Disconnect during the ceremony
When the bride and the groom are preparing to say ‘Yes’, turn off your phones and place them into your bag. You’ll have plenty of time to take of selfies and share on Instagram with the hashtag created specifically for the ceremony during the reception.
Say I want to well be your bridesmaid’ means ‘I do not do anything.

When you agree to be bridesmaid, it is important to remind you that your homework go well beyond the mere fact of down the aisle to the altar and to wear a dress in silk. Be for the bride and support it there as you would for your best friend.

Reply as soon as possible
When you receive the invitation, try sending the coupon as soon as possible. Especially if you answer away. Thus, the couple can better realize the final number of guests.

Everything… except the White bear
Please feel free to wear a bit quirky if it represents your personality. But when you’re browsing your dressing outfits, avoid everything that is white or ivory. This color is exclusively reserved for the bride!

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The dance floor is yours
Yes, weddings are stressful and very expensive for the newlyweds and guests, but remember that in the end, it is a feast. Then, on the track, please feel free to dance until the end of the night. Have fun! See more fashion ideas.

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